Who is Sanaya? Suzanne Giesemann answers:

Who is Sanaya? Suzanne Giesemann answers: "Sanaya (pronounced "sah-NIGH-ah") has told us that she is a collective consciousness of minds with both a feminine and masculine energy. This energy comes from a higher dimension than our own. When I bring through Sanaya's words, I am "tapping in" to Higher Consciousness. I am allowing that Consciousness to express itself through my body: through my brain, through my vocal cords, my arms, my hands, and also through my pen. Sanaya would not need a name, except for our human need to put labels on things and place our experiences into well-defined boxes. Sanaya takes us outside the box into a dimension where we come face to face with our higher selves. To hear the words of Sanaya as they come through ... to sit in the presence of that energy ... is a palpable experience of higher vibration ... of love. To read Sanaya's words can have the same result when you tune in to that finer energy as you read." (To read the full explanation of who and what Sanaya is along with transcripts of longer sessions click here.)

Friday, December 31, 2010

Celebrate Truth

Wine serves a purpose. It pleases the palate when imbibed in moderation, but when too much is taken in, it does dull the very senses you aimed to please. Many bypass the palate in search of an anesthetic—a way to lessen the pain they experience from moment to moment. Life is difficult. We are aware of this, but life is to be lived—to be experienced fully from moment to moment, good and bad. Is this not why you have chosen this life? So many do not realize this truth—that you have chosen the very circumstances in which you find yourself … your body, your family, your trials and joys … in order to find the very truth of existence.

“In vino veritas” is a lie when seen in this way, for with too much wine—what you call a liquid “spirit”—you do close the door to discovering yourself as a veritable spirit here and now—a spirit waiting to be set free from the confines which you have placed around it. Yes, imbibe. Yes, celebrate your year’s end and the other milestones by which you measure the passage of moments on your earthly plane, but celebrate with a clear mind the birthless-deathless spirit you are in every moment.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Fear Not

It is all very simple, this thing you call life, yet you make it so difficult. There is love and there is fear. That is all. Everything you do is a choice between the two. How hard is it to choose love? It only becomes hard when you let your lower self get in the way. This is the part of you that acts in self protection and self promotion. In other words … from a place of fear. “Fear of what?” you ask. Fear of not having or getting enough love. Fear of being hurt. Fear of dying.

All of these are attributes endured by the physical body, where nothing lasts. But you are far more than the physical body. You are formless, limitless spirit, temporarily using that body you call “yours.” You are not temporary. You are eternal, just as love is. Fear is temporary. Lack is temporary. Love is everlasting, and there is no end to its supply. You can endure anything, knowing it is temporary. This too shall pass. This too shall pass. But love does not pass by. Love is ever-present and there for the taking … there inside of you and in everything you see. Reach out and take it. Better yet … give it. It is there for you to give always, for as spirit, love is your very essence.

Fear not.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Cleaning House

Bees buzz about your head and yet you stir not. How is this possible, when others react with utter fright? It is through the cleansing of the mind—clearing out the thoughts which no longer serve you well. Yes, of course it is good to be alerted when danger lurks, but how often are you steered by false fears? Who is in charge of you? Who is at the helm of your thoughts? Is it Spirit or ego? Higher Self or lower self?

It is always a good idea to do a bit of spring cleaning within the mind, but do not wait for spring. Clutter gathers just as quickly as dust in a room. Do your dusting daily if you do remember. Moment to moment would be even better. Of what are you afraid? What causes you anger? Why the irritation? Instead of looking outward and blaming external forces for your upset, look at your thoughts. These, my friend, are what cause all irritations, and these can be cleansed by the simple use of the will—your cleaning cloth.

Let the bees buzz. They bother you not—merely passing by to check you out and give you an opportunity to react in a wholly new way. Greet them with love and watch with a smile as they fly away in peace. Then walk away in peace knowing that your house is in perfect order.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Spaces in Between

The grass grows tall and green
And in the spaces in between
You see light
With great delight …

… It is in the silence that you should delight as well. Your lives are filled with noise. What is noise, but the outward manifestation of vibration. What is vibration, but the creative manifestation of God—the Absolute, non-vibrating First Cause. Noise, just as all vibration, carries information. But you can be overloaded with information. How much do you need to take in at any one time? There can be too much of a good thing.

Silence is golden. All arises from this Light. You could not appreciate the beautiful notes of a symphony, save for the silence between each note. As such, you cannot truly appreciate the beauty that is Life, unless you stop and listen carefully to the silence between the beats of your life.

Create silence in your day deliberately. In those moments when no noise floods your ears, it is then you will hear the true voice of God. It is then you realize that you and all that is have arisen from this silence and to this silence you will return. Be ever grateful for the silence, and then, return to the world of manifestation and make a beautiful noise. Express love with your voice, and with your hands, with your eyes, and with your heart and soul, and then you, too, will know what it is like to be a creator.

Monday, December 27, 2010

When You Grieve

Note: A neighbor passed to the the other side yesterday, and this was very much on my mind all night. I thought I had pushed it to the background while meditating, but Sanaya addressed it quite well ...

One you know has passed from the physical body. She no longer breathes the same air as you, but are you not aware of her in your thoughts? “Yes, but this is just a memory,” you say, “—a figment of the imagination.” And while this is true, do you not in this way keep her alive in your consciousness? We wish you to understand that all you see and experience is naught but consciousness. Do you know that you cannot trust the physical senses? These do mislead you. That which you create with consciousness is as real as that which you see.

There will come a time when you, too, pass from the physical body. Then you will see again those who have passed before you. But you will not see them through physical eyes. You will see and know them through consciousness, which is all that exists. Keep them alive for now in your thoughts, knowing that they live still, but in another form of consciousness. Your body prevents you from sensing them unless trained to transcend the body. For now, use the power of consciousness to bring them alive in your mind, and do know that in their current state of consciousness they are quite aware of you.

The physical body does die, but consciousness is eternal. You are that, and all that you see is that. Hold onto that when you grieve, then grieve no more.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

In This Moment

Each moment of your life you start anew. There is only now. Because of your perception of time, you do see it as a line traveling from a past with a beginning and hurtling forward into some unknown future. We ask you to change your perception. See life from the viewpoint of spirit—which is what you are when not deluded by the body you are carrying around in this moment.

How would you see life if you saw only THIS MOMENT?

Today, look at those you love only in THIS MOMENT. If you had no past with them, would you love them still? If they had not acted in a way yesterday which did irritate you, would you love them still? If they did not hold the promise of bringing you perceived pleasure tomorrow, would you love them still? See them as they are: equal beings, here to share the here and now. Be still. Be only in this moment,and love them still.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas 2010

You look upon another
And see naught but a face
Or perhaps a body shape
Or perhaps the race.

But these are all just markers—
Indicators of a type,
Like the difference ‘tween a horse’s hair
And a zebra’s dark, black stripe.

Inside is where to look, my friend,
To know the person true.
Beyond the face and body
Each one is just like you.

Be as a blind man—close your eyes
And see all with your heart.
Judge not by what you see outside
For it’s then you feel apart.

See with the spirit—it lies not.
It cuts right to the chase.
It knows that love is what is true,
Beyond the nationality and race.

On this day in which you celebrate
The one who truly knew of love,
Seek to find the common bond
Which Jesus did speak of.

It’s God that does unite you,
For as God you were created.
And his kingdom lies within you,
As his son so clearly stated.

Celebrate his birth with happiness
And joy forever more.
Judge not, but love as Jesus did
And from God’s cup the love will pour.

Friday, December 24, 2010


Note from Suzanne: It happened again … last night I went to pick up a book that I’d been reading, but I had the urge to start another that had arrived earlier in the day from Amazon. I finished the introduction of the new book and was ready to turn out the light, but something kept me reading. There, at the end of Chapter One was exactly what Sanaya had said that morning. Line by line the thoughts were identical. This happens ALL THE TIME … I hear Sanaya’s words in the morning and read the same concept within 24-48 hours. I love it! Thank you, spirit world, for the constant affirmation…

Friends are God’s gift to you. They teach you a lesson about the ways of life. Why are you attracted to certain people? It is because you share a similar vibration. You resonate together like beautiful notes in harmony. You may not share all interests, but at a certain level you share the same thoughts, beliefs, and emotions. For this reason you emit a similar frequency and are attracted to each other by it.

Together, your spirits sing, and others around you feel it. They are calmed by your presence, for when two or more souls resonate so clearly, others cannot help but be entrained by their loving energy. True friends need not even talk when together, for their energy speaks volumes.

Do you wish to have more friends in your life? Go searching with your heart. Put out your feelers when you come into contact with another. You need not use your eyes or ears … simply attune to their heart as well. When your heart sings, you have found a new friend for your orchestra. Now go create a symphony …

Thursday, December 23, 2010

True Religion

Much evil has been done in the name of religion. Unfortunate misinterpretations of the teachings of various masters and abuse of power did lead and still does lead to the opposite results of the true purpose of religion.

People band together to share their joy and love at discovering the truths of the Spirit. In truth, there is no need for a special building in which to do this. There is no need for a leader. No need for organizations with rules. No need for anything at all save for each individual to go within the heart and know themselves as Spirit. The love and joy that comes from this experience will flow forth in such a way that it will beg expression.

