Who is Sanaya? Suzanne Giesemann answers:

Who is Sanaya? Suzanne Giesemann answers: "Sanaya (pronounced "sah-NIGH-ah") has told us that she is a collective consciousness of minds with both a feminine and masculine energy. This energy comes from a higher dimension than our own. When I bring through Sanaya's words, I am "tapping in" to Higher Consciousness. I am allowing that Consciousness to express itself through my body: through my brain, through my vocal cords, my arms, my hands, and also through my pen. Sanaya would not need a name, except for our human need to put labels on things and place our experiences into well-defined boxes. Sanaya takes us outside the box into a dimension where we come face to face with our higher selves. To hear the words of Sanaya as they come through ... to sit in the presence of that energy ... is a palpable experience of higher vibration ... of love. To read Sanaya's words can have the same result when you tune in to that finer energy as you read." (To read the full explanation of who and what Sanaya is along with transcripts of longer sessions click here.)

Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Fireflies blink on and off, and so do you. All is energy. If you could but see the continuous pulsations of all that surrounds you, to include your physical body, your entire perception of reality would change. You blink on and off with each pulsation of your electrons, but one aspect of you does not fluctuate, and that is your consciousness. This aspect of you arises from what you call “the void,” but it is nothing less than the Mind of God from which all that is arises.

Where does all matter go when it blinks “off?” Back to the void, to be created a billion times yet again, until it has served its purpose. But Consciousness is eternal. Its purpose is simply to “be” and to experience.

How will you use the physical matter around you to fulfill the purpose of Consciousness? Understanding that the nature of this Consciousness is Good-ness, you attune to your True Nature by experiencing Good-ness with all of your actions. The firefly emits a light when it blinks “on.” Allow the light of your spirit to shine as brightly as humanly possible whilst you blink on in this evanescent lifetime.

Monday, August 30, 2010

What Body?

Do not let your body stand in your way. It is a most useful tool for your purpose in life, which is to express your divinity—to express Love at all times—but when you forget that that is all it is—an instrument—then it is no longer an instrument, but an impediment. You are not limited by the boundaries of your body. Some look upon the outer skin as the border, just like the border of a foreign nation where you need special documents or permission to cross over, and so you remain within the boundaries of your so-called border as if trapped.

You are never trapped, except by your self-limiting thoughts. The body is not your true self. You are Pure Consciousness, created in the image of the Creator. Does the Creator have a body? Some continue to believe this myth, but it is not so. That aspect of you which is in the image of the Father cannot be seen nor touched, for it is Pure Spirit. It is your consciousness.

Consciousness has no boundaries. It has no borders, and thus no limitations. You need no special permission to travel infinite distances with your consciousness, for you are already everywhere. Once you realize this, my friends, you are truly free. Appreciate the body for what it is—a tool of expression—a useful implement to express your true nature, which is Love, but you, as Spirit, have no boundaries. This is the Truth, and the Truth shall set you free.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Just You Wait

“Patience is a virtue …” “All things come to those who wait …” More of your wise sayings, yet how many of you live by these words? Are you not always in a hurry to get somewhere where you are not? Yet when you get there, are you not already looking forward to the next goal? See again the words: “All things come to those who wait.” It is in the waiting where things happen. Stop now and wait, and while you are waiting, look around you. All that you experience now while you are waiting is the result of a seed that you planted during a past moment of waiting. So do you see how very important are those moments of seed planting?

Know that all you see and have and experience is the result of a cause, for all is cause and effect. What you do and think in each moment—in the “now” as you say—creates your future moments without fail. It is the Law. So enjoy the “now” fully, knowing the future you are creating in the now has no choice but to materialize.

There you will find the patience to sit back and wait, knowing you have already created your envisioned future. Yes, you will need to take action to help your creations materialize, for this is how things operate in your physical realm, but take action consciously in the now, focusing on each moment, for each moment is all that matters. The future matters not. You have only and always this moment. Live it fully.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Love Without Conditions

Love unconditionally … What conditions are you placing on your loved ones? Why should you love without conditions? It is simple: because love is all you are. Call it Spirit … call it Consciousness … call it God … it is all the same energy. Love is the highest vibration of this energy. This is your Source. The higher you raise your personal vibration, the closer you become to your Source and reveal your True Nature.

