Who is Sanaya? Suzanne Giesemann answers:

Who is Sanaya? Suzanne Giesemann answers: "Sanaya (pronounced "sah-NIGH-ah") has told us that she is a collective consciousness of minds with both a feminine and masculine energy. This energy comes from a higher dimension than our own. When I bring through Sanaya's words, I am "tapping in" to Higher Consciousness. I am allowing that Consciousness to express itself through my body: through my brain, through my vocal cords, my arms, my hands, and also through my pen. Sanaya would not need a name, except for our human need to put labels on things and place our experiences into well-defined boxes. Sanaya takes us outside the box into a dimension where we come face to face with our higher selves. To hear the words of Sanaya as they come through ... to sit in the presence of that energy ... is a palpable experience of higher vibration ... of love. To read Sanaya's words can have the same result when you tune in to that finer energy as you read." (To read the full explanation of who and what Sanaya is along with transcripts of longer sessions click here.)

Thursday, June 30, 2011


What happens when you have a lack of trust?  You do close yourself off from another.  You shut down your radiations of love and loving thoughts.  Know it or not, the other does sense this at the level of spirit.  On a human level, this distrust is sensed through the intuition, and the other behaves in just the way you feared.  Understand that if you open yourself and radiate waves of loving trust to the one you—in your ego mind—do not trust, you can turn the situation on its ear, as you say.
Try it today…  Give one your full confidence.  Allow them liberties you would not have henceforth given (within reason, of course, for you would not send a child into a busy street).  Know that the recipient of your trust will feel this and respond positively.  It is positively the Law of Attraction in action.  You get what you expect.  So, trust us.  We expect nothing less from you.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Hurricanes … storms of great strength and fury which wreak havoc on the physical world … yet do you not name an alcoholic drink after the hurricane as well?  This is a bit of a joke in your world, to name a thing after another—for can the drink not be just as destructive as the storm, in its own way?
What is a name?  It is but a symbol you give to a thing, and quite often to something that is not even real, such as "the devil"—not real, but a concept.  A mere word or name can wreak havoc and bring real fear, whether it is real or not.  The hurricane is a very real force which does wreak havoc, oft times with the mere mention of the word.  And so, be impeccable with your word.  Be alert to the words you use, as well as the words used against you.  They are all naught but symbols until you give them meaning.
You create storms in your mind with thoughts that become words.  Take control of your thoughts and choose your words carefully.  Choose your reactions with equal care.  All of this requires attention and awareness, lest you be tossed about unnecessarily by the storm.  "Beware" means nothing more than "be aware."  You create your own reality.  Be aware of that.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Along the Path

You are never quite the same once you begin your spiritual journey.  Once you open your mind to possibilities greater than yourself, these possibilities become reality.  You discover there is a God.  You discover you are greater than you ever imagined.  You discover you are connected at the level of Spirit with all that is.  You discover that Spirit is all there is, and once you make this discovery, try as you might, you cannot go back to small thinking.
You may give up your meditative practice for a while.  You may go back to focusing on material matters for a while.  You may pull into your shell and focus on only your troubles for a while, but after a while dissatisfaction wells up, and you know within where relief lies.  It lies back on the path … the path that leads to joy and peace.  And so, the journey continues … never ending, but always satisfying, for the journey truly IS the destination.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Love in Action

Have we not told you that you are never alone?  And yet you walk about feeling lonely.  You do turn your music up loud so as not to feel so alone.  Why do you crave the presence of others?  This is understandable, and not a cause for guilt.  Life is about relationships and learning to love through interaction with others.  But know that it is your time when no other humans are present when you learn to love yourself.  You cannot love others in a healthy, non-clinging manner until you realize that the Source of Love lies within.  And this is why we tell you that you are never alone.  You walk with Love, for Love is your Source.  You are the expression of Love, temporarily in human form, but eternally Love in action, whether taking form or not.
Walk about today and be yourself.  Whether alone or with others, be Love.  Let it transform your actions.  Acting in this way, you will not and cannot know loneliness.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Life in Focus

Note from Suzanne:  Heading into Canada today for a week or so.  Posting Sanaya's messages will be dependent on finding a location with WIFI ... please check back if she hasn't been posted when you log in.  Be well!

Your experiences are always a matter of focus.  What is focus, but a deliberate placing of consciousness.  You are so very focused now in the reality known as the physical world that this is your principal experience.  It is when you shift your focus to a world beyond, that you do open the doors to new experiences.  This causes a shift in your consciousness, and lo!  Behold!  A new reality appears.
It is a bit difficult for some to make this shift, for the human focus is so very deeply rooted in the present reality, but with belief, intention, desire, and determination, it is possible to experience other realities at any time.  Some of you have done this and do so on a regular basis.  How is this possible at all?  Quite simple, my friend, because YOU are a focus of Consciousness, yourself.  When you align your desire with the desires of your True Self, then all comes very closely into focus.


Saturday, June 25, 2011

How Many Ways

How many ways can you say, “I love you?” How many words can cross your lips? How many ways can you form your hands and arms into instruments of love, be they used for a caress, a hug, or to carry a heavy load? This body you’ve been given exists to express love. Yes, you can do this quite well through the sexual act, but how many other ways can you use the body to live your purpose? Be creative. Be imaginative.