Band together to express this, if you will, to be among like-minded souls … to share the love … but be always mindful of the true reason for which you come together: to celebrate the fact that all of you are experiencing the same joy, the same love … for all of you are of the same Source. Worship Spirit in yourself and others wherever and whenever. Feel the common bond that is Love and express it to one another. That is true religion.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

You Are That

God is in your little finger.
God fits there.
God is in a mighty oak.
God fits there, too.
God is in your every cell.
God fills your every hair.
God courses through your arteries.
God flows through all of you.

There is nowhere that God is not, for God fills all things. God is not a limited being in a body, nor are you. Once you understand this, you’ll find you can fly. But first you must redefine your conception of “you.” You have no fingers and toes, no eyes and a nose. Those are tools the real You is using for a while, thank you very much.

You are just like God, for you are created in God’s image. God is what breathes you, fills you, drives you, loves you, is you. You can’t get away from God, so stop running so hard. The real You is right there inside, and in your little finger, and in the oak tree, and in everything and everyone you see, and you ARE that.

Do you get it yet?

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

*** First Cause

Note from Suzanne: At 2:30 this morning my husband and I got up and went outside to see the lunar eclipse. It was one of the most incredible sights I’ve ever witnessed. Gazing at the full, red moon, my heart was full as well. It was a spiritual moment for reasons I couldn’t explain. Rationally, I knew the exact cause of the eclipse. Having just finished reading Stephen Hawkings’ new book, “Grand Design,” I knew Hawkings would scoff at me for attributing spiritual feelings to a lunar eclipse. I was pondering the experience this morning as I began my meditation. Without asking for an answer, Sanaya gave me a beautiful one.

To the scientist who believes not in God, we ask him to study his finger. What is it that makes it move and obey his every command? “The brain,” he replies, and this is understandable, for when the brain no longer functions, the finger no longer functions as well. But what gave rise to the brain in the first place? The brain took form, yes, from the union of egg and sperm. But take that answer as far back as you can go and ask the same question. What gave rise to the first seeds of all that exist? And what keeps all living things living? Why is there life at all? Why is there love?

Deep questions, for sure, and for sure there will always be scientists who can explain away all with reasoned answers. But explain, then, the emptiness experienced inside at the thought of a world created without a loving Creator. Explain away the coldness of a world created not from Love. For this there can be no scientific explanation. For those who have found God within their very hearts and continue to find God by expressing “godliness” through the heart, there is no need for explanations. Experience speaks far more rationally than words or reason.

You may never fully understand the First Cause, but you may come to know it in your heart, and thus banish the coldness and the longing. It is impossible to understand that which is infinite, but fully possible to experience it. Once experienced, there is no need for words.

Monday, December 20, 2010


Where you place your focus is what you do bring into your life. Do you wish to live in a world with more peace and love? Focus on this. Look for this in the world. There are many among you who have not yet realized the power of focused attention. You need not follow the pack.

Your media knows the power of drama and negativity. They are interested in followers, and thus they will continuously put drama and negativity before your eyes. Will you be a slave to their spells, or will you create in your life that which you wish to see?

All is not lost. Around you lies far more goodness than evil, but this does not appear to be the truth if you focus on your so-called headlines. Create your own good news and spread it by radiating love and hope in all directions. “Hear ye, hear ye: the best is yet to come!” should be your headline. Then go forth and create it … write your own story of love and kindness.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Chatter On!

So many of you complain that you cannot quiet the mind. You wish to sit in the silence, and for this we applaud you. There is no greater way to know your true nature and to commune with your Source. But it is true—you cannot go within and sense your oneness with God whilst the ego is chattering away, trying so very hard to enforce its false sense of separation.

How to overcome this? Quite simple. Begin each period of meditation by chattering away from your heart and soul. You do call this “prayer.” Take a few breaths upon sitting with eyes closed, then spend as much time as you need talking to God and your guides and your angels. Share your desires and fears, of course, but most importantly, express your gratitude. Chatter on and on, asking for what you would like to have in your life, and giving thanks that it is on its way.

This period of focused, connected “chatter” will set the stage for the quiet period to follow. In this time of prayer you have made your connection with Your Maker. Now in communion, sit for a moment—or many moments—and simply “be.”

Can you think of a better way to spend your time?

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Poem #387 - Get Out and Play!

Be as a child; this we say.
Go out this day, have fun, and play.
Too much time you spend inside.
It’s as if you want to hide.

But sun and light are good for you.
As is clean grass that’s wet with dew.
Get back to nature; get outdoors
Even when the rain it pours.

For this is when you truly see
How it feels to be set free.
This, my friend is your true state.
So find it now—get out¬¬--don’t wait!

Take a walk, go on a hike.
Go for a swim, or ride a bike.
Your soul it longs to reconnect
With natural things--this please respect.

For this is where you do belong.
It’s God’s clean air that keeps you strong.
So while you play, please raise your eyes
And send your thanks toward the skies.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Be Joyous!

We speak so often of your trials and challenges, but today we speak of joy. Be childlike in your actions and your thoughts. Children know best how to express joy, for they have not yet accepted the false beliefs and negative thought patterns that take you away from being your loving Self.

What is joy, but the celebration of Life itself. Joy is the natural state of the spirit, for the spirit knows itself as pure love. How could you not be joyful knowing this? And so, in this season when you celebrate the birth of one who knew the truths of the spirit, be joyful yourself. Set aside your worries and your cares. Go inside and find the joyful child. Be as the child: smile, laugh, run, and play. Be joyful and alive, then know that this is what Life is truly about, for Life is all there is.

Life is not the body. The body has a beginning and an end. But you as spirit here and now have no beginning and no end. You as spirit are fully alive. Knowing this, rejoice! Share your joy with another today and see how joy is contagious, for joy does go hand-in-hand with love, and Love is what you are.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Poem #386 - In Times of Trouble

Sitting in a barber’s chair
To cut your hair …
Do you know
Who else is there?

The Great Designer …
The one who knows
How every hair
On your head it grows.

He is the one
Aware of you now.
To solve all your worries
This one knows how.

Call on Him
When troubles you have.
He’ll coat your wounds
With his loving salve.

He’ll hold your hand
As alone you walk.
He’ll hear your words
When alone you do talk.

So call Him now.
By your side he does wait.
Share your woes
And all that rests on your plate.

There’s no need to think
That no one cares.
For it’s God who does come
As the answer to prayers.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Forged by Fire

Increase the temperature. Keep turning it up, for just as a roast cooks in the oven from the increased heat, you, too, toughen your skin by the same method. Of course we do not mean this literally, but we use this analogy to once again explain that you are forged by fire.

You will face many trials in your life, but you will not know peace until you can look upon the trials as gifts for your soul’s growth. You may not have a choice regarding the trials themselves, but always, always do you have a choice as to how you respond to them. Those who do not understand that growth always results from difficulties will suffer greatly. Those who understand the ways of life in a physical body will endure with head held high. They will respond with love held in the heart for self-as-spirit, which is awakened by these trials, and they will respond with the outward expression of love for all involved in the trials themselves, whether seemingly friend or foe.

In the end, you will see that all are players in the grand drama of life, where your role is not to get caught up in the drama itself, but to remember that you are only playing a temporary role as an actor, whose true identity is Love.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Poem #385 - If You Could See Your Thoughts

There are many strains of viruses,
All caused by different germs,
And each does harm the healthy cells
In no uncertain terms.

Your thoughts are like these illnesses.
They attack what’s well and good.
You’d see they’re quite insidious
If see your thoughts you could.

And so you must be vigilant
And not let your thoughts run wild.
With firm hand you must control them,
As a caring parent with its child.

The analogy’s a good one
For like a child thoughts do grow.
And if left alone and uncontrolled
Then true chaos you do know.

But given love and guided
Good thoughts inside do bloom.
Instead of causing pain and strife
They heal, thus given room.

While germs and sickness run amok
Your thoughts you do control.
So monitor what’s in your mind
Before these germs do take their toll.

Should pessimism be the norm
Of how you think each day,
Replace your thoughts with love and light
And heal yourself this way.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Poem #384 - Love Thy Brother

Forsake not thy brother in times of trouble.
Be there at his side.
Love thy brother as thyself.
Let him in your heart reside.

Think not of self when others hurt.
Do all you can to aid.
And in this way you help yourself,
For goodness always is repaid.

You scratch one’s back, another yours.
In this way all do grow …
Reciprocating love for all
And thus, all God do know.

For God is Love, you’ve heard this oft,
But know that it is true.
He lives and breathes in others,
Who give their love to you.

If this is so, then know this truth---
You, too, are God in form.
And your True Self you come to know
When loving acts you do perform.

Love thy brother, this we say,
And in this way know God!
For He lies there inside your heart
As that gentle, urging prod.

By giving love you scratch that itch—
The urge you satisfy,
And come to know yourself as this—
God’s love, that cannot die.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Finding True Love

Many times a couple does get together for the wrong reasons. They are attracted by physical desire--and there is nothing wrong with this--but then they do mistake their affection for each other for true love. The love they feel is quite often based on "How can you make me feel better about myself?" While this kind of love is real, it can be temporary, and it most certainly is based on conditions. If these conditions are not met, then you do deem the other unworthy of your love.

True love places no conditions. It matters not how the other behaves, speaks, thinks, or treats you. When you truly love another without conditions, you love that other's True Self--the spirit. And you can only love in this way when you are loving from your own spirit. This is a true soul connection. This love wavers not. If you feel your love for another wavering, then ego is involved, and it is only ego that places demands.

Love from that place inside you that demands nothing, but is the source of all love. There you will find love enough to last a lifetime and into the next.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Poem #383 - Where Heaven Resides

Sing the praises of the heavens
For this very special place
Carries the promise of redemption--
The way to save the human race.