When you place conditions upon the love you feel toward others, you are constricting the flow—constricting your Self. How many times a day do you look at one whom you claim to love and think, “He or she should not do this or that.” “He or she should not think that way or speak that way or act that way.” Who are you to say how another should behave or think? Each is on his own path. Best to concern yourself with your own soul’s development.

One of the fastest ways in which you can develop is by ceasing judgment of others, especially those most close to you—your greatest teachers—and sending them only love … loving without conditions. When you can master this key step—to love all beings without condition—then you will live as The Master … a most lofty goal, but one well within your reach. Examine your thoughts. Do you truly love others, or just parts of others? True love encompasses all parts without condition.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Believe in Yourself

How many times do you doubt yourself? You wish to do something, to accomplish some task, to achieve some goal that lies in your heart, yet your thoughts hold you back. You may blame some external cause or some physical weakness, but if you look more closely, again you will see that all that is holding you back is you. You create your reality with your consciousness. If you think you cannot achieve some thing, then this becomes your reality.

There is a strange phenomenon among you … you often wait to be told by others if you are capable of something—a kind of waiting to be given permission to believe in great possibilities. Once another outside of you says, “You can do it!” then, and only then, do you believe. Is this not so? Have you not witnessed this in yourself?

What if you were to become your own cheerleader? If you were not to wait for another, but to tell yourself, “You can do it!” “I believe in you!” “There is nothing you can’t do!” Then, my friends, there would be nothing you could not do.

The truth is, there is nothing you can’t do once you place your full belief and intention on a goal, for it is the belief and intention which hold all power. These are the tools of Consciousness … the tools of Creation. Hold yourself back no longer. Wait no longer for permission or outside encouragement. Believe in yourself. Cheer yourself on. Reclaim your Power.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

True Beauty

It matters not how a person looks on the outside, but how their thoughts look on the inside. True beauty lies in the thoughts. When a person houses beautiful thoughts, it matters not how the physical features are arranged or adorned, for the inner beauty gives them a radiance that cannot be denied. This radiance is like a magnet. Others are drawn to those who hold true love inside, yet often they do not even understand the attraction.

Do not place so much emphasis on outer beauty. Place your thoughts on your thoughts. This is your true make-up. Paint your thoughts with loving colors. Adorn them with the jewels of generosity and kindness. Dress them in compassion and patience, and you will be a model of such beauty that heads will turn, regardless of your exterior appearance.

The external is always changing … always subject to judgment. But that which lies inside is eternal—your spirit. It is pure love and goodness at its core … always waiting for you to awaken to this Truth and let your true beauty shine. You always control the thoughts which begin within and create the external. You need not fancy clothes and all the things you are buying. Create beauty within and be beautiful … without even trying.

Note from Suzanne: I write Sanaya’s words just as I wrote the poems from the spirit world (http://www.suzannegiesemannsblog.blogspot.com/) – on a notepad held on my lap with eyes closed during meditation. To save paper, when I get to the end of a notebook, I turn it over and write on the backs of the pages. This morning as I typed up Sanaya’s message, I tore off each sheet of the old notebook I was using and put them in the trash can by my desk. I glanced down and the word “beauty” jumped out at me from the back side of the page. Keeping in mind that I had no idea and could not see what was written on the back of today’s pages, here is the poem that lay behind today’s message … a coincidence? …

Some things you do “in vain”
Acting from pure vanity
You do this without knowing
The thought of separation is insanity.

By thinking of your beauty
The differences do appear.
“You are more pretty than the next”
Is what you long to hear.

The beauty’s there for all to take
For Heaven knows no favors.
Surrounded by pure love and light
Every soul its beauty savors.

