Who is Sanaya? Suzanne Giesemann answers:

Who is Sanaya? Suzanne Giesemann answers: "Sanaya (pronounced "sah-NIGH-ah") has told us that she is a collective consciousness of minds with both a feminine and masculine energy. This energy comes from a higher dimension than our own. When I bring through Sanaya's words, I am "tapping in" to Higher Consciousness. I am allowing that Consciousness to express itself through my body: through my brain, through my vocal cords, my arms, my hands, and also through my pen. Sanaya would not need a name, except for our human need to put labels on things and place our experiences into well-defined boxes. Sanaya takes us outside the box into a dimension where we come face to face with our higher selves. To hear the words of Sanaya as they come through ... to sit in the presence of that energy ... is a palpable experience of higher vibration ... of love. To read Sanaya's words can have the same result when you tune in to that finer energy as you read." (To read the full explanation of who and what Sanaya is along with transcripts of longer sessions click here.)

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Not Even Trying

Why is it necessary to be still to hear the voice of God?  The human is programmed to be busy.  This is not part of your spiritual make-up, but a cultural learning.  There are cultures that accept stillness as a rite, knowing that this will bring communion with the Self.  Yours is a culture that values doing over being, accomplishing over inner knowing. 
You can only know Truth by not accomplishing anything.  Trying is counterproductive.  Even in your attempts to reach a state of stillness you exert effort.  Pay attention:  Are you breathing with effort, or allowing the breaths to simply flow?  Surrender and allow yourself to be breathed.  Take time throughout your day to simply be and be breathed.  Then and there in the silence and in perfect flow with the rhythm of the unforced breath will you hear the Voice.  Allow it to be heard—not so still and small, but loud and clear once you have cleared the way through non-effort.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Perfect Instrument

The one known as St. Francis of Assisi did pray to be an instrument of the Lord.  What does this mean?  An instrument is a tool—an implement used to affect and change something for a desired result.  If God were to use you, what result would God desire?  You know the answer, as did St. Francis:  to bring more peace and love to your world. 
How can you be such an instrument?  It is quite simple.  Allow God's love to flow in you and through you.  Do no dam it up with thoughts that are less than loving and peaceful.  Judge not others.  Merely be that perfect instrument through which love flows unimpeded, reaching out to others so that they may experience love in its most pure form. 
You do not need to be a saint to do this, for all spirit-beings have this capacity.  Be the instrument of God which you are in every moment and let the love flow.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Your Majesty

When you gaze at the ocean, what do you feel?  Are you drawn in by the beauty, the vastness, the power, the majesty?  You could sit and stare for hours, could you not?  Do you not realize that the same Source that created the ocean created you?  What were the building blocks of the ocean and the mountains, the stars, and you?  Impulses of love.  How could it have been anything else but love?
Have you yet found a drop of water in the ocean that was anything less than the entire ocean?  Is not the same essence of majesty held in one drop as in the entire sea?  You are of that self-same essence of love—created by Love simply to know yourself as That.  Yes, sit and stare at the ocean, then arise, wade in, and look down.  There you will see reflected your Self.  Soak it up.  Stand there with the waves of love lapping at your feet until you finally realize that you are the very ocean in which you stand.

Sunday, November 27, 2011


You are very limited by your language, and your language limits you.  There are not words to express your true nature.  You use words such as "Spirit" and "God" and "Love," but how can these finite expressions express that which is boundless?  You must rise above vocabulary and experience that which you are to truly know Truth.  And then, watch your word choices when you return to earth.  Do you know how powerful vocabulary can be?  The Word is made flesh moment upon moment by the choice of word you make.  Can you or can't you?  Are you or are you not?  One simple choice can make the difference. 
You and the Creator are One.  You have the free will to choose, given to you by this creative power you label with a limited word.  Take away the labels and simply act in accordance with your true nature.  Be ever aware of Self-limiting choices.  They come not from Spirit, but from ignorance of the truth of Who you are.  Need we say more?  There are no words to express Who you are.  Go within and find the Truth for yourself.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

