Who is Sanaya? Suzanne Giesemann answers:

Who is Sanaya? Suzanne Giesemann answers: "Sanaya (pronounced "sah-NIGH-ah") has told us that she is a collective consciousness of minds with both a feminine and masculine energy. This energy comes from a higher dimension than our own. When I bring through Sanaya's words, I am "tapping in" to Higher Consciousness. I am allowing that Consciousness to express itself through my body: through my brain, through my vocal cords, my arms, my hands, and also through my pen. Sanaya would not need a name, except for our human need to put labels on things and place our experiences into well-defined boxes. Sanaya takes us outside the box into a dimension where we come face to face with our higher selves. To hear the words of Sanaya as they come through ... to sit in the presence of that energy ... is a palpable experience of higher vibration ... of love. To read Sanaya's words can have the same result when you tune in to that finer energy as you read." (To read the full explanation of who and what Sanaya is along with transcripts of longer sessions click here.)

Sunday, August 31, 2014


Words are so very important, linked as they are to your emotions.  “I don’t like him at all!” you say, and you have just cut off a connection with your heart.  You have done this to yourself by the very word choice you made.  What if you were to realize that what you think is “liking” or “not liking” another is simply a case of resonating or not resonating with the frequency of their energy field?  Then you would realize that all emotion and beliefs aside, how you feel toward and around another is a matter of harmony or disharmony.  “I don’t resonate with him.”  That is a statement which allows you to see that beyond a mis-match in energy, the love within you is still there.  Two souls can emit different frequencies and still be Love.  
How do you “like” that?  We hope it resonates with you.  May your heart always remain open so that the highest aspect of who you really are shines through.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Where is the Love?

You can read your science all day long to understand oneness, and there, thanks to courageous explorers into dimensions beyond the one in which you walk, you will find scientific evidence for a deeper realm that is the ground of all being.  But where is the love, you might ask, for science can be quite dry.  It is there, rest assured, between, beneath, and within every sub-atomic particle and wave.  It is the unseen substance that unites all that is.  Were it not for Love, you would not be having this experience of reading, or thinking, or being.  Love is what glues it all together.  Love brings harmony and coherence to all that you know and all that you are, which is why when love appears to be absent, you claim that your world seems to fall apart.  Trust us, Love is always present, but you must find harmony within yourself to appreciate it.

Friday, August 29, 2014

Simply Appreciate

In a world of duality such as yours, everything is relative. You may think you are the greatest at what you do - - the fastest runner, the best singer, the most creative cook, and then along comes someone with whom to compare yourself.   Why do you do this, always comparing yourself? Because this is how you were taught to judge.  You compare all others against yourself and then you put the icing on the cake by judging the others and yourself as good or bad.

What if instead of judging you were to simply appreciate and celebrate what is? In a world of duality it is difficult to move away from judging even yourself against how you were in the past.  Now do you see the importance of being in the now?  Duality takes you away from your center.  So how do you find peace and appreciate who you are and All That Is right now?  Come back to the center.  Be here now.  Take a deep breath.  Rise above the duality and simply observe what is.  From the center, we assure you, it is all Go(o)d.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

A Team Effort

Never forget that you do nothing without the help of others.  When good things happen to you, it is quite often the human way to take credit for having achieved success, but nothing happens in isolation.  If you were able to discard the human suit, you would find that you are far more dependent upon the web of energy of which you are a part than you realize.  First and foremost there is the Force which breathes you.  After that is a cascade of aspects of that greater Consciousness swirling about you making sure that you never go too far off course.  After that come all of the bit actors who ensure that God's will is ultimately done through you, not by you.  So, yes, take credit if you must for being the hands and feet and lips of the one and only Force that exists, and then give credit where it is due.  Nothing would happen without you having the experience, but Who is behind the you who thinks it is having that experience?

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Yes, But ...