But just as on earth there are degrees
Of beauty to behold
Know that as you learn to love
More Heaven’s streets are gold.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Garden of Love

When a tiny flower blooms, its petals open toward the sky, allowing the sunshine to touch all sides of it. This growth comes from inside—from the seed from which it has grown—but the sun and rain help to encourage the seed to grow. All that you are is already inside you. Your growth is programmed like the flower from a seed, but certain external things around you, like the sun and rain to the flower, do promote your growth.

When you think loving thoughts, this is like water. Drink heavily from this fountain, and you are encouraging your own growth. By having loving thoughts, you attract love to yourself from outside yourself—from others—and this is the fertilizer. But know that all growth comes from within. Do not seek outside yourself, for unlike the flower—which requires an external source of light—you, dear one, have the source of light within you. That light is your very consciousness.

You begin life as a spark of the Divine, and as you grow in understanding of your own divinity, you bring more of this light to the surface. You do not bring the sun to you—you release the light that burns inside you. By having loving thoughts—focusing on kindness, compassion, and love for your fellow man and all of nature—you shine ever brighter from within. Heal your world with your light. Be the sun which helps others to grow, and you, too, will flourish. It is all one garden.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Paint Your World

Your world is pure energy. Everything vibrates. All of these energetic waves flow through you and around you, and all affect you in subtle and at times not so subtle ways. Color has its own vibration. What colors do you surround yourself with? You need not study the scientific frequency of color. You need only ask yourself, “How does this color make me feel?”

Look at the choice of color in which you clothe yourself. What does this say about you? Look at the colors of the walls in your dwelling. What do they say about you? How do these affect you? Seek always to raise your personal vibration higher and finer. You can use color to this end.

Experiment. Sense the different vibrations and how they affect your moods. You are the artist of your life and all the world is your palette. Paint your world with colors that reflect who you truly are.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Pieces of a Puzzle

Part and parcel of the whole … that is what you are—not a separate being, but an intricate piece of the puzzle, so to speak. What is a puzzle, but one great picture that is incomplete without all the pieces. Each piece by itself holds a part of the story. It brings special gifts to the big picture. Each piece adds flavor and interest. You are a piece in the picture of Life—multifaceted … colorful … intriguing … you add depth and interest to the grand picture. Yet, set yourself apart from the other pieces, and what do you have? A beautiful piece, yes, but a mere fragment of the whole.

It takes all of the pieces fitting together in harmony to bring out the full beauty and the full meaning of the picture. Standing alone, you are incomplete. See how you fit into the big picture—a necessary part, yet not quite so useful when you stand alone. Find out just how you fit in the puzzle by experimenting. There is a perfect spot for you. You were created with your special facets to fit in perfectly in just the right place. It is there waiting for you, yet you need to see the big picture to understand this.

It is by serving the other pieces around you that you fit in the best. Trying to fit in without taking into consideration how you help the other pieces and the picture as a whole does lead to a bad fit. Your place awaits you. When you find it, you will know it as you click into place with precision and see the perfection. For now, recognize your innate beauty. Recognize that you are part and parcel of the whole—never forgotten … always accompanied … and always loved.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Exercise Your Mind

You exercise the body, but how many of you exercise the mind? Either way, it takes a discipline, and both forms of exercise result in fitness … fitness for life. Exercise of the body results in a vessel well prepared to help you fulfill your purpose in this life … to be the full expression of Spirit … to develop your divinity. Fitness of mind allows a clear and healthy expression of Spirit as well. When the mind is lazy, you fall into the trap of seeing only your material world and thinking that material things are all that matter. But matter matters little. What matters most are the things you cannot touch: kindness, compassion, understanding, and above all … love.

To think only of love and of being loving—and therefore living on purpose—requires discipline so as to avoid the distractions of your material world. Make the decision to exercise each day … not just the body, but foremost the mind … your “exercise machine.” Loving thoughts are your sit-ups. They strengthen the core. Practice them repeatedly until loving thoughts dominate all others. But just as you can never stop exercising the body or risk returning to an unfit state, you cannot grow lazy of mind, lest you be tempted to fall back into old patterns of judgment and criticism and anger, and all the other falsehoods that keep you from being Who You Truly Are.