The Voice Inside

You hear a tiny voice inside.
From this voice you cannot hide.
Is it but imagination?
Then why such utter fascination?
Have you not asked, "Are You there?
Do You truly know my every hair?
Is it You who whispers in my ear?
The One so many were taught to fear?"
"How can this be the voice of God?
Why do I find this thought so odd?"
It is the result of your false teaching.
For a human God you have been reaching.
Your God is not in human form.
To no set image does God conform.
You can't conceive of what God is
When using words like "He" and "His."
Expand your thoughts and then you'll know
How very far you have to go
To understand this awesome Power
That fills your breath hour after hour.
Release the need to understand
That which lies beyond the hand.
Simply know this Force is real.
It's something you can only feel.
For this, surrender is a must
If you will truly learn to trust.
The messages you thought you heard
When God did give to you a Word.

Friday, November 25, 2011


"I'll meet you halfway."  We speak now not of compromise, in which two humans give in a bit of their wants to help each other out, but a meeting of spirit and ego.  Picture our world of spirit and your world of matter.  You think that they are separate, but they intermingle completely, for all is energy.  You think that you cannot connect with the realm of spirit, but you are in it all the time.  It is most accessible to you in your dreams.  And so we advise you to compromise.  We will meet you halfway … somewhere between full waking and fully asleep.  You can experience this state at will.  You call it meditation.  It is merely a time to shift your consciousness from the material and go within the silence.  There you can connect with All That Is and experience true love for yourself. 
So you see, in this instance, meeting halfway is not a compromise at all, but experiencing the fullness of life itself.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011

Holidays with missing friends.  You are supposed to give thanks.  You are surrounded by others who are celebrating, yet there feels as if there is a hole in your heart.  You are so very used to the physical presence of loved ones who have passed that their absence leaves an ache. 
Recognize this as a sign of how very connected you are at the heart and how very fortunate you are to have this connection … this love.  You will see them again, but it is not time.  You still have living and learning and loving yet ahead.  For now, fill that hole with loving, happy memories.  It is you who chooses how you feel.  Grief is part of the process, but you need not cling to it, nor wallow in it.
If you could see your loved one over your shoulder, you would see them smiling and encouraging you to do the same.  They are only a thought away.  Be thankful for the family reunion you will enjoy again.  For now, you are joined by love forever.  May this thought bring a smile to your heart.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Beyond the Spotlight

Prominent names do make you sit up and pay attention.  There are some who stand out as leaders and shine a special light.  Others look upon them with adulation.  Why is this?  For they see in that other a bit of what they feel they lack.  Why do you have your celebrities?  For you humans do adulate those with many friends, much money, good looks, and popularity.  Is it so enviable to be famous?  You know this is not always so.  Beyond the spotlight oft lies dysfunction and great unhappiness.
Shine the spotlight on your own life.  All face dysfunction at times.  All encounter unhappiness.  Projecting your desires on another with supposed success takes you away from your own reality for a while, but you can only escape for so long.  The spotlight you need to shine is inside.  Light up within by turning up the love.  Respond to all with this most potent force and you will have no need to adulate others.  There is no need to seek love and adulation when you know yourself as the source of love.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011


"Why do some face more challenges than others?" you ask.  It is because they can handle it, and more will be the growth of those around them for it.  These special souls did enter this life agreeing to take on more than their share, for they realized what lessons in love these challenges would be.  It is the nature of the human being to forget these agreements when you dress in a body, but the spirit knows that all challenges are opportunities for the growth of many, not just the one. 
When you pass from the body, you will all see how intricately all fits together and what an important role your challenges played in the growth of many souls.  How one handles challenges depends greatly on one's perception.  It is always a choice to view a challenge as a tragedy or an opportunity.  Step back from your human reaction and see with the eyes of Spirit.  Rather than sinking into the depths of despair, flood all situations with love, then rise to the surface and breathe.
Note from Suzanne:  Please see the extra entry below for a special announcement.