In this realm of love and light
Exist the angels, true.
And they wish nothing more in life
Than to bring their love to you.

They whisper often in your ear
Yet you so rarely hear it.
But open up your heart, dear one,
And attune to the world of spirit.

For this is your very birthright--
To make this reconnection...
To realize from whence you came --
To have this healing recollection.

And once you do, the love will flow,
And no longer will you suffer.
For all the angels then will come to you
And be a loving buffer.

They'll wrap you in their wings of love,
Protect you from the fate
Of feeling oh so separate,
But please, no longer wait!

Call on them now, these helpers true
Who linger at your side.
Invite them there inside your heart
Where heaven truly does reside.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Heal Thyself

Medicines are your way of dealing with illness. They do play a quite helpful role in your world, but do understand they are a palliative measure and in many cases are not necessary. We do not advise you upon reading these words to cease your medications, merely to understand that you have the ability within the mind to regulate and improve the body.

The body is a reflection of the soul. Imperfections do arise in direct concordance with your thoughts. Yes, a cold is the result of germs circulating in your atmosphere, but you become susceptible to their effects when your thoughts and actions are out of alignment with your true nature. You will find this is true with other dis-eases as well.

Be your own healer. Begin by monitoring not just your physical symptoms, but your thoughts—the very cause of the physical symptoms. Healer, heal thyself. You are spirit first and foremost.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Your Unseen Helpers

The voice you hear in your head you do accept as your own. But we are here to tell you that you are never alone. There is but one Consciousness in the world. Your individual mind is a focus of that one Divine Consciousness. The number of focuses is limitless, but all—while seemingly separate—are connected, for how can you separate Consciousness?

Knowing this, we wish you to understand that many of the thoughts you have are placed there for your benefit and guidance by benevolent minds blending with your own in order to guide and help you along your path of spiritual growth. Call these unseen helpers what you will: guides, angels, spirit helpers … Give them a name if you wish. It matters not what you call them, but when you do begin to realize that your thoughts are linked to the One Great Mind and that you have help along the way, you will call these helpers friend … and perhaps call upon them more often.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Lovingest Number

You have a song in which it is stated that one is the loneliest number. This is a fallacy, when you do come to understand that all is one. There is but one Mind. All of you who feel so alone are but part and parcel of this Mind. And what is this Mind? Is it an impersonal Force which pulls your strings as a puppet and directs your every action? Far from it, dear one.

This mind is the Source of all love … the Source of all that is. In order to experience its creative abilities and its magnificence, this loving Source created you. It did create many you’s so that you would never be alone. Recognize your Self – your godliness – in all whom you encounter. Greet that part of you that is the same—the loving essence which flows through all of life. You are never alone, for never can you be separated from your Source. One is not the loneliest number, but the lovingest number, full of all possibility.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

One Eye

Never forget who you are. By this we do not mean a person with a name and a title and an occupation with whom you identify so closely. This is not the real you. If you were to remove the words “I” and “my” from your vocabulary, you would begin to have an idea of the real you.

The world appears to be replete with individuals—bunches of “I’s” running around acting on their own, but in Reality there is but one Mind running the show. You are a focus of the consciousness of that Mind. When you fully realize this, your power does not diminish, but in fact increases exponentially. We speak not of power as you know it as an “I” but the power to see the big picture … the power to heal … the power of compassion and love.

See the world through the “eye” of the Great I Am, for this is truly the only “I” that exists … and it is yours.

Monday, December 6, 2010

You are the Light

Do you tire of all this talk of love? If so, then why bother to arise from your bed each morning? To learn to live as Love in every moment is your task whilst here on earth and in the hereafter. This task never goes away, nor does the love—merely your expression and experience of it.

Do not wait for love to come to you. Be that which you are—the source of love itself. You need not get out of your bed at all to find it, for it lies there inside you, whether you lie in a bed or in a bed of roses. If you cannot find this love inside, it is because you have allowed a lifetime of mistaken egoic beliefs of separation and lack to darken your inner light.

It takes not an outside source to turn on the light. You are the light. It burns always there within you. You increase its intensity with your thoughts. It is that simple. Turn up the light and banish the darkness with love, for love and light are the same … and they, my friend, are you.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Poem #382 - Part of the Grid

Do not try so hard.
For in the trying,
Your greatest strength you disregard.

It’s when you give up all the effort
That you do see great gains.
For in releasing all the struggle,
Naught but love remains.

There is a great Intelligence
That does control the world.
It flows through everything that is,
Like strands of taffy swirled.

They form a grid, these strands of Life.
If only you could see
The web of Love in which you swim—
A shining sea of energy.

This is the Mind of which you’re part,
But this you did forget.
Part of the plan agreed upon …
Do you remember yet?

If not, there’s yet more work to do
As you uncover Who you are—
A part of this great Life Force
That shares the same light as a star.

As this truth you do remember
More connected do you feel.
And so you open up the points
And God’s true love reveal.

These points of which we speak exist.
They’re your connection to the Source.
And with the mind you open them
And allow the energy to course.

So know that you are part of this—
A focus of the Whole.
To understand your place in life,
Just look inside your soul.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Be the Change

Millennia have passed since the passing of the one you call the Nazarene. He stood as a model to all of peace and loving kindness, and yet you still have wars. Mankind still fails to understand their oneness with each other and with all living things. Do not be discouraged, for focusing on that which disturbs you does perpetuate it. Focus instead your thoughts on that which you wish to see and have in your world. You live in an age of accelerated understanding. Understand that you are part of this change. Be the change you wish to see in the world and add to the acceleration.

Whether or not you call yourself a Christian, all can be as the Christ and be the light of the world. You all have it within you—this light—the love that heals all ills and brings others out of darkness. Be that which you are and bring healing to your world. Focus on the good and worry not that you make no difference. You make far more difference than you can possibly imagine.

So imagine a world of peace, where all men live as one. It begins with you.

Note from Suzanne: After receiving this message from Sanaya, I went to my computer and Googled “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” I learned that it was Gandhi who said this quote. My eyes were drawn to a search result entitled, “Top Ten Things to Think About if You Want to Change the World.” I encourage you to read the entire entry. It is perfect: http://www.positivepath.net/ideasMA11.asp

Friday, December 3, 2010

Your Built-In Barometer

The eyes water, the mouth yawns, for emotion must escape somehow. When you hold inside you much pressure, it builds and builds. Will it escape in a harsh word? In the striking out of a hand? Or will it not escape at all, but consume your very cells? Recognize when pressure is building. Feel the tension in your muscles. Feel the pressure in your head. Feel the aches and pains … the restlessness. All of these are signs of imbalance and blockage. Is not the body the most perfect messenger?

Listen to the signs. Pay them heed. So many walk in unawareness, ignoring the subtle indicators until they become a glaring billboard. Release your stress through meditation, deep breathing, prayers, exercise, and positive thinking. Recognize that it is your perception and interpretation of events around you which does cause the tightening and the loosening.

The body is a natural barometer. Measure the pressure from moment to moment. You control the release valve … the peace valve. The peace is found there inside—in your perceptions. Perceive the truth: that all is temporary but the one everlasting Truth of the Spirit … the underlying Love that rules the Universe.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Plug Yourself In

Searching always for answers, you seek outside yourself, but there deep inside you there lies the knowledge that you seek. “But how can I know that which I have not been taught?” you ask. It is because you are connected supremely with all that is, all that will be, and all that ever has been. All exists as energy, and as your scientists have proven, energy cannot be destroyed, merely transformed. So transform your beliefs and accept this truth: that thoughts are energy, and every thought that ever has been or ever will be swirls around you and through you now.

With this understanding and the belief that it is so, sit and quiet the mind. The body is your transceiver. Ask to attune to exactly what it is you need to know. Ask your question clearly, then let it go. It will seek its energetic match and this will resonate with you. Answers are not always instantaneous, so be patient … with yourself. This is a new way of thinking and of being … connected.

Plug yourself in to the grid.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Your Sixth Sense

A knocking at the door does reveal a visitor. You peer cautiously to see who’s there. A stranger … one you’ve never seen before. Do you let him in or does he represent danger? Your stomach clenches. A valid sign. Do not open the lock.

This is intuition—an ever-present source of guidance. Intuition is directly linked to the soul. It is the sixth sense of which you often speak. All of you have this energy sensor. It is part of the True Self and is far more trustworthy than the five physical senses which try to make sense of an illusory world.

Learn to feel without the hands. Learn to see without the eyes. Learn to know with the heart. When danger or opportunity comes knocking at your door, tune in to your soul’s sensing system and heed it well. There is far more to this world than the brain will ever tell you. Intuition is a gift of the Spirit. Use it well and wisely.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Your Calm Center

Like a cyclone, problems swirl around you. Do you know what a cyclone is? A force—the movement of energy. Round and round the energy swirls, but what is there at the center, but an area of great calm … the “eye,” you call it.

Round and round you troubles swarm, but there at your center is the eye of your soul, watching all with ever-lasting calm. Peaceful and calm are you at your center. When caught up in a storm, when the howling winds rage and the shutters bang noisily, causing you fright and worry, seek shelter there at your center—that wise and knowing part of you which knows that the storm will pass and that you are always safe, protected, and loved.

Seek shelter in the eye—the eye of the soul. Become one with the calm. Do not get caught up in the winds and tossed about by them, rather sit in the safety of your inner shelter and ride out the rough weather. After the storm, the sun always reappears, but never forget that the true light shines ever brightly within you.