Exercise your mind, dear ones—not just daily, but in every moment. Strengthen your mind. Develop your spirituality with loving thoughts and life will no longer be a contest or a competition, but a rich experience through which you sail with ease.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Heal Thyself

Healing can take place merely with thought, for thought is a power unto itself. Your thoughts have energy. If you could but see the vibrations of your thoughts, you would be quite astounded. Those thoughts of a baser level are slow and heavy, but the more loving the thought, the more fine the vibration. Have we not said many times that love is the highest vibration? Imagine, then, the effect of loving thoughts upon the body. Imagine nothing but the most refined vibrations streaming through every cell, creating one fine harmonic vibration. This is homeostasis—the perfection your body seeks.

This is the basis of your so-called spiritual healing. One who fully understands this most basic principle lays the hands upon another in which the cells are not fully in harmony (most often due to disharmony of thought over the long-term … but that is the topic for another day). Through the hands of the healer flows the Life Force … no different than that which animates all bodies, but a strong, harmonized dose of this loving, perfect energy. All life seeks harmony, and so, when this Force is directed through a body in which there is dis-ease, the cells react with joy and rush to harmonize with this infusion of healing energy.

But hear us now: you need not seek a healer to find harmony, for all have within them the power to heal themselves. This power is your very essence. Know this and call unto you the Life Force which animates you, but which has become stagnant or limited through your egoic thoughts. Call unto you a greater flow of this Force and allow it to flush out the dis-ease, bringing with it renewed health and harmony. Once infused, however, back up the healing with thoughts of self-love and love for other, for where there is nothing but love there cannot be dis-ease and pain. Heal thyself with Love … the antidote to all ills.

Friday, August 20, 2010


What is the awakening, but the gradual (for some) or sudden (for others) realization that all of your life has been a lie. Do not be upset by this choice of word, for we use it only to gain your attention. There can be nothing more important in your life than awakening to the Truth that for some eludes them for a lifetime. Some awaken due to a tragedy or misfortune, but know that it is not necessary to suffer in order to learn the Truth. And what is this Truth of which we speak repeatedly? And why do we use the capitalization of this word? We write it in this way to emphasize the importance of this concept. So pay us heed …

Awaken now fully to the realization that you and the Father are one. Yes, you have heard this before, yet still so many slumber. Awaken and understand that the Father is not a man in the clouds, but the Source of All That Is … the Creator. And what is your human father, but the source and creator of your physical body. Not all human fathers, alas, are benevolent and loving, but rest assured, beloved children, that your Source is Benevolence and Love in limitless abundance. You were created from that spark of Love, to allow the Creator to enjoy Its creation. Yes, truly you were created in the Creator’s image. Therefore, as you awaken to your True Nature, you discover that you need not look outside yourself for love and goodness, for you are Love and Goodness embodied … manifest in a body.

God—the Great Unlimited Force—cannot put Its arms around you, so God—your loving Father—gave you brothers and sisters with arms. Love them all and be open to their love. Feel God smile as your lips turn upward. Awake. Awake each morning and every moment with the realization that without God you would not even breathe, and that as the embodiment of God, you experience breath for God. Go forth today and love fully. Be the full expression of Spirit … fully awake and joyful in the knowledge of the Truth.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Your Greatest Teachers

When you judge another, you see not the Truth … you see only that the other is not as you are. Do you expect all others to be a mirror image of yourself? Why would God create all beings exactly alike? The Great Creator experiences life and all of its diverse aspects through Its creations. The more diverse Its creations, the more diverse and enjoyable are the experiences. Each of you brings gifts and talents and new thoughts. Each of you has your own way of experiencing creation and of creating your lives. Each of you is on your own path of experiencing Life for yourself and for your greater Self, which is that vibratory focus which you call God.