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Monday, November 21, 2011


There are many ways of doing the same thing.  Do you not often clash with another when both of you have different ideas of how something should be done?  Both are convinced that your way is the best.  There are countless ways of being.  Each spirit-being is here now to experiment and experience different ways of being.  Enjoy the diversity.  Look at your differences and smile, for God is smiling through you.  When you encounter resistance from another who does not want to do it your way or insists on showing you a better way, step back and observe instead of insisting on your way.  This is what God is doing … observing, and enjoying, and saying, "Isn't that interesting?" 
What does it matter who is right?  In the end it is all so very interesting. 

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Enter Now

Welcome to the Kingdom, where kings and queens and princes and paupers mix … where no one is shut out, for all are loved and all are accepted for who and what they are.  Is this not your definition of Heaven?  A place of peace and joy and beauty?  Yes, it is so, and the Kingdom truly does lie within.  If you have not yet entered the Kingdom, it is not because you are not welcome.  This is your rightful home.  We are waiting merely for you to realize we are here awaiting you with open arms and more love than you can imagine.
If you have not yet discovered this Kingdom of Heaven within yourself, it is merely due to the fact that you cannot imagine such a love inside you.  Take off your blinders.  They have been placed there by something other than love.  Your beliefs and thoughts are the only thing holding you back from fully experiencing Heaven on earth.  Spend a while in the silence asking to know this aspect of yourself that you have been denying.
Heaven awaits.  Yes, we repeat the message from yesterday.  Can you think of one more important?  You need not pass from this lifetime to experience the bliss and love of Heaven.  Enter now.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

The Cost of Admission

Freedom comes with a price.  Surrender of the ego is the admission fee to Heaven.  Heaven is where you are when you finally discover that Love is all that matters.  When you can put this realization into practice and see and feel and be Love in every moment, with no need to interject the limited ego self into the picture, then you are free.  Then you can fly, for then you have earned your wings.
The ego is necessary to operate in the physical world.  It is not your enemy, but it is far from the greatest part of you.  You are Spirit.  You are Love.  You are everywhere.  The ego does not connect with others.  The ego erects barriers.  Spirit is pure Love.  It knows no boundaries, has no barriers.  It is free.  Ego pays the price of separation and pain. 
Surrender ego in every moment that you experience pain, and turn up the love, no matter how difficult.  Heaven awaits.  Enter now.  The cost of admission is well worth it.

Friday, November 18, 2011

That is You

Your fellow human beings
Who walk upon the earth
Share the same emotions
Which you have felt since birth.
You think that you are separate
But this is not quite so.
Separation is illusion
When to the spirit you do go.
All is One in mind and heart.
No difference will you find
When past the body you do look.
All things are intertwined.
When greeting others on the street
See not the clothes and face,
But peer inside the soul, which knows
No difference in the race.
See with the eyes of Spirit,
And you will see anew
That all of life comes from one Source.
It's God, and That is You.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

A Team Effort

We all work together—those in spirit and those in form.  It is a team effort, this thing called Life.  Do you think you need a body to exist?  Push this thought aside.  It is far too Self-limiting.  You are but one aspect of Limitless Power and Love.  Love makes the world go round, and love fuels your every action.  Team "Love."  That is your group identity.  You are a player on the team where every position is as vital as the next.  Working together, all is possible.  Working separately, all is possible as well, but you are never truly separate.  You are as powerful as the next, but oh such joy when you recognize the strength of the team as a whole.
Join the team.  Recognize a fellow team-member and wink as God winks at you in response.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Here and Now