Expectations are a funny thing.  You can expect to have them, but when others are involved, you cannot expect them to always be fulfilled, can you?  Expectations rely upon the future, which does not exist.  Expectations are dependent upon choices, and man has free will.  Therein lies the challenge.  Can you expect another to do as you wish?  Can you expect another to feel and think as you do?  Of course not.  You have experienced over and over in the course of your human lifetime how others think and act differently from the way you do, yet you expect them to do otherwise.  Do you see then why your frustration arises?  Do you see then how expectations set you up for less than peaceful circumstances?  What if you were to set aside your expectations and "let it be?"  What if you were to only make choices for yourself and allow life to play out as the play of consciousness that it is?  Why then, you might just find a bit more peace and be able to send even more love to those around you who are doing the best they can based upon their current path.  What more could you expect?

Tuesday, August 26, 2014


What is this feeling that wells up in your chest so strongly that you wish to cry?  It is Love.  What is this sensation that threatens to overcome you if you do not express it?  It is Love.  Why is it so forceful?  Because it has so often been repressed and it is ready to be expressed.  Let it out, we say!  Let it out!  Why are you holding back?  Is it decorum?  Is it embarrassment?  Is it fear of ridicule?  Be yourself!  Shout it out!  “I love you!  I am here!  I exist!”  Ignore the real you no longer.  No longer worry what others will think.  Give a hug.  Take a hand.  Share a smile.  Bless with a kiss.  Be your Self.

Monday, August 25, 2014


Each of you has a story.  You stand by it ferociously.  You will go to great lengths to defend it, for if your story were not true to you, the ego thinks, then what would you be?  Who would you be?  It would be the death of the ego to give up your story with all of its beliefs and labels.  Now, understand that others defend their stories just as fiercely.  Is it your business to change their story?  Their story is no more a reflection of the true Self than is yours.  Have you yet realized fully just what your true Self is?  If you can observe the other’s story with no judgment at all and laugh at your own, then you are getting close.  Until then, you might relax and find greater peace by working on your own story alone.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Beyond the Mind

Relentless.  That is what the mind is.  It does not want to give up.  It continues to provide you with distractions, ways of seeing the world, and things to think about.  "Be quiet!" you insist, and the mind laughs back.  It is only doing its job.  Without it, you would perhaps think you did not exist.  Without it, what would you be?  Ah, and that is the point.  Without the mind, you would simple be.  Without the mind you are pure awareness.  You continue to exist and you are aware, but without the labels and beliefs that you believe constitute the real you. 

The real you is beyond the body, most certainly, but it is also beyond the mind.  It is beyond even the spirit, if you give that spirit form in your mind and if you use words to define it.  The real you cannot be defined, for that brings mind back into the midst.  It can only be experienced.  The real you simply is.  Be still and get to know the real you.  All else flows from this place of pure love.  Here there is no fear, no pain.  Here you are love.  Here you are peace.  Here You are.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Higher and Higher

You are at the tip of the triangle, those of you who care enough about Love and loving your fellow man to study it, to breathe it, and to be Love.  So many are consumed with day to day activities and selfish concerns.  Slumbering are they, but do not judge them.  There is no right or wrong, simply varying stages of awakening.  No, please do not judge them.  Simply use what you have found upon awakening more and more to help others awaken.  Do so overtly or covertly as you are guided, not forcing your love upon others, but merely serving … serving as an example of the power of Love.  Yes, it is lonely at the top … at the top of the triangle of Self-realization, and at times a long and difficult climb, but is the view not far better from here?  From here you see how many still slumber, how many so need your love and compassion, but how much brighter is the Light the higher you climb.

Friday, August 22, 2014

What Do You Think?

It is a funny world in which you live in which you find yourself worried what others will think.  “Will they think I am too proud?  Will they think I am too silly?  Will they think …?”  And what does it matter?  What do you think?  In the end, what you think determines your happiness as well as your upset.  What are your motives in doing what you do, in saying what you say?  From where do they come?  From the head or from the heart?  If they come from the heart, then others may sling arrows or garlands and it will matter not.  So, go ahead.  Do as you feel best in your heart, and peace will prevail.  It is the Law.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

A Special Poem

Note from Suzanne:  I received an email today from one of my and Sanaya's followers, an attorney from Boston named Chris Lhulier.  Chris really "gets" all of Sanaya's messages and has felt called for some time to share what he understands as Truth with others in his very left-brained world.  Today he sent me an email in which he wrote, "I just finished reading Wolf's Message. It's an amazing story and message (and really well written). After finishing the book, I felt inspired to write a Sanaya-style poem."  His poem so impressed me that I asked his permission to share it with Sanaya's other followers.  It is a beautiful summation of many of the messages in "Wolf's Message" with much wisdom for us all.  Do you think he had some help from above?  I do ... but then again, as we know, (all together now) THERE IS ONLY ONE MIND!  Thank you Chris, and much love for sharing with all of us ...