So do not judge another for their actions when they are not in accordance with your own. Send only love, for you are looking at a focus of the Divine Mind experiencing Itself. Allow each of God’s creations to simply be and explore and express itself. You are not here to change another. You are here to experience your own Life. If you are unhappy with the actions or behaviors of another, then, dear ones, change yourselves.

The only thing over which you have complete dominion is your own mind. If another’s actions cause you unhappiness, change your thoughts. Send only love and gratitude to he who causes you unrest, for he is your teacher. Bless him for the lesson—for showing you that you are judging and not being the loving spirit-being that you are. Bless your teachers and allow them to learn their lessons at their own pace. Cast not aspersions on another. Be gentle with your word. Beware of habitual reactions to your teachers, for change does not come as easily as the recognition of Who You Are. Be the model of Love, the model of allowing, and in this find the love and peace you all so badly seek. It lies within. Seek and ye shall find.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Tending the Garden

The birds in the trees ... the little creatures that play among the leaves on the ground ... up to your largest mammals in the sea ... all are manifestations of Love. You and all that lives--from plants, and trees, and rocks, and all that is natural have arisen from the Idea of God. What is God, but consciousness ... the guiding, creative, organizing Force which enlivens all that is. When you gaze upon a living thing, think to yourself, "That is God taking form." And then allow your gaze to drop to your little finger and say again, "That is God taking form." For how else would God express Itself, but through the beauty that is Life?

You, as a focus of the God Force are endowed with the same creative ability. Your creation began with an Idea. Ideas are the seeds. Your further thoughts do cause these seeds to germinate and to grow. All that you see around you that is not a so-called natural thing, but man-made, is an example of the miracle of creation. There is not a thing that exists ... not a thing you own ... that did not begin as the seed of an idea in the mind of man, just as man began as the seed of an Idea in the Mind of God.

What will you create today? What seeds will you plant? Where will you focus your attention? Will you create tangled weeds or beautiful flowers? You are the gardener of life itself. Plant your seeds with care. Fertilize them with love and watch them grow.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Art of Allowing

Disappointment … an emotion you feel when in your mind things did not go as you had planned. Yours is a world of many possibilities and limitless outcomes, yet from these outcomes you so often choose only one. Then, when it does not come to pass, you suffer. Who are you to say that the outcome you chose would have been the best? You do not see the picture from all angles. To feel disappointment is a choice. You could just as well feel nothing and be at peace. This is the art of allowing.

When you examine the circumstances, most often you will find that your disappointment arises from the actions or inactions of another. Is this not so? And how much control do you truly have over another, we ask you? Yet when another fails to act in accordance with your desires, do you not then make further attempts to manipulate them, be this by showing displeasure or by trying even harder to please? Such actions can only result in more disappointment and frustration; for once again, you cannot control another and find peace.

Peace lies only within yourself … with the realization that you are the creator of your own reality. If you wish to find that peace, allow others to walk their path in peace. The art of allowing is your path to the same destination.

Monday, August 16, 2010

See Only Goodness

We come to you today to speak of beauty and light. Your world carries so much darkness—a vibration which permeates your environment, passed along from generation to generation, based on cultural beliefs which have no basis in the Truth. You have wars and acts of terrorism because of a belief that these must continue. It is the collective consciousness of your body of humanity which perpetuates the killing. What would happen if suddenly all of you took on the belief that war was not a necessity? That killing is wrong? That love is all that matters? But you have erected grand institutions and organizations to support the belief in war. It is a dilemma, is it not?

You will not see the end of warfare or acts of killing in your lifetime, but this does not mean that you cannot make a difference. You are all cells in the body of humanity. The more cooperation amongst the cells—even if only amongst a few—little by little harmony spreads.

With an air of hopefulness … with a view for the long term—a term far longer than you will see in just this present lifetime, think and create thoughts of harmony … thoughts of love. See only goodness, and goodness will be your reality. Refuse to buy into the mass belief. Turn away from the bad news and create good news, if only on your small scale. You have no idea the beauty that can grow from one small seed. Plant the seed of hope and love and watch it grow.