Step across the threshold to tomorrow.  It is all unfolding now, for in reality, there is no tomorrow.  There is only this present moment.  To step into your future or your past requires only a change of focus.  Fear not the future, for it will never get here.  It is always here, and you are creating it in one now-moment after another.  To step across the threshold into a new and brighter future requires only the decision in this now-moment to create brighter thoughts.  Maintain your focus on love and beauty, and these become your reality. 
It is possible to maintain this focus no matter what is going on around you when you remain present.  It is only when you allow the mind to drift to a time that does not exist that you lose control and experience fear and trepidation.  Maintain your focus here and now and create the peace you seek.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Weeding Out

Survivors … those who endure pain and suffering and hardship and do not perish.  All of you are survivors.  Do you not yet know this?  And there is not a soul among you who will be kicked off the island. 
Why watch your television when there is so much to learn simply by surviving the trials of your own lives?  It is far easier to watch the struggles of another on a television than to look inside and shine a light on your own troubles.  Run not from your life lessons.  Face them head on with head held high.  Feel your pain.  Feel your anger.  Feel your frustration.  Acknowledge all of these fully, then surround yourself with the healing energy of forgiveness for being human.  You have survived yet again.  Now cleansed, fill yourself with the love of the true Self and feel how you have grown, now capable of helping others to survive and thrive. 
Yes, it is a jungle out there, but all is peace and love within when you do your inner work and weed through the vines.

Monday, November 14, 2011

From Your Pores

When you walk into a room, do people notice?  If so, is it because of your loud voice, your fancy clothes, or something far more subtle?  Is it the energy of love you exude?  Which would you rather be known for:  external things or your very vibration of peace and love?  Others will remember that far longer than anything you say or do or wear.
Be the Presence of Love at all times, no matter where you are or what is going on around you.  Exude love.  Let it pour from your pores.  May it be felt as a subtle blanket of warmth and comfort by those within your radius.  Is this difficult to do?  Not at all.  Simply repeat often in your mind, "I am the Presence of love," and let these words emanate from your heart.  The Presence cannot help but be felt. 

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Turn it Up Even More

Never a moment passes that you are alone.  Never a moment passes that you are not loved.  Never does a breath pass your lips that god does not know about it.  You live and breathe Love.  The more you express it, the more you experience Truth.
You see all around you signs of lack of love.  Be not dismayed.  Be steadfast in your knowing that you are the Truth and the Light and that the way to peace is through the heart, not through the hate.  Surround all that is not love and light with love and light.  The only way to banish the darkness is by adding light.  Be not discouraged.  You truly are not alone.  Your helpers rally around you, lifting you up.  Simply know they are there and call upon them when you cannot find your own way through the dark spots.  It is they who will give you the gentle guidance and point you to the light switch.
Turn it up.  Turn it up.  Turn it up.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

The Route to the Soul

Sorrow is a necessary step to healing.  You need not stay in that state, but it does help to recognize it.  What comes next is up to you.  It is you who transmutes the lower energy and raises it to a more comfortable place.  There are no timelines for overcoming grief and loss.  It is a process of learning and adjusting, and then deciding what is the best way to live in the present moment.
All of life is about change.  When things change, there is loss.  Nothing lasts forever, but the soul.  When you can come to terms with this fact and not hold on so dearly to the past, you can flood your present with healing love and compassion for all others.  All suffer loss.  All need love.  No one bypasses the route to the soul.  Flood your world with love and help to ease the suffering.

Friday, November 11, 2011

A Special 11-11-11 Recording from Sanaya

Click here for a 45-minute recording dictated by Sanaya this morning on this special day.

Happy Birthday

For those of you who study your numerology, today is quite the auspicious day.  11-11-11.  A good omen.  Quite the portent of beautiful things to come.  Not the end of the world, but an opening.  Greater energy flows now into and around your energy field and that of your planet.  It is all about the energy, not about a date or time, for these do not truly exist.  It is a coinciding of planets which happens to coincide with an arbitrary date on an arbitrary calendar.  Coincidences occur to bring attention to important events.  The event is the opening.  Celebrate it as you open to more wisdom, more insight, and more love.  You cannot help but feel it—all of you—for this increase in consciousness is all part of the plan—a plan of which you are a part.  Do you see all of the ones?  You are one with the One on this day of ones … today, now more than ever.  Simply an awakening of awareness of the truths.  An awakening into Oneness.  It is just beginning. 
Hold onto your seats.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Who's at the Wheel?