Monday, November 29, 2010

The Symphony of Life

Blessed are those who know the truth … who do not live by the lie of separation. Know ye now that all is one. There is but one vibration, and that is Love. This vibration lies underneath all other harmonies. It creates all the music in the scales. Each of you vibrates in resonance with the One Basic Tone. This resonance becomes discordant when you overlay tones of the ego—the baser vibrations which disguise your core vibration.

Choose discordant thoughts, and your whole experience plays out of tune. Choose loving thoughts, and the music plays beautifully, harmoniously, and well in tune.

You think that this is an analogy, but wait until you shed the physical body with which you now express these notes. Then you will see and hear the basic harmony of the universe … all playing but One Note in a most beautiful symphony.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Poem #381 - The Only Thing That Lasts

See not always the danger.
To strife you are no stranger.
But look and see the beauty.
This in life is your main duty.

So very often you deny
That what’s before you is a lie.
Nothing is at all what it does seem,
But pure illusion, as a dream.

This you will finally understand
When you pass completely from this land.
Then the truth you finally will see:
That you as spirit are forever free.

So place not your focus here
Where all do live with constant worry and with fear.
But see instead the changeless face
That dwells inside this temporary place.

At your core pure consciousness you are.
The part that’s neither near nor far,
But always as within just as above …
The seed of God’s undying love.

Use this knowledge to find peace.
May it bring you great release
To know your troubles here won’t last
And these too, you will get past.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Surface and Breathe

Surface and breathe. Inhale deeply. With this breath you draw into you the force which sustains you. Yes, of course it is oxygen which does sustain the body, but it is that which you call the Life Force which does sustain the spirit. The spirit does survive whether or not the physical body breathes, but you can enliven mind, body, and spirit by visualizing the Life Force which animates you flowing freely throughout you with each breath.

Do not drown in your sorrows. Inhale deeply. Suck in the Life Force with the intent of bringing unto your Self full vitality and health, both mental and physical. With your mind, send this vital force flowing to wherever there are blockages. Hold the intention of opening these dams and thus returning to balance and harmony.

Surface, breathe, and heal yourself.

Friday, November 26, 2010

This Too Shall Pass

Focus on the negative. Give all of your attention to that which causes you discomfort. Are you cold, wet, and tired? Wallow in it. Do you mourn and cry from grief? Feel it fully. And now that you have touched this dark side of life in physical form, rejoice, for now you can far better appreciate its opposite—light. Would you be so uncomfortable when cold, wet, and tired if you had not at one time felt cozy, warm, and fully rested? Would you cry so painfully in mourning had you not at one time opened your heart fully to another and truly experienced love?

“But I want to feel warmth, and comfort, and love all the time!” you cry. And you will, my child, when you shed the physical body and return to the dimension of pure love. But you, yourself, have chosen to take this journey of darkness and light in order to more fully appreciate the light. Light exists in your world, and always it is there inside you when you remove your focus from your temporary miseries. It is then you remember who you are, now and forever.

So wallow for a while, for that is how you learn in this life you have chosen. But do not wallow for long. Thank the darkness for its teaching … for showing you just how bright light can be. And with this realization, detach yourself from that which takes you farther from the light. Focus no more on the physical and mental discomfort, but sit back as the neutral observer that you are in spirit form and look with compassion upon all events … all sent to you as gifts to allow you the opportunity to let your spirit shine through the darkness.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Giving Thanks

On this day in which you give thanks, stop and do so for yourself—not just for all the things external. Inside you lies the greatest treasure you can imagine—the link to All That Is. That which you call your True Self is the soul—the part of you which is eternal and eternally loving.

On this day you will feast and overstuff the body, but feast as well on love and gratitude. Giving thanks for your very existence brings you into resonance with the Divine and your divine nature.

And so, beloved ones, give thanks not just on this holiday, but on every holy-day of your life. How could each day not be holy when the fact that you exist at all proves your very connection with the Source of all Love … with God.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Yes, it is true. Irritants do form the beautiful pearl inside the crusty shell of an oyster. What are the irritants in your life? And yes, WHO are they as well? Can you look upon that which grates against you and see that in the grating you are given the opportunity to shine your soul to a brilliant luster?

It matters not how crusty the exterior of your shell. Inside each of you lies a beautiful jewel—the pearl of your existence—your Pure Essence, expressing always As love … Real Love. There will always be sand in your shell—irritants that cause the ego discomfort. Regard them with neutrality. Send them compassionate love, and shine like the beautiful PEARL that you are.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

When in Pain

Your pain disappears when your wrong-thinking is replaced with love. What is wrong-thinking? Any thought that comes from the belief in separation—that you are anything other than a God-being—one with the Creator … one with the loving, creative Force of the Universe. You are the sun and the stars, the wave and the ocean. You cannot separate yourself from love any more than you could separate the breath from the air you breathe.

Wrong-thinking is anything that takes you away from this loving connection with your Source. Fear, hurt, anger, hate, judgment … these are of the ego. These are naught but learning tools and warning signs to you that you are out of alignment in thought. Physical pain occurs when the body is out of alignment. Quite often this misalignment can be traced (if not through traumatic injury) to misalignment of thought.

Align your thoughts always with love. Love is the great healing force of the universe. Heal yourself with love. It is that simple.

Monday, November 22, 2010

In the Arms of Angels

The death of a loved one is a trying time for those on earth, no matter how enlightened you are. You share memories with the one who passes. You share love and concern. Concern yourself at this time with those who do not have the full understanding of this very natural transition. Concern yourself as well with yourself.

Share with others and remind yourself that death is a point of celebration for the one who will no longer have to bear the pain and darkness of life in the physical world. Know that they will be surrounded by love and loved ones who have preceded them. Life will be far easier now for them, and we do stress this word “life,” for life is indeed eternal.

Concern yourself far more with remembering the good times and know that you will share these again. Feel your grief, but do not become swallowed up in it. Allow yourself a period of sadness for the close contact you will miss, then pull yourself back to that place of love within yourself. Do this as a choice—for yourself—with your own thoughts. It is not necessary to suffer. Your loved one no longer suffers and would want you to know this. They look upon you with new eyes and wish you to know all is well. They are safe and loved in the arms of angels, and so are you, my friend, so are you.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

See With the Soul

Release all fears. These do block the flow of Life Force like rocks in a stream, causing the current to meander off course at times and to be completely dammed up at others. The Life Force desires only harmony. It will flow where your thoughts go. What is fear, but the absence of love. If you understood that at the level of the soul you are naught but love—pure consciousness observing the unfolding of events caused by that consciousness—you would know that you have nothing to fear.

The soul is eternal. Troubles, pain, and suffering are part of life in the physical realm. They come and go. The soul is everlasting and changeless. It cannot be harmed. See your troubles and pain as the temporary acting out of thought-energy from the ego and change your very perception of these troubles. Release the fear. See with the soul and become whole.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Poem #380 - Soul Sisters

Sisters know a special connection …
Each sharing such a great affection.
But sisters need not by blood be connected
For by great love to be affected.

There are those who come across your path
Who make you sing and cry and laugh…
Those special souls who touch your heart,
And play a truly special part.

“Soul sisters” you do call these friends.
Your love for them on naught depends.
Their heart and soul you simply cherish.
Without them you would surely perish.

This is how you feel, at least,
When such a love is thus released—
That God has led you to this one,
Whose light is brighter than the sun.

If you find your sister true,
Cherish what she brings to you,
But know that you do play a role
In brightening your sister’s soul.

For this your very paths have crossed—
To find the love that’s never lost.
And with this one on whom you rely,
That love inside does multiply.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Be a Sponge

All that matters is love. There is nothing else. You are swimming in a sea of love, bathed in it … but your human bodies do act at times like thick wetsuits, preventing you from feeling the love both inside you and out. You control how impermeable is this suit. Discard the barrier and become instead as a sponge filled with love … floating in it … replete with it. If you could but wring this sponge it would pour forth onto all around you. This is the goal of life—to realize that love is all there is. It fills you and all that surrounds you.

Do not be a dry, brittle sponge, but soak up love until you are sodden, heavy, and bursting to drip that love on all who come near you, most especially those who thirst. Impart to these thirsty sponges part of your supply, for it is endless. As you give from the Source of your supply, you are endlessly refilled. It is the Law … the Law of Love.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Loving Vibrations

Searching, always seeking for the truth
You look beyond.
But the truth lies there inside
Like ripples on a pond.

Watch the water and you’ll see
How the vibrations do spread out—
Energy that moves forever onward …
Your thoughts are like this, have no doubt.

You are pure spirit deep inside.
There the purest part it does reside.
And as you thinketh, so you are.
From this truth you cannot hide.

What you think is hidden from your eyes,
But etched forever in your field.
To those who learn to sense the waves,
All is easily revealed.

It is not magic,
Nor to any person should it frighten.
This understanding of your nature
Your spirit will enlighten.

So tune in to these vibrations.
Know that this is who you are.
And more you send out loving thoughts,
More your vibrations travel far.

Expand your Self with loving waves.
In this way the world is healed.
For with the energy you do project,
The face of God is thus revealed.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Focus Outward

When one talks endlessly of self, this shows a need for love. This person has not yet realized that the love they seek lies inside always. On and on they chatter, trying to raise their sense of importance. Do not mistake us—it is one thing to share stories and words which are of importance for others to hear and which may be healing or of service. It is another thing to boast and brag of exploits which merely build upon the ego’s sense of self-importance … and separation.