Sunday, August 15, 2010


Headaches are a symptom … the effect of a cause. What causes the pain, but constriction—the lack of proper flow within the brain. Fear is a constriction of the flow of Love. Love is your natural state—your very essence. When you are open and loving, your Life Force flows freely. When you perceive a threat, your thoughts do create a reaction within the physical body. Again, all is always cause and effect. If you suffer aches and pains, follow the effect back to the cause. The Great Cause is the creator of all on a macro scale. You are the creator of life on a much smaller scale, but with the same operating principles.

No one can take away the pain but yourself. No other causes you pain but yourself. You are the creator of your reality. Will you live a life of constriction, or allow the Life Force to flow freely through you? This you do control fully with your thoughts, for the Life Force is always present in abundance. Like a faucet, you control the flow. Do you restrict it to a trickle and suffer, or do you open the flood gates freely and allow it to wash through you and energize you? Call it God, call it the Life Force, or call it Love … it is all the same Power. How much of It you experience and express is up to you.

To create harmony in your body as well as your mind, create a loving and peaceful environment within as well as without. Maintain an open flow of Love and reap the effects of what you have sown. Banish the fear and banish the pain. It is very simple … it is the Law of Love.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Darkness and Light

Into each life some rain must fall. This you know quite well. Your life is a series of ups and downs, highs and lows. How else would you know what light was, if not for the experience of darkness? Do not be in such a hurry to experience our world of pure light and love, for through the experience of the great polarities in your world, you grow ever so much faster in your understanding of Life.

Life is goodness. You have been given the ability to think and to create, and one of your greatest tools is choice. You can choose to see the goodness and to create more of the goodness. As a group, too many of you focus on the darkness, and thus, this is what you experience. Would you, as a mass consciousness, focus only on the light, much greater would be your experience of the light.

Each of you is like a tiny candle in the darkness. Your flame appears not to make a difference, but there you err. Imagine your flame joined with others and bringing ever more light into your world. Then, my children, the rain would cease to fall so often. You would experience the warmth of the Great Sun which always shines upon you … which waits only for you, yourself, to part the clouds.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Dream Maker

Forget your dreams, for to you dreams are things which may or may not happen. You long for them to come true, but in your limited mind, you see them as an impossibility. This is a negation of your power as a Spirit-Being. As a focus—a manifestation—of the Creator, you are endowed with limitless creative potential. Your so-called dreams are potential not yet realized.

How do you make your dreams come true? You see them as a creation which you as a God-Being are ready to create. Having made this decision, you see your so-called dreams as reality now, and there you place your focus. You are a focus of the consciousness of the God-Force. You create your dreams—your reality—by placing YOUR focus on that which YOU wish to create. And so it is.

Take away the doubt, for doubt changes the creative vibration of your thoughts and negates your efforts. Maintain the highest possible vibration. Do whatever work is necessary whilst maintaining this high vibratory focus, then watch your so-called dreams unfold. Then you will see that dreams do indeed come true, but they were never dreams. You are not a dream of the Creator, but a creation, made from love. Go forth and create with love.

As above, so below.

Thursday, August 12, 2010


Since time began man has questioned from whence he came. “Why am I here?” “Why do I exist?” Always men search outside themselves for these most basic of questions, oft leading to strife. If only those who seek would turn their focus inward, there they would find the answers awaiting.

This word “focus” is the key, for you are a focus of the one Divine Mind. And what is Mind, but consciousness … the very awareness that you exist … the Divine “I AM.” As a focus—a manifestation—of the Divine Mind, you possess the same qualities. If the nature of God is goodness, kindness, and love, then these represent your true nature as well.