You search for the truth
When you know it's inside
All the places you've gone
And things that you've tried

Are steps on the path
To finding the source
Which springs from your heart
And keeps you on course

So search if you will
Search if you must
But where you are led
Is a place you can trust

A place not of this world
It's not part of the earth
A place you gave up
On the day of your birth

This place is more real
Than the ground on which you stand
Anytime you fall
It is here that you will land

On two feet
as solid as rock
Like the safety of a ship
that has pulled into dock

From a storm out at sea
In the dark of the night
To be anchored to shore
Fear replaced by light

As you go further in your life
As the years go by
On the things of this world
The less you'll rely

Until you come to a place
Where the world seems for naught
And the life that you've lived
Becomes just a thought

That you had in a dream
When you dozed off to sleep
And when you awake
It's the lessons you keep

During the time
That you spend in 3D
Remember the goal
Is to learn to be free

Free from the fear
Of believing in death
Free from the body
That gives you your breath

It's then that you'll know
Freedom comes from above
And looking inside
To learn how to love.

With Perfect Timing

Everything in its time.  “How could I have missed that?” you ask.  “How could I not have known or understood those things when it seems as if so many others did?” And the answer is, you were not ready to hear or know or see.  And in your un-preparedness there is perfection.  Can you see that?  And can you see that now you are ready for the next step in your soul’s growth or you would not be seeing it now?  With perfect timing your eyes are opening to what is before you.  Your ears are perking up, and all for good reason.  You are ready now, when before you were not.  Do not berate yourself.  Celebrate yourself in all of its perfection and continue moving forward step by perfect step.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Not so Random After All

When a word or person or random thought comes to mind, pay attention.  Your thoughts do not originate in your head.  They are vibrations of the One Mind of which you are a part.  Yes, of course, many times they are “your” thoughts recirculating again and again in habitual patterns, but far more often than you are aware the thoughts you think are your own are put there for a reason by your loved ones on the other side, by your unseen helpers, or by even higher consciousness.  When you become aware of thinking, “Now where did that thought, memory, image come from?” ask, “Where indeed and why indeed?”  This may very well lead to gifts unimagined, to wondrous synchronicities, and most especially to the awareness that you are never alone.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014


“Without him or her I am nothing!”  “Without my job or my house I am nothing.”  Have you heard this before?  Have you entertained these thoughts?  We may surprise you with our response:  In so thinking, you are correct.  Why?  Because you are, indeed “no thing.”  No thing can describe you.  No thing can define you.  No person, no title, no thing is the real you.  The real you is beyond words, beyond labels, beyond even thought … beyond body and beyond the mind to where All That Is exists as pure potential. 
You arise from the Source.  The Source of what?  Of Love, my friend.  You are That, pure and simple, pure and beyond words … magnificent, resplendent, overflowing, magical, ever-expanding Love which no thing can contain, but which can be expressed in infinite ways.      

Do you see how indescribably special you are, even without things and people and labels?  The very seed that became you, lo, before even the seed, is Love.  Celebrate your no-thing-ness today and know that you are Love(d).

Monday, August 18, 2014

Higher and Higher

Happiness is a choice.  You watch your news and become discouraged.  Those around you do not act or speak in loving ways and you despair.  Despair is a choice.  What does it matter what is happening around you when all that is real is the eternal soul?  Does this mean you do not care about others’ suffering?  Not at all.  There are choices that arise from the human state of consciousness, and choices that arise from that of Spirit.  From a place of detachment you find understanding and compassion for those who do not realize that they are not making the highest choices.  You then make the highest choice as to how you will respond.  Should you get involved?  Should you simply sit back and be the presence of Love?  There is actually no “should” at all.  There are only choices, and the highest choices occur when you are in your highest possible state of consciousness.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

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Many blessings, Suzanne

Ready, Set, Flow!