Do not hesitate to share information which is of service to others, but if you feel an inner urge to speak incessantly of self, catch yourself in action. Turn the focus deliberately outward. Ask about another’s health, welfare, and concerns. Send genuine love to this other as they speak. Listen with interest, focusing on your connection at a soul level. There you will find the love.

Be not selfish, but philanthropic, loving your brother as yourself, and watch your world expand.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Overcoming Blindness

You suffer so from blindness—the inability to see who and what you truly are. Could you but see the radiant light inside, you would never suffer. Why are you so troubled? Why do you cry and treat yourself so badly in word and thought? It is because you are placing your focus exactly where the ego wants you to place it—on the selfish ego. This very real part of yourself keeps itself alive by allowing you to wallow in false thoughts about your true nature.

You are not the caterpillar, but the beautiful butterfly. Allow the butterfly to emerge now and set your spirit free. How do you do this? Shine a light—the very light at the center of your being—on all of the false ego thoughts which you have allowed to have prominence. These thoughts cannot survive in the light of Truth.

Banish the darkness and take flight now. It is never too late, for that is why you are here: to recognize who you are and let that True Self shine through.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Golden Treasure

Sit back on your haunches.
Stare up at the sky.
More beauty lies beyond there
Than you can see with just the eye.

The same is true of you, my friend,
If you could only see.
But only when you close the eyes—
It’s then that you’re set free.

What lies beyond is all illusion.
What’s inside is what is true.
What’s beyond is ever-changing.
Inside the stillness is pure you.

Change is part of life, you know.
Nothing ever stays the same.
Except the part that gives you life—
The part without a label or a name.

Get to know this part of you,
For it is who you are.
That love-filled space that calls to you …
A subtle longing from afar.

Set aside the doubts you have
That this thing called God exists,
And go within to find It,
To the one whose voice persists.

It’s been there calling out for you,
If you would only listen,
And seeking you will find it—
A golden treasure that does glisten.

Grab the gold and run with it,
For this is why you’re here—
To find the prize that’s yours to take:
Pure Love, without the fear.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Always Home

When you find yourself in some place strange and foreign, do you not at times feel a coldness in the pit of your stomach? These are physical reactions to buried thoughts. If you were to bring the thoughts to the surface, you would find there issues of safety, clouded over with fear. All of these are ancient fears, some carried over many lifetimes.

You are on a path of remembering who you are—a child of God—one who has welled up from the spring of love¬—your Source. You cannot be separated from this Source, for it is who you are. When you experience fear, this is an indicator that you are focusing on the physical.

What you experience with this coldness is homesickness of the most primal kind. Know that you can go Home in an instant. Simply turn inside to where your Source dwells. Slip back into the warm, inviting waters of your Well-Source and bathe yourself in love.

Friday, November 12, 2010

True Understanding

There is only one Mind at work in your world. Yes, you have your own mind, but just as there are many ever-changing waves in the ocean, there is only one ocean. You understand the analogy, but how does this help you in your daily life as you go about your day, seeing the troubles of those around you and dealing with your own perceived troubles?

Notice first that word “perceived.” Once you fully realize and internalize that your mind is a focus of the one Divine Mind, you will look upon your troubles in a wholly—indeed, holy—new light. All challenges are naught but opportunities to tap into that Greater Mind and approach the challenges from that higher perspective.

All of Life gives you choices from moment to moment. If until now your choices have resulted in you being less than your loving best, it was out of ignorance of your true nature. Once you truly understand that nature, making the choice to come from that seat of loving power transforms all troubles and challenges into welcome gifts to express love … only love.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Word Power

Your thoughts are the cause of all that you are and have. Your words are your tools. Choose them wisely. An expressed thought in verbal form is manifestation in itself. It carries great power, for it makes the thought more real to you and certainly real to those who hear your words, even if the words carry no truth.

Be on the lookout for words which limit you—insidious words like “can’t” and “never” which hold the power to limit you from being the all-powerful focus of consciousness that you are. Why do you use such words? Purely out of habit. Lift the veil of darkness and see these words for what they are—poorly shaped tools which do not reflect your true nature. Shine a light on your vocabulary. Pause before you speak. Ask yourself if the words you are about to utter reflect your True Self and desires, or if they reflect outdated beliefs, self-limiting thoughts, and false perceptions of Reality.

Seek the truth always. It lies within you. As you find it, speak these truths aloud and behold as you reshape your reality. Quite a wondrous world, is it not?

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Sounds that you hear are naught but vibrations hitting the physical eardrum. Sights you see are vibrations of light-energy hitting the retina. Things that you touch vibrate at specific frequencies, which the brain interprets as hard or soft. The brain is naught but a grand computer—a frequency analyzer—that gives meaning to the many vibrations which come in through the skin, the ears, the eyes, the nose, and the mouth. But what if you had not these instruments? Would all cease to be? The answer is no, my friends.

You have come to rely on these sensory inputs, but put these aside and listen with the soul. See with the soul. Feel with the soul. How your perception of Reality would change! You would understand then that all is vibration, including the soul, and all vibrates from the consciousness of the Field—your Source—that which you call God.

You are floating in this Field now, held aloft in the arms of love—the highest vibration … sustained with every breath as an experience in Consciousness, for you ARE that consciousness. Send love and gratitude this day as you awaken to these truths, strange as they may seem. Ask that your eyes and ears be further awakened and simply feel the Love.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Banish the Darkness

You speak of a devil and give this energy the attributes of an actual being. What is the devil, but the personification of one end of a spectrum of life? At one end you have love and goodness and kindness and compassion, embodied in a benevolent, fatherly figure. At the other end you have hatred and evil embodied in a man you call Satan.

Neither exists in the form you imagine. Love and hate, goodness and evil are all experiences within Consciousness. You cannot know light until you experience dark. You have no concept of cold without knowing its opposite. Where you place your focus is what you experience. The so-called devil and evil do not exist unless you create them in your mind.

Do you wish to experience only love and goodness? Then place your focus there. These are the true attributes of your Source, for always you are drawn to the higher vibration. The potential for all attributes—good and evil—lie in every man. The choice is always yours what you will experience and express. Be that which you wish to see in the world. Let your light shine so as to banish the darkness.

Monday, November 8, 2010

The Big Picture

Note from Suzanne. Two posts today ... one the regular message from Sanaya (see the next post) and the following words. These came from Sanaya as further explanation to a question posed to the spirit world during a channeling session. The issue was about spirits knowing when they would leave this lifetime and how to explain seemingly accidental or tragic deaths...

The problem is that you think that death is a tragedy … that the taking of many lives at once is the worst possible thing that can happen, but have we not told you repeatedly that we do rejoice when souls return to our world, where they are more surrounded by love than they are aware of when in your dimension? You have been conditioned to believe that death is the end, and so, when many are taken, to you this is a so-called “disaster.”

This is why we ask you to see the big picture. If you could see from our perspective the rejoicing that takes place when one returns to the fold, you would better understand. When many more lives can be affected by the departure of one from your world through lessons in compassion, through those that go on to seek the meaning of life because of this so-called tragedy, then there is meaning in the departure.

It is not necessary for a soul to spend four score years upon your earth for it to learn lessons. Often it is not its own personal growth, but the growth of those around that soul who do benefit from its presence on earth. Think of the little children who only spend but a short period on earth and then return to our dimension. There does appear to be great suffering for those left behind. In part, this is from their ignorance of the nature of life. Mostly it is the selfish feeling of need of that one’s touch—and this we do understand deeply. We understand the effects of love, but again, if you were to understand that you will be reunited, perhaps this would lessen the pain you feel.

But do not those who suffer such a loss often grow tremendously and go on to help others? They grow in their own compassion. They are led to seek the meaning of life. They are led to God. Why do you think we call your world a hell? For you do learn these lessons without the benefit of the big picture.

We ask you to bide your time on earth, awaiting the moment when you can see your loved ones and understand the reasons why not all beings live what you consider a “full life.” Until that time, use these so-called tragedies, use the deaths of those who die what you would call “too young” to develop your own character—to develop your own divinity—to grow in your own compassion … to make something good come of that which you consider a tragedy, and then you will begin to understand better why all of life is a cycle—a coming and a going—always with the purpose of growing. There is no set age at which one departs, for it is all about continuous recycling and growth.

This is one of the most difficult lessons you must face. What will you do when faced with tragedy? How will you react? Will you draw inward and continue your suffering, because this is how you have been programmed, or will you face outward and make a difference in the lives around you, hoping to lessen the pain of others? That is why you are here—to work as one large whole, raising the vibration of all of those around you, and in so doing, raising your own vibration.

Work, work, work

Always there is more work to do. Never can you rest fully in your purpose, but this should not be a chore. The problem lies in your interpretation of “work.” Your most critical “job” in this lifetime is to learn to love. Not all jobs are difficult, and this one should not be so hard, yet do you not make it so at times?

With the understanding of your main task in life, can you not see that you can be working while playing? That you can be working while on vacation? That you can be working while sitting in traffic or waiting in a line?

It is not hard to do your work. You are the boss. No one else has supervisory control over your task. You may work overtime or take a break, and there is instant feedback. Give yourself a daily performance review, or perhaps from minute to minute if things are not going well. “How can I be more loving?” is always the reference point. Choose the path of love in every instant. Be the loving spirit-being that you are and you will find your work a joy.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Outside the Box

You have in your world an expression—to “think outside the box.” What is this box you have placed yourself inside? The box of beliefs which make up your reality. The subconscious mind makes most of your decisions for you from moment to moment based on what beliefs you have previously put in this box. The box can be quite limiting. It is also quite full. Any new ideas you try to place in the box are immediately compared with others already held within. If they do not fit, the ideas in the box rebel and throw out the newcomer.