There is no need to look outside yourself for these qualities in others. They are there, most certainly, but your purpose, dear ones, is to develop these qualities in yourself to the fullest … to uncover your innate divine nature. As you do so, there you will find fulfillment—in the fullness of your Self.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Still Pond Within

See the ripples upon the water … a disturbance caused by some object which has touched the surface. But look below, into the very depths of the water, and you will find calm. Your mind is as the water of a deep pond. Always your thoughts do cause ripples upon the surface. At times these ripples may even become so perturbed as to have tiny whitecaps.

When so disturbed, you cannot see the reflection in the surface. You see only distortion, yet at the bottom all remains calm. What happens when the surface is still? Then, of course, whatever looks upon the water is reflected back like a shiny mirror, and the stillness and beauty of the entire pond is apparent. You have the power within you to still the waters of your mind. Only then, when what is at the surface matches the peace that is always at your depths, do you see the reflection of who and what you truly are.

Strive to maintain a calm surface. It is not always possible, for the wind comes and goes, whipping up the tiny wavelets, but with a deep well of peace from which to draw, you can cause an upwelling of calm from the depths and show the world your True Nature. Be a shiny reflection of peace and love, and all will come to drink at your shores.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

On Forgiveness

So many of you carry a weight in your heart much like a stone. This weight blocks you from feeling and giving love—like a dam that prevents the natural flow. This stone is the rock of resentment toward another, held in place by the inability to forgive an act which you, with your limited vision, did perceive as wrong. Forgiveness is the force which frees the stone and allows the love to once again flow freely.

Who does it serve to hold onto resentment? Neither you, nor the other. Yet who does it serve to forgive? The answer is clear. Forgive … not to feel righteous, but to allow your True Nature to shine. It is the other who will pay in the end for their misuse of their personal power. You, yourself, need not pay.

All of you walk a solitary path of learning and growing. It is not yours to judge how another walks, for you walk not in his shoes. Walk your path with head held high and love in your heart for all others. Then you will have the power not just to move the stone from your heart, but the power to move mountains.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Nurture the Spirit

Your Earth is a place of such beauty. The mountains that rise toward the skies call to you with their majesty. You have water in abundance, from small ponds to your greatest oceans, also calling you ... with their serenity. Yet cannot the oceans be as a tempest, changing character in mere minutes?

The nature you see around you is but a reflection of the human soul—changeable … majestic … peaceful at times, stormy at others, but beautiful in its very nature. You now realize the importance of preserving your natural environment—these treasures which require care and safekeeping—but do you not realize that the soul requires tending as well?

Nurture your spirit. Treat all souls with loving care and watch how they grow and flourish. Love is the fertilizer. Spread it freely and reap the harvest.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Mold Your World

Into every life there comes pain. This you have come to expect. You run from this pain, but do you not see that these times of trouble and suffering have produced the greatest growth in the quickest time? It is not that we wish you to suffer, merely to see the suffering for what it is … a tool of your soul’s evolution. You have chosen your circumstances and the teachers in your life for a purpose. Welcome them for the lessons they bring you.

At the same time, know that all suffering begins in the mind. All events are neutral. The suffering comes from how you choose to interpret each event. True growth will reveal that you can control outcomes just as easily as you control your thoughts. The more you change your reactions to events which in the past may have created angst, the more you realize how very much you are created in the Father’s image.

The Father creates only goodness. It is through man’s use of this same creative Force—the power of the mind and will—that man creates darkness or light, suffering or peace. You are the creator of your personal universe. How will you shape it? Your thoughts are the clay.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Music From the Heart

There is so much discord in your world ... disharmony ... notes out of tune. “And out of tune with what?” you might ask. With the vibration that is always perfectly in tune … the vibration of love.

Picture your world as the notes on a scale, with many octaves. Love would be at the top of the scale … the purest note you could sound, yet attainable by all. The discordant tones are those which fail to resonate with the highest vibration.

Sing loudly as you go through your day. If you hear yourself singing a bit off pitch, you need only adjust your tune. Your mind is your tuning fork, and you attune to the highest vibration with your thoughts.