Who is driving your life?  Are you truly in charge?  Have you ever turned down a wrong street?  You are not the only one at the wheel.  You may have your hands on it, but there is a far greater Force making the decisions.  It is a team effort.  Your input is quite valuable and necessary for getting from point A to point B, but when you insist upon planning the whole route, then the trip can and oft does go awry.
From time to time, and most especially when the road gets bumpy, try taking your hands off the wheel.  "How scary!" you exclaim, for this is a level of surrender which requires great trust.  You trust your cruise control to maintain the speed.  This is analogous to your body's continuous operation, but do you trust enough to surrender the steering as well?  Please do not take us literally.  However, in the analogy of your life, allow Higher Consciousness to do the steering.  Take your hands off the wheel and coast.  You will be quite surprised and pleased at the direction your life takes when ego takes a back seat.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Listen Carefully

Listen.  Listen.  Listen carefully.  Do not always do the talking, for in so doing you miss half of the conversation.  The rest of the story is going on in your mind.  There is a voice which speaks to you, but it is far more quiet than the one which comes through your vocal chords.  Do not be confused if it sounds exactly like your own thoughts.  How else would you like it to sound?  We can give it any accent.  This is the voice of higher consciousness.  Your conscience?  Yes.  Your guide?  Yes, as well.  Your angel?  Indeed it is so. 
Have we not told you that all is One?  One Consciousness fragmented into many aspects.  As above, so below.  Get to know the voices.  Get to trust them.  Very wise are they.  A bit more wise than the ego, we must say.  How to know the difference?  How does it feel in your heart?  That part of the Self you can always trust.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Material attachments.  You cling to things as if they give you life.  Such importance you do place upon your belongings.  If all were to perish in a storm or a fire, would you be any the lesser for the loss?  Not at all.  Yes, we understand that certain treasures remind you of others.  They bring back certain memories and recreate pleasant feelings.  Do you realize these memories and feelings are in the mind and not the object?  Close your eyes and bring the object to mind and you create the self-same memories and emotions without the object at hand.  Things are merely memory joggers … emotional triggers.
A thing of beauty is beautiful to behold, indeed, but never forget that the greatest treasure and the greatest beauty lies always within your heart.  Loosen your attachment to things and focus on creating love and beauty in your heart.  You could live in a cave with no belongings and still enjoy the greatest of possessions:  Love.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Mind Your Feelings

There are so many things you do not know, because they remain hidden to the physical senses.  Do ions in the air affect the body?  Do magnetic rays hold an influence over you?  These and other questions are debated.  Experience provides the answer.  How do you feel?  This is often the most reliable test.  Does a magnet on the wrist make you feel better?  Does a salt lamp in your room provide peace?  Some might scoff.  Again we ask, how do you feel?  Is it a placebo effect or is it real? 
Go back to the Source of all things:  Consciousness.  All is in the mind.  Consciousness is all there is.  If an inert brick by your side produces peace, then keep the brick at your side.  It is your consciousness which creates the peace.  It is you who creates peace.  Yes, of course there are outside influences upon the physical body, so take advantage of these if you will.  Ultimately, it all comes back to the mind.  Mind your feelings well and find peace within.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Get to Work

Get to work, for there is much work to be done.  Be not a zealot.  Do not proselytize, but lead by example.  Work first on yourself.  You know what needs attention.  Is it your thoughts, your actions, or both?  There is nothing wrong with how you think or act.  Remember:  everything simply IS.  However, there could always be more love and understanding added to every situation.  This is the work of which we speak.  So, you need not act upon any other save yourself.  Yes, save yourself much pain by turning up the love. 
Not a bad day's work, is it?