Thinking outside the box is much like accessing your own higher consciousness in which your physical body is the box. Make a shift in consciousness, moving your mind beyond the confines of the brain and there you will find limitless new ways of looking at the world and at yourself.

You can empty the box at any time. We recommend a bit of spring cleaning now and then. Take a look inside the box and see which thoughts do need to be removed and replaced with new ones from outside the box that better reflect your soul’s constant evolution.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Two Ends of the Same Spectrum

“Be strong,” you say to people. What does this mean? In your world, to show strength means to hold the head high and not cry when problems arise. Often, this is necessary, but do not be afraid to let the tears fall as well. There is no shame in breaking down and asking for help.

Weakness and strength … what is the difference? They are two means of calling upon that Force that guides you to guide you. In strength, you summon that Force near and know that you, as a focus of that Force, can create any situation you need, merely with your thoughts. You know that you are never alone. In weakness, you call on that Force to reveal Itself through others who give you a shoulder to cry on or for that Force to well up inside you and reveal Itself as the Love that never leaves your side.

In either case, you are never alone, but buoyed by this Force. Weak or strong, the Force inside remains ever present—there to call on—the one unchanging variable upon which you can rely.

Friday, November 5, 2010


Should you eat meat? Should you eat meat on Friday? Should you wear a scarf over your head? So many rules, but all of these are merely tools. In the end, the message they send, is which will get you closer to God? You need do nothing to purify the body, but to realize who you are inside—a child of God, pure already.

Your habits will change over a lifetime. Your rituals may evolve. Ask yourself always: what problem do they solve? If by eating less or more, you deepen your connection more, then stay with the practice. “Whatever works,” you say, and this is true. Whatever works to find the real You. Scoff at no other, for each one is your brother. If they dress in different form from what you consider the norm, why do you care? Whatever it takes to get them there.

There are infinite paths to finding God. Some you may find rather odd, but let each man walk his own way. Each will see the light of day eventually, whether here or in the hereafter. For now, may your days be filled with laughter and joy as you enjoy the many paths to Discovery.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Focus on Love

Where you place your focus
Is what you do attract.
If you want to find true peace,
You must understand this fact.

You spend so much time watching the news and fretting over the perceived wrongs in your world, and thus you perpetuate them. What would you like to see in your world? Can you imagine if millions of people placed their thoughts on peace and the well-being of all souls? Can you imagine?

Consciousness creates reality. Your mass consciousness continues to find war and killing acceptable. Were this not so, it would stop. Do not think that you cannot make a difference. Focus on that which you desire to see, not on that which you abhor. In this way you are sending positive vibrations into the vast energy field. These waves intersect with the lower vibrations and cancel them out. Now start a wave of mass consciousness focused on love, kindness, compassion, and respect for life and be a catalyst for change.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Your Perfect Vessel

Note from Suzanne: Again, a spirit poem, received from Sanaya in only five non-stop minutes, complete with double entendres and metaphors ... nothing I could ever put together myself. Spirit is awesome.

Bending over, you feel a pain in your back.
What is this? Some kind of attack?
The aches and pains that come with age
Leave you oft with the feeling you’re trapped in a cage.

But the body a prison cell is not.
It is, in fact, the best tool you have got.
It’s like a pencil in a lesson—
Your very own form of self-expression.

For you are spirit taken form.
And with the body’s shape you now conform.
It moves in time with your desires
But over time the body it tires.

Look not in anger or disdain
When you feel an ache or pain.
But thank the body for its service,
Even tho’ its loss does make you nervous.

To touch and feel and see and smell--
The body thus has served you well.
For as spirit these things you cannot do.
These are the body’s gifts to you.

There’ll come a day when the body you leave
And then the truth you will believe,
And thanks you’ll give to what you've felt
With the physical hand that you were dealt.

We hope you see our message clear:
The body you should hold quite dear.
Even if not perfect in the end ...
The spirit’s tool God did you send.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

A New Day

Turn the page and begin with a clean sheet. Is this not how you begin each day? Sleep is a time to rejuvenate the body, but also a time to make a clean break from the thoughts and actions of the previous day. The previous day is gone. It exists no more in the light of a new day. What will you create as you open your eyes anew?

Each moment of this new beginning you are given the opportunity to choose how you live your life, how you wish to feel, how you will affect those around you, and how you will allow those around you to affect you. Pay close attention to the latter. Understand that no other affects your moods, your feelings, or your choices. You are the chooser of your moods, your feelings, and of your every action.

Upon opening your eyes each day, spend a moment in gratitude. Then make the decision to carry that moment with you from moment to moment throughout the day. By living with this attitude, you open your heart to send and receive love, more aware through the expression of gratitude that love is your very nature. Do not waste another day looking at the past nor worrying what will be. Be thankful for this day and all it has to give you. Give from your heart and make the most of this blessed day.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Prayers are Heard

Know that every one of you who walks upon the earth is cradled in the arms of angels. Never are you not cared for or watched over. Know that when one suffers, we are at your side, holding your hand. God forsakes no one, for God is the loving Force that animates ALL living things.

The trials of life are hard for you to bear … the sickness and the surgeries, the suffering, and the pain. The physical body undergoes changes, but know that the spirit is always connected to that Loving Source and cannot be harmed.

When you pray, it is always heard. Your prayers carry a special energy – a loving vibration that is felt and appreciated by the intended spirit. Know that the higher good of the spirit is always fostered by your prayers, even if you cannot see the outward result. Do not cease praying, for this helps all concerned, including yourself. It maintains the link of love, which is always there, but which is strengthened through this most special form of acknowledgment.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

In the flow ... now

Look not always toward the future, nor focus on the past. You live only in the present moment. This is all you have. You cause yourself needless worry wondering what will happen days and weeks from now. Realize that you are the creator of now. As a creator, each now that builds upon the other is yours. How do you choose to live in this moment?

When you choose to recognize your true power as a focus of Consciousness and begin to express your true nature as a loving spirit-being, then you begin to experience the perfection of life. As you see your dreams fall into place, then you can relax. With the realization that all is in perfect order always, you know that future now-moments will flow perfectly, without needless worry. You will see the past as now-moments when you were not in the flow. Rather than looking on those moments with regret, see them with loving gratitude for the lessons that they were.

Step into the flow now and create each now-moment with joy and peace—your true birthrights.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

The Spectrum of Reality

What is reality? Do you think you have the answer? To you, what is real is that which you perceive. Do your dreams not feel real to you whilst you are dreaming? In that moment, that is your reality. Your dreams elicit emotions just as those in what you call “real life.” Hear us now: the waking state is but one level on a very wide spectrum of reality. By broadening your beliefs, you are able to experience more of this spectrum.

Your loved ones who have passed continue to experience reality. Their reality is as real to them as your waking state and your dreams are to you. You cannot perceive their reality whilst in the waking state, just as you cannot perceive an x-ray or a micro-wave. This inability to perceive does not mean these other realities do not exist.

There will come a time when you do perceive realities beyond your present one … be it through meditation, a trance state, or the transition you call death. Fear none of these. They merely represent your continued growth and travel along the great spectrum of Life.

Friday, October 29, 2010

The Power of Belief

Belief makes all things possible. When you were a child and you lost a tooth, were not fairies real? When you no longer needed fairies or a white bearded man to bring you gifts, you moved on to believing in other things. What do you believe in now? Do you believe in the innate goodness of mankind, or do you believe mankind is doomed to fail? Your beliefs create reality. Pay attention to what you tell yourself, for these very thoughts shape your world and shape your very body.

When you truly believe you can do something, that is when you do it. If you cannot do it, dig beneath the surface and look for the word “cannot.” Experiment with your God-given power of creation. Play with “can” and “cannot.” Once you realize the power you have to create and the power you have to limit your own creation, then you will begin to move mountains.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Loving Intelligence

There is a connection between every living thing. You do not need a heartbeat to feel it. Simply look at the beauty of nature—the intricate design of tiny plants, the marvelous physiology of the animal kingdom, the perfection of the human body … Imagine the brilliance of the Mind that designed all of this. Now ask yourself—could the same Mind that designed a rose, and a lily, and a shimmering lake, and a beautiful baby not be the essence of love, itself?

All that is arises from a field of pure potential. Before anything arises, there is nothing but Loving Intelligence. You are a part of that Loving Intelligence. You have sprung from that Source with that intelligent mind and that loving essence as your inheritance. Use these attributes to appreciate the other offspring of the Source that surround you. Touch a flower today and give thanks. Touch a face today and give thanks. Touch someone’s soul today and give thanks that you are sharing in this great thing you call Life.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Never Alone

Never fear that you’re alone.
It matters not how far from home.
Whether you’re around or distant
Of this point we are insistent—

You’re always linked within the mind.
Here the connection you will find.
You only THINK you need the touch,
But this truly matters not so much.

Close your eyes and picture clearly
Those you hold forever dearly.
Can you not create anew
The feelings that they bring to you?

This is the power of the soul
To take two halves and make a whole.
For in the end are ne’er apart
Who once were joined within the heart.

So when you find your steps are weary
And perhaps you’re feeling slightly teary
Go within and seek relief
All it takes is your belief.