“Mindset” is an interesting word.  You hear of a thing and immediately in your mind you say, “Oh, I cannot possibly do that!”  And you have made up your mind.  Your thoughts are set, and so you do not seek another way, another solution.  Is your mind set in stone far too often, cemented there by beliefs which may or may not serve you?  Or do you allow it to flow like the fluid substance that mind actually is?  Were you to allow consciousness to come and go, carrying with it the infinite possibilities of which it consists, then the word “mindset” would come and go from your vocabulary as well.  Instead, you would have a mind set free and a far more interesting experience during this go-round of human life.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Right Here, Right Now

New beginnings happen every moment.  You need not wait until an artificial moment in “time,” which is artificial to begin with, to begin anew.  So you have made some choices which did not result in what you expected.  So you have some regrets.  What these have presented you are opportunities.  They have brought you exactly where you are.  You are not happy about that?  Rejoice!  This is the opportunity for a beautiful new beginning.  Do not wait for any moment, person, or thing to change before making a new choice and starting anew.  Make the highest choice for yourself in this moment that presents itself to you now and move out.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Hide and Seek

You are always being watched over.  Does this thought disturb you?  There is nothing you can hide at a soul level.  At the human level it is easy to hide your thoughts and even your actions, but nothing is lost on the soul.  Each breath you take is marked in your so-called history, to be reviewed by you alone at the time of your passing.  For now, yes, your loved ones on the other side observe you, but they do so with the greater perspective of Love, which changes everything.  Love brings understanding, and with it compassion.  Bring the same unto yourself and you would feel no shame or remorse, nor would you have anything to hide.  Live openly, fully aware that you are Love and you will achieve freedom such as you have only known since you decided to come here.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Going Wild

Belief comes first.  Without belief, little growth occurs.  When something happens that goes against your belief system, then you must change, and change is often uncomfortable.  Are you willing to undergo a bit of change, to be a bit uncomfortable in order to grow?  Then open your mind a bit wider than before, or better yet, a lot.  Allow in possibilities beyond your wildest imaginings.  Look how the mind wants to rebel as you entertain thoughts and images of what until now you have considered fanciful.  Allow those images to roll around in your mind and listen to the arguments that arise.  Now ask how your life would change if those possibilities became your experience.  There.  You have planted the seeds of creation.


Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Family Reunions

You have your gatherings in the physical life, but we wish to let you know that those who have passed do the same.  They gather round you in times of trouble and in times of joy.  How could it not be so?  Once joined in love, always connected.  When you think of your loved ones they are there.  You may not be able to sense their presence, but watching over you is one of their greatest past times.  On special occasions they are more present than ever. 

Many of you do not call on your loved ones or hold sustained conversations because you do not believe this or do not believe you can connect with them clearly.  Trust us:  they await your invitation.  They come often uninvited, but they so welcome your calls.  Try it.  Invite them into your presence and simply talk.  You may be amazed at what you feel.  It is not your imagination.  It is Spirit, and you are that, therefore they are that.  There is no distinction.  Rise above your human self and be as one in spirit.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Just Once

When you have made what you consider a mistake, you apologize and ask for forgiveness.  The human has a tendency to overdo this process, apologizing over and over and reliving the action which led to the perception of a mistake.  As spirit there are no mistakes, only growth opportunities.  What have you learned from this opportunity?  Do you now realize you might have made a higher choice?  Are you committed to making a higher choice should the opportunity arise again?  Then you have most definitely learned and growth of the soul has occurred.  In this case, there is no need to apologize to Spirit.  And yet in your prayers so many of you ask for forgiveness over and over again.  If you feel an apology is worthwhile ... if asking for forgiveness of Spirit helps you to see a higher choice ... then do so, but there is no need to do so repeatedly.  Move on, my friend, and continue growing in love.  That is all that matters.

Monday, August 11, 2014


Drum roll please ....... Wolf's Message is now available in print.   The reviews from readers of the Kindle version have resulted in 5 stars on Amazon.com and the book is described as "life changing".  That is my prayer, that Wolf's Message will bring love and light to you and our world.