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Hand in Hand

"Father, hear my prayers.  I am weak when I forget who I am.  Make me strong.  Walk with me.  Hold my hand.  Then, as I feel your power flowing through me, will I be enlivened."  This you pray, but know that you are always enlivened by the power of God.  Were this not so, you would not pray at all, for you would not exist.  You live and breathe in God.  In this knowledge, find the power to be strong, even in your weakest state. 
You need not try to be strong, yourself.  God does that for you.  Go ahead.  Be weak.  Surrender and allow the power of God—of your Source—to light the way, to guide your steps, to BE your strength.  Be as the little child, indeed.  Be a kid again, hand in hand with the Father, your true strength in any storm.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Truth in Action

There is a phrase with which you are familiar:  "Love thy God with all thy heart and soul, and love thy neighbor as thyself."  We wish you to notice that there is no phrase which states, "… unless thy neighbor thinks not as you do." 
Love thy neighbor whether or not you see eye to eye.  You may not receive the same courtesy in return, for not all beings have learned to love unconditionally.  This should not stop you from being Truth in action.  Love thy God with all thy heart and soul, and love thy neighbor as thyself, even if he thinks not as you do.  Is doing so not the perfect test of unconditional love?  Now do you understand the lesson?
This applies to all, whether you speak of your religions, of your actions, of your politics, and so forth.  Did we ever say your life was easy?  We love you unconditionally.  We do not judge you in this challenging task.  We merely send you love to remind you how it feels.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Reflections of a Jewel

Behold the Christ within—the perfect expression of God in human form.  Divinity.  A shining jewel in the perfect setting, there to be admired, displayed, used to bring joy ...  in need of polishing from time to time, but always sparkling, always shining.  Are you aware of this gift that you have and that you are?  Has it gathered a bit of dust, perhaps?  Honor thyself.  Clear away the clutter and bring forth the luster. 
You are divine.  The Christ Consciousness shines within you always and within all beings, regardless of faith or belief.  There are many connotations associated with this name and term.  Today we ask you merely to reflect upon your own inner Truth and shine.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

All We Ask

Such seriousness all week.  Now may we have some fun?  Do not forget to be childlike and play.  Set your worries aside, if not each moment, then at least at some point during your day.  Enjoy a bit of laughter.  Most of all, laugh at yourself—not because you are foolish … laugh not out of disdain or judgment for any thoughts or actions you have taken.  Laugh and giggle at yourself for being such a beautiful, flawed person. 
Do you not laugh at the baby as it takes its first clumsy steps and falls upon its padded bottom?  When an adult falls, you react with fear and concern.  Yet, when a toddler falls, you laugh, pick her up, dust her off, and gently tell her, "Try again.  You are just learning."  Do the same with yourself, my child.  We never judge you if you fall.  We smile with joy at the growth you are enjoying and lift you up with our love.  Do the same for yourself.  This is all we ask of you.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Perfect Timing

Note from Suzanne:  Sanaya mentions in the first paragraph a lesson some of us have been studying in writing this week.  This refers to Wayne Dyer's excellent book, "Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life:  Living the Wisdom of the Tao."  This week's lesson is the 45th verse, which begins, "The greatest perfection seems imperfect …"
Do you see the perfection in what you perceive as imperfection?  This is a lesson some of you have been studying in writing this week, and others have learned by living it.  Such a coincidence.  Perfect timing.
We have spoken of late of the tests your life gives you.  When you perceive imperfection in yourself, in others, and in situations, see this as a lesson in itself.  Is it truly imperfection?  If all is in perfect order always, if all is holy, how can there be imperfection?  It is all a matter of perspective.  This human life allows you to experience every perspective that you wish and that you need to grow. 
Look upon the supposed imperfection and see it as opportunity.  Imperfection does not exist.  It is all part of the illusion—this grand illusion you are living in order to experience more love.  Do not balk at this word "illusion."  We are quite aware that it all seems quite real to you.  And because of your perspective, real it is.  So experience the perfection and the imperfection fully.  Love fully, and grow.