Conjure up an image true
And in your mind will come to you
The vision of the one you miss…
Imagine that you send a kiss.

If this you do, then don’t you see
That it’s your thoughts that set you free.
For in an instant you create
The love inside for which you wait.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

On "Allowing"

Note from Suzanne: This morning I posed a question to Sanaya from a friend: “How should we allow what is, without at the same time becoming passive in our lives to events?”

You must first recognize that the act of allowing does not mean that you condone all that you observe. It is the same as the act of forgiveness. It both cases, you need neither condone nor agree. By allowing, you are saying, “I see that this reality is unfolding in this way. This is but another expression of Consciousness.”

Mankind is gifted with free will to express Consciousness. Oft times, this expression results in that which is less than the qualities of goodness and light. All is part of the play of Life. By observing darkness, you can better appreciate the light. You, through your choice, can choose to take action or to remain passive, but by allowing Life to play out, you align yourself more closely with the Observer.

Realize that when more than one follow their individual paths of creation, often these paths will conflict. Allow the other paths to twist and turn as they will. You have the choice whether or not to take on a cause—to get involved in paths outside of your own. Always, when you make such a choice, it should be from the heart, with the intention of furthering love.

To allow does not mean that you must always sit back and take no action. It simply means that you recognize that all is simply the play of Life will all of its dualities. To which end of the spectrum will you lean? Toward the dark or the light? When you do not resist, but allow, you are free to choose.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Never Apart

It is in doing nothing
That you accomplish the most,
And not from the achievements
Of which you do boast.

It’s the act of non-doing
That makes activity cease,
And there—in not trying
Do your thoughts you release.

When the mind wants to wander
It’s then you stand still.
You can quiet it not
With the force of your will.

Focus then on the breath—
On the in and out flow…
A movement quite natural,
With no need to blow.

Simply watch as the air
Like the life force does move.
This quite simple action
Your calm does improve.

It is there in the silence—
The gap between breathing
That you find all your thoughts
And your tension are leaving.

For it’s when all the thoughts
That do run through your mind
You do finally quiet
That your soul you can find.

Pause each day and do try
Just a while to time spend
And you’ll find all your problems
Will begin then to mend.

For deep in the soul
Where pure love does reside
Is the Source of Creation—
Right there, deep inside.

When this place you do visit
Then you know in your heart
That you and the Creator
Are never apart.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Like the Master

Jesus is the one so many of you worship—and for good reason. He is one who walked upon your earth, cloaked in human vestments, yet one who understood the truth—that man is God with a body. “I and the Father are one,” said the Nazarene. But did he not also say, “These things I do and far greater can you do”? This wise master walked among you to teach the greatest lessons of your life, and still he walks among you.

Use this great master as your model. Can you think of one better? If you were to love all of mankind as you love God, with your heart and soul, judging no one, treating all with equal kindness and compassion, would you then not be as the Father?

Be careful of the metaphors which make the Father into a human image in your mind. Maintain, instead, the quiet knowingness that this loving, ever-present, ever-caring, father-like Force flows within your every cell—aware of you, giving you life. But this Force has no arms, no legs, no eyes, nor ears. For this you are here. Go forth as did Jesus—walking, talking, seeing the world through the eyes of a human, but knowing with no question that you walk as the Father and for the Father, and as such, you cannot fall.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Be the Spark

Repetition is a necessary element of learning. Do not your beliefs become cemented in the subconscious mind through repeated exposure? For many years you have told yourself the same falsehoods—that you are a separate individual with no connection to those around you. And so it is that we now repeat to you repeatedly the truths of the spirit.

You are nothing but energy—a vibrating wave of consciousness. If you could see this energy, you would not need the repetitious message. You would realize immediately how very intertwined is your energy with all others. It is impossible to separate that which you call “you” from “them.” What you do and think affects all others. Your thoughts, beliefs, and subsequent actions become part of the Whole.

You complain about the state of the world. You think you cannot make a difference. Hear us as we repeat and repeat this truth: All is One. There is only one Mind and you are a focus of that one Divine Consciousness. To raise the vibration of the whole, begin with yourself. You can and do make a difference. The light of one firefly triggers those around it until the night is bright with light. Shine as brightly as you can at all times and be the spark that ignites those around you.

Note from Suzanne: after receiving this message, I did a search for "firefly behavior." I was not aware if "the light of one firefly triggers those around it." Sanaya knows what she's talking about! The female firefly flashes first, triggering the male(s) to respond. She then chooses the mate with the best flashing pattern! Pretty cool message!

Friday, October 22, 2010

The Flow of Money

Money flows as does your breath—ever in and out. When you hold your breath, soon you gasp and need to take in more. When you hold onto your money, afraid to spend it, you are expressing fear. Money is energy, as is all else in your world. Allow it to flow in and out of your life freely—without constriction—and you will never be without.

Abundance is the natural state of life. There is enough of all that you need. It is only your false beliefs which you have accepted as truths concerning the availability of money which cause fear to arise. Release the fear and see the money flowing in and out freely. Spend it with happiness, knowing that all you need is always provided, and so it shall be. Examine your thoughts and fears. At the same time, bring to the surface the truths you have learned about spirit and energy, and about your ability to create your desires with your thoughts.

You are an expression of the Creator. If you wish to have abundance, banish all thought of lack and create the positive flow of abundance. What you see around you is what you have created with your thoughts. Create anew in every moment. You are far richer than you ever imagined.

Note from Suzanne: I find it quite interesting to compare today's message with yesterday's poem. Both are about money, but with different ways of looking at it. I see this as showing us that money is not a bad thing -- it is simply energy--and evidence of what we can create as co-creators. However, as yesterday's poem says, we should never lose sight of what is really important and who we really are.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

There, Just Waiting

Two cars, a house, and a cat—
Can you imagine a life like that?
It seems to be the American dream
But are those inside as content as they seem?

Be wary of placing great value on things.
Know, instead, that which happiness brings.
It’s the spirit inside that is with you right now—
Waiting to make a grand entrance with a theatrical bow.

“It is I who your attention does seek.
Here all along, if you only would peek.
I require no money, no lavish attention.
Just your desire to know me, may it be your intention.”

Knowing this you can find what you seek in your heart—
That feeling that money will never impart.
It’s the secret of life, yet just waiting for all.
The gifts of the spirit await those who do call.

Set aside all your treasures and then you will see
That even with nothing, quite rich can you be.
For love is the thing that lies at your core.
It is there awaiting, when you knock at its door.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Order Amidst Chaos

Watch the weather patterns. See how they change and how unpredictable they are when you look any farther forward than a few days of your time. Yet, in the unpredictability, do you not also see predictable patterns? Your weather repeats itself in predictable cycles … reliable patterns which allow you to plan and give you a bit of a sense of security. You are frightened by howling winds, black skies, and raging waters, but are these not always followed by a gentle calm and the emergence of the sun?

All of Life exhibits order such as you see in your weather. All of Life is a series of predictable cycles. Could this be an accident? Of course not. There is a Divine Intelligence bringing order to all Life. You are part of that Intelligence.

When your life seems chaotic and out of control … when storms rage inside you … know that amidst the chaos there is order. Were this not so, all would disintegrate completely. When darkness befalls you, know that it and you are an integral part of Life and that the sun will truly rise again.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Eternal Patience

You say that patience is a virtue. Why is this? Because those who are inpatient do not truly understand the truths of the spirit. Impatience is an attribute of your world only—for only in your world do you experience time and the false illusion that there is not enough time. In our world, time is of no consequence. If you could step outside the bonds of the body and see the perfection—how each piece of the puzzle fits with precision into the next—you would have no need for this word “patience.” You would know that all is in perfect order, and that what you need is coming to you perfectly.

When you find yourself acting impatiently, be grateful for this recognition. It is a reminder that you have forgotten who you are—an eternal spirit-being—and you have forgotten to trust. Remind yourself, “There is always enough time” (for time is an illusion, anyway), and surrender your angst. There, in the absence of rushing and demands which you have placed upon outcomes, you will find the doorway to peace … the doorway to your soul, which is infinite and infinitely patient with you.

Monday, October 18, 2010

The Ups and Downs of Life

Behold the ever-changing landscape of your life. What you first traversed as mountains, over time and distance flattened into smaller hills with fewer valleys. Soon, as you continue along your path, you will walk quietly through fields of fragrant flowers, traveling with ease. This is the path of life. Rarely is it easy going. Quite often you do stumble, but always do you pick yourself up and continue on. The bruises and the aches do fortify you, for you learn in this way just how strong you really are.

If your path were straight and easy going from the start, you would not grow nearly as strong nor able to recognize your growth as you have from the more challenging road you have chosen. While you may not enjoy your steps as you climb the mountains, rejoice when you reach the summit. Enjoy the glorious view, but while you are there, lean down and give your hand to another who is still climbing.

Do not fear that yet another valley lies ahead. There will always be peaks and valleys whilst you traverse this ever-changing landscape. This is the very nature of your journey. With this awareness, journey on and revel in the change, for what does it mean, but that you are alive!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Crying Out For Love

Babies cry when they need attention. Some things do not change as you grow older. Do you not cry out for attention, only not necessarily always with tears? So many acts which are contrary to your true nature as the expression of Spirit are merely cries for attention. Substitute the word “love” for “attention.” Is this not what all who act angrily and fearfully and rudely are crying out for?

If you at times are guilty of such transgressions, you need merely look inside and there you will find the source of all you are crying for. The fear, anger, and rudeness mask the love and constrict its flow. Remove these blockages, and you will find that you have no further need to cry. You are now free to dry the tears of others and free them of their constriction.