Like the opera singer, raise your voice … sing high and clear and perfectly in tune with the vibration of love … a sound of pure beauty that resonates in the heart of All That Is.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Your Personal Barometer

Emotions … the perfect gauge of what is going on inside your head. Like a barometer, the pressure goes up and down, as does your personal vibration with every thought that passes through your mind. Your emotions are always the result of a thought, thus you control your emotions, for you always control your thoughts.

Do you wish to find more peace in your life? Then choose your thoughts carefully. Peaceful thoughts engender peace in mind and body. Use your body as your personal barometer. Is the pressure high? Follow the sensation back to the source … the thought which caused your emotions to spike. Is the pressure low, leaving you calm and at peace? See how the choice of thoughts you made—NOT the actions of another—but the choice of thought YOU made did result in your current state.

Your body is an instrument … a perfect gauge of your internal state. Use it to your benefit. When life is stormy, send calming thoughts. Look not outside and blame the wind, but go inside and be the cause of your calm. It is always a choice.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Your Most Vital Role

Patience is a virtue … yet another of your pithy sayings, but one with great wisdom, for so many of you do rush about expecting to see results in whatever the endeavor, in accordance with your earthly timetables. But you do not realize that your earth is not the only dimension in which you play. While you are far from mere puppets on strings, you do all have unseen helpers from the unseen realm. In a way, we are pulling some strings for you (so give us some credit now and again, will you?), but it is always you who chooses your reality through your choices.

On your earth you see the results of some of your choices instantly, whilst others take some time to manifest. In addition, you are all co-creators of your reality, and so there will always be outside influences … other causes affecting your desired outcomes. But always remember: all is One. There is only one Divine Mind directing this great play of your life. You are bit actors (and we say this most lovingly!) but each with a most vital role … to be the representative of Love on your small corner of the stage.

You are the director of your part, and of your scene, but you have not yet seen the ending. Be patient. Awards will be given out at the end for he who plays the most loving role … not for he who gets there first.

An Afterthought of Great Importance ...

When you kiss another, you are loving God. When you say, “I love you,” you are loving God. For how does God express Itself, but through Its creation? Do you wish to feel the love of God? Look not to the skies, but into the eyes of another. Do not hesitate to show affection. Do not hesitate to say the three most important words in your vocabulary.

So many of you hold back from expressing your True Nature to others … a way of acting learned from your culture … but a pity, for as you express your love for others through your words and through your gestures … through the touch of a hand on an arm … through a soft kiss on a cheek … you are fulfilling your role. Give of yourself freely. It is why you are here.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Be In-spired

You are complete as you are. You need not search outside yourself for fulfillment, for you are Fulfillment, itself. Those who spend a lifetime seeking know not that for which they seek, and thus do not realize that that which drives them to seek is the very part of themselves which they have not yet fully recognized.

Seek not outside yourself, but look inside. The longing which all feel for “something else” is the longing to be loved. Know that it is Love that created you and Love that sustains you in existence. Without Love you could not even breathe. But do you not see that you breathe BECAUSE love flows through every cell of your body as you do so?

Breathe in the breath of Love, and exhale just as strongly. Be in-spired by Love, but know that Love does not expire, but lives forever, as do you. Be the Love that you are, and seek no longer.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Play of Life

All of the Universe exists for your enjoyment. You are here to play and create, for who are you, but a focus of the consciousness of the Great Creator. It is through your experiences that God experiences God’s creations. How else would God be able to play?

Go forth each day with an attitude of playfulness and joy, knowing that all is in perfect order always. Let this be a mantra which falls from your lips at every moment. As you see things you question, for you think they are mistaken or perhaps in your mind “wrong,” say this important phrase again: “All is in perfect order always.” As this phrase becomes part of your creative consciousness, sit back and watch the perfection unfold. Laugh with joy as you see what happens when you go through your day in harmony with the flow of the Universe.

A small coincidence is no longer “luck,” but a living example that you are in the flow … part of Creation itself, helping to create the perfection that is Life. And then go out and play some more … creating yet more perfection. And as you do so, smile … for would not God smile down on God’s creation and say … “It is good.”