Much love,

Until Then ...

Have you walked a mile in another's shoes?  Have you felt the road beneath their feet as they did so?  Did you see the view from the same perspective?  The answer is always no.  There are as many experiences as there are individuals and thus the same number of perspectives. 

It is easy to categorize, easy to form beliefs, but always these will be based upon your own background, experiences, and perspectives.  Yes, it is helpful to put yourself in the other's shoes to gain their perspective, but even then it is not the same.  It is closer to their "truth," but not the same.  What can you infer from this?  That you can never truly know another's pain or sadness, joy or relief until you truly enter into that state of pure oneness.  You are not there yet if you find yourself in judgement of others' experiences and actions.  If it is important for you to feel that oneness, then you have taken a giant step forward into wearing that others' shoes.  In the meantime, just the mere desire to do so allows in greater compassion and empathy.  Good on you.

Sunday, August 10, 2014


Misunderstandings.  They are exactly as the word implies, yet do you not often allow them to dictate your relationships and your behaviors?  It is quite simple for two human beings to misunderstand each other.  Your language is an imperfect form of communication, and keep in mind that where there are two human beings there are two perspectives.  And so you enter into agreements and situations with another expecting them to understand your perspective and your words exactly as you intended them.  When the other does not and the resultant behavior or outcome is not as you envisioned or desired it, there is often anger and condemnation.  In some cases you cut off a relationship or do other such things which hurt yourself as much as the other.  We are simply attempting to shed a bit of light on things and to show you that if you rise above the human interaction and see that all that matters is loving each other, perhaps you could see why things have turned out as they have.  Better yet, how they might turn out if you turn the other cheek.

Saturday, August 9, 2014

The Antidote

Do you know that it makes some people feel good to make other people feel bad?  This stems from when they were hurt by another's actions earlier in their lives and felt powerless.  They continue to carry this powerless feeling within, and so, in an effort to not feel so powerless, they hurl insults and pain at another.  In so doing, the ego says, "Look at me!  I can do unto another that which was done unto me!"  And thus they have learned the opposite of love, yet to them it feels loving, for it is protecting the ego.  
Feel compassion for those who have been so wounded that they hurl spears instead of kindness.  Their actions and their words speak volumes about the pain they feel inside.  Their poison-laced barbs cannot hurt you when the shield with which you surround yourself is strong and fortified with the knowledge that insults carry no power.  Do you know the truth of who you are?  Cloak yourself in that mesh of loving energy and no barb, no matter how vile, will penetrate it.  The heart is far mightier than the sword.  We speak now of the heart of the spirit, which will never succumb to any of ego's pitiful weapons.  Stand strong in your awareness of who and what you are and what you stand for.  Love never fails.


Friday, August 8, 2014

Neither Good or Bad

You look upon one who is so very different from you, whether in thought, behavior, appearance, possessions, it matters not.  What do you do?  You react.  You have an opinion, and based upon that opinion you experience emotions.  This is the human way.  You judge.  Does this bring in more or less love?  Does this allow you growth?  Then even judgment is not to be judged.
We return now to the analogy of the tapestry.  In your judgment some colors look better next to others.  There is a natural resonance in color just as in sound.  Is dissonance bad or simply different?  Do not judge another thread in the tapestry by its color but by the way you react to it.  Now, what will you do with that reaction?  If you can see the emotions that the juxtaposition of different sights, sounds, vibrations cause to arise in you as opportunities for the growth of the soul, then they have served their purpose.  Again we remind you, even judgment is not bad or good.  All simply "is."  What will you do with it? When the end result is greater love, compassion, understanding, and kindness, then judgment has served its purpose.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Feeding the Hungry Heart

You feed the body several times a day, but what do you do to feed the soul?  So many of you claim to feel empty inside and disconnected.  This is the hunger of the spirit.  Spiritual hunger pangs are real and should be fed.  How?  By realizing that you are far more than a mechanical body that needs food for fuel.  

You are a beautiful soul that feeds on connections with other beings, creatures, and with nature.  Get outside of the body-mind and tune into the part of you that hungers most for attention: heart.  Unlike the body, you do not feed it by putting something in, but giving out what you are: love at the very center.