What goes around does truly come around again and again. Ensure that what goes around is love, and watch it come around to you.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

When it Itches

What is an itch, but an irritation—a knocking at the door of your consciousness that something needs attention. “Scratch me,” it says. “Take care of me now.” It is a physical attention-grabber, but are you not given mental itches throughout your day?

Pay attention to the subtle itches in your mind. What are they saying to you? You will find these gentle nudges are reminders to express your loving nature. “Excuse me,” the itch will say. “but perhaps you could be a bit more understanding of that other’s circumstances …” And when you scratch this gentle itch, do you not see relief for both you and the other?

This inner itch is the voice of your soul, reminding you of what is truly important in life. In what you call the “real world,” you apply creams and ointments to squelch the itch—balms which only treat the effect and not the cause. In your spiritual awareness, remain ever vigilant for that inner itching and respond—not by covering up the itch—but by expressing the source of that itch, which is always love.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Beyond the Brain

Whether near or far, your loved ones are never any farther than your thoughts. Do you hear the chime of a bell when someone comes to your door? This is like unto what we experience when you think of us in our world of pure energy. You—as a spirit-being in your physical world—have the benefit of a spirit body and a physical body. Those who have crossed to our realm have only the spirit body, but less is far more in this case. Without the impediment of the dense vibrations of physical matter interfering with thought vibrations of the spirit-body, we are free to manifest our thoughts far faster.

If you can train the brain to be quiet now and then, you can access our world with the mind—keeping in mind that the brain and the mind are quite separate. It is in these moments when you step beyond the boundaries of the brain that you experience a bit of what awaits you. For now, rest assured that in the eternal minds of those you love who have made the transition, you remain ever on their mind. They are not near and not far, but wherever you are. Send them loving thoughts and you are speaking their language. Your loving words become an embrace. Your walk down Memory Lane in your mind is a tangible visit from our point of view. You cannot waste a thought, for it is there that your loved ones reside.

That which you call thinking,
Occurs without the brain.
When you die to your world,
Your mind it does remain.

Know this now,
And have no fear.
Those you thought were lost,
Are still quite near.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Arise From the Depths

You beat the chest and declare, “Am I not great? Do you see how special I am? Better than the others, and you had better recognize this!” From where does this need to feel special arise? From the illusion of separation. If you were to understand that all beings are expressions of the one Spirit—simply different facets of the same jewel—you would have no need to point out your beauty.

You had the experience of the reuniting of 33 men with their loved ones after a long period of separation. Their return was the result of the combined efforts of many—across borders, across nationalities … all facets of the jewel combining their gifts to help their fellow man. What does it matter from where came the help? Take away the flags. Take away the language barriers, and what are you left with? The raw material of love. Did you not see the common essence of all humanity in this episode?

Beat not the chest and say, “Look at me! I am special! Look at my country … it is the best!” The need to proclaim this arises from fear—fear that you will be perceived as less than you are and therefore will not be loved. Do you see the illusion? Arise from the depths of darkness as these 33 souls did do, and see the light. There is nothing but love, and that love does join you all.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Come Out of Your Shell

Homebound … a word you use for those who must remain within the boundaries of a physical dwelling. Some feel trapped in this state, for they cannot exercise their freedom to get out and about and interact with the world. Many are homebound in a different sense and do not realize it. The physical body is your temporary home whilst enjoying this physical existence. Those who see it as the border of their existence often hide inside it as a turtle in a shell. They withdraw into the perceived safety of the body, averting the eyes, clamping shut the mouth, and thus closing the doors to the outside world.

The body is a communication tool. Could you but see that you as a spirit-being are not trapped at all, but are in fact constantly interacting with all that is, you would not be so quick to retreat inside. For your true Self is a loving being, as is that of every other soul on earth. When you use the physical body to separate yourself and close off the conscious interaction, you cheat yourself of the conscious experience of love. At a soul level, one soul greets another and says, “Hail, Brother! I love you. I will see you later, when this deluded being sheds its shell. Until then, be well.”

Allow your spirit to be free now. Do not make it wait to fully express its loving nature. Come out of your shell. Look another in the eye and say aloud, “Hello, my friend. I love you. Thank you for being in my life. How may I help you today?” Be not homebound, but set yourself free with love.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Food for the Soul

“There is nothing new under the sun” – yet another of your expressions. Nothing that we say to you here may strike you as new or novel. In fact, much may seem quite repetitious. There is a method in our madness. Through the repetition, the ideas are cemented in your consciousness. For most of your lives you have been feeding your subconscious with beliefs that did not bolster the soul, but the ego, instead. It is time now to feed the soul.

Nothing new here may be said, yet does the soul not hunger for these tidbits, doled out with love and just when you need them most? The words feed the hunger, for the soul knows exactly the nourishment it needs. Just as your body is made of proteins and fats, it needs more of the same to grow. And just as your soul is love and goodness at its essence, it grows through feeding it thoughts of goodness and love—by feeding it the very vibration of love which grows simply by reading these words.

It matters not if the words are new or if they have been heard a thousand times … the vibrations they set in motion in the soul are like chocolate to the taste buds. Feed well on these vibrations. No need for a diet here, beloved. Feast away on the love … the only ingredient of which the soul can never get or give enough.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Knowing Right From Wrong

You can kill the body, but you cannot kill the soul. The spirit is eternal. When one takes the life of another deliberately, there is always payment at a soul level. Judgment comes not from a vengeful deity, but from within the self-same soul. Judge not another, for that other will judge themselves when shown the full effect of their actions.

Much that you consider wrong is the result of ignorance—ignorance of the very nature of Life and of the Great Spirit. All of life is the expression of the God Force. Killing and mayhem are the willful uses of this force gone awry. Why is there such disharmony when these acts occur? For the soul knows wrong from right.

Those who do not see the difference while here in physical form will most certainly see it when they pass over and review their life. When understanding comes, so also comes the great urge to do better and to express in a far greater way the true Spirit. Souls may become temporarily lost, but all eventually find their way home. Meanwhile, maintain hope for mankind and be a model of loving kindness.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Rest and Worship

And so it is the day you call Sunday—merely a convenience to mark the passage of moments. One day is no different than another … one moment no different than the next. But this “Sunday” is special to many, for they have chosen this day to rest and to honor that power which created the world. It is a good thing to rest, and it is a good thing to worship, but do not fail to do these things every day of your life—not just when a day on a calendar reads “Sunday.”

Why is rest important? It helps you to stop and not always be doing. It is good to be a spirit-“be”ing and not always a human-“do”ing. And why is worship important? The Great Spirit does not need your adoration. The Great Spirit has no needs at all. But if in worshipping you stop and recognize the infinite power that brings order to chaos and brings love where there is fear, then worship is a worthy effort. Worship not that part of you that is divine, but recognize it and give thanks for the Self-recognition.

From Sunday to Sunday go forth with gratitude and be that loving power. Express your true nature … the only activity from which you need never take rest.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Under Pressure

Take a cap off a bottle and hear the hiss of escaping air. What causes this eruption, but a build-up of pressure under the lid. And do you not do the same thing? Do you not at times open your mouth and emit a loud hiss? The hiss at times comes out as venomous words aimed to strike at another. What is this outburst, but a release of pressure which has built up inside of you.

Do you not immediately feel remorse? This is because the hissing and striking out goes against your true nature as a loving expression of the Divine Mind … the God Force. The pressure is the build-up of thoughts which are also not in alignment with your true Self.

You can avoid the outbursts altogether by a constant monitoring of your inner state, which is always caused by your thoughts. Are you beginning to boil inside? Let off the steam through healthy outlets before you burst. Say your prayers. Go for a walk. Visualize a peaceful scene. Ask for help. All of these are ways to return to a state of peaceful equilibrium. Self-monitor the pressure and the outbursts will decrease until peace is your constant companion.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Welcome the Sunrise

We wish to congratulate you on another day of living. Your very presence here, and the fact that you opened your eyes this morning, reveals the desire of your soul to grow. If you had no more lessons to learn here on earth, you would have no reason to repeat yet another day.

Rejoice in the sunrise, for the light reveals all of the beauty which is there for you to appreciate. Do not waste a moment of this day. See and appreciate the beauty around you. Count your many blessings. Be a light unto others, and further your own growth by doing so. It is that simple.

What do we mean by growth? The constant raising of your consciousness, bringing it ever more in alignment with the Divine Mind—that pure, loving, creative Consciousness from which springs your soul. When in alignment, your life flows beautifully. May you welcome the sunrise each morning, then go forth and create the most beautiful expression possible of your Self.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Creating Castles

(In meditation this morning I saw a clear image of a Cinderella-like castle. I asked why I was seeing this image and heard the following …)

You see castles in the sky
Yet know not why.
They are there for the taking
For it is you who are making
These images appear
From far and near …

You are the creator. Never underestimate your ability to create your dreams. So many sit back and wish for things they lack, thinking falsely that these things lie beyond their reach. Yet others seem to always be surrounded by success. Why is this, you ask? If you could examine the thoughts of the two—see into their minds—you would find two very different experiences.

What you feed your mind comes out as physical reality. Feed your mind thoughts of lack and worry, and lack and worry are what you experience. What is it you wish to experience? Wait for no other to bring it to you, for they cannot. You hold the recipe for what food goes into your mind. Your thoughts are the individual ingredients. The great meal upon which you feast is yours and only yours for the making.