Love is what you are at your core. Be as the volcano and erupt with love. Let it flow and then overflow as you get more experienced at expressing your true Self to the point where others notice the eruption and begin to do the same, for love is contagious. How many ways can you show it?

Friday, June 24, 2011


Celery sticks … perhaps you do not like them, for to you they taste bland.  Yet others do enjoy their texture and flavor.  Why do you use celery in your soups and stews, but for flavoring?  A useful dietary tool is this celery, for it is healthy, yet adds few calories to your intake.  Why are the tasty things fattening and the bland celery not so?  Are you not attracted by the very things that you should stay away from?  Life lessons, once again.
Always you have a choice of what to enjoy, but  what is enjoyed is not universal, for all have different lessons to learn.  Some do not enjoy chocolate.  (Can you imagine?)  It is this variety that is the spice of life.  It is for this reason that you add celery to your soup—for variety.  It is for this reason that celery and chocolate and the billions of manifestations of matter occur … for the expression and experience of Spirit … and as an expression of Spirit, yourself, you do always have a choice of what to eat, what to enjoy, what to eschew, and how to react to all things and events. 
How wonderful is this gift of life!  How very varied!  Look around you today and truly appreciate the variety … savor the flavor of Life.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Poem #409 - The All

I am the bird that sings
And I am the song
And I will continue to sing
All day and night long

For I am forever
I go not away
Like the sun that does rise
At the dawn of each day

I am not here to worship
I do not want your desire
I wish you only to know
That you can rise so much higher

You and I are the same
It is I who do breathe you
And with this great knowing
Know that I’ll never leave you

So rise from your knees
Pray to me if you must
But it is only the body
That will return to the dust

You are spirit right now
You are me in expression
It is your task in this lifetime
To learn this one lesson …

I am what makes the heart beat
And I am the heartbeat

I am what makes you breathe
And I am the breath

I am what makes the bird sing
And I am the song

I am what awakes you each morning
And I am awakening


I am in all things
And all things are in me

I am in you …
And in the stillness you will know


Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Note from Suzanne:  For the next few weeks my Internet access may be sporadic.  I will post Sanaya daily, if possible, but it may not always be first thing in the morning.  ... and about today's post:  When I received the message about "pickles" a few days back (June 19th post), my initial thought was, "I can't post this!"  (The topic didn't seem "spiritual" enough).  Then, I thought, "Who am I to censor what the spirit world gives me?!"  When I went back and re-read it two days later, I liked it.  This morning I laughed when Sanaya started out talking about applesauce!  My next thought was, "Where is this going?"  I couldn't see what possible spiritual message was contained in applesauce.  When the words followed, I could only shake my head at their intelligence, and how spirit gets their messages across.  Sending love to all, here is what Sanaya said to us this morning ...
Applesauce is the food of the day, in our continuing discussion of goodness.  Why do you take perfectly good apples and turn them into mush?  Because, in crushing them you do release the sweetness.  Some would not partake of this sweetness if the apple remained hard and firm.  And so, you do make it easier to swallow by reducing it to a mushy consistency.  Do you notice the necessary step to making it easier?  Yes, first you had to take something that was hard and break it down. 
Are not your greatest lessons like this?  Do you not feel strong at times—perfectly solid, with your feet on the ground?  And then along comes an event which crushes you and reduces you to mush.  At first you feel as if your life has been destroyed, but after a while—at times a long while—you are able to look back and see how you have grown … how you have changed for the better.  In this growth lies the sweetness of Life, and in this understanding your difficulties are now easier to digest.
You do feed applesauce to your babies, for they cannot yet handle the harder foods.  As you evolve, you are able to handle the challenges better and better, and always, when you can look upon your challenges from the greater perspective, they are easier to digest, and you will find the sweetness.


Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Where it all Begins

Climb to the top of the highest mountain.  There shout into the air your greatest desire.  Do you think it will be heard better from these heights?  My friend, we wish to tell you that your greatest desires can be whispered under the covers in your bed where no one will hear them and they will be heard.  Do you understand the difference?  There is physical hearing, and there is hearing without words.  Your every thought is "heard."  Your every desire is felt, for these are created in the mind and heard by the Infinite Loving Mind.  They cannot help but be heard, for your mind is intimately linked with the One Divine Mind.  How could it be otherwise, if there is only One?  You are within the One.
So climb the mountain, if you wish.  This may help you to see into eternity, but once again, you are using the physical eyes.  Use the eyes of Spirit which are yours forever.  Look inside and see there eternity.  This is where you create your dreams.  This is where it all begins.  If you are unhappy with any element of your life, you need not climb mountains.  You need only realize who and what you are.

Monday, June 20, 2011


Forever is a long time in your limited thinking.  But forever has nothing to do with time.  It is time which has limits.  It is Spirit which is limitless.  Spirit exists everywhere at once.  In such a state, there is no time or place.  Spirit simply IS, and you are Spirit.  So why do you perceive a world of time?  It is an artifice, allowing you to experience each now-moment in succession in order to learn from them.  In the world of pure spirit, we pick and choose our now-moments.  You in human form must watch them unfold from A to Z.  In the spirit world, we choose to experience N or O or W, or perhaps Z to A, or perhaps the entire alphabet at once, for the entire alphabet which we use now as an example already exists.  All exists, for all is Spirit.
Forever is not a long time at all, when time is only an illusion.  You exist.  It is as simple as that.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Sweet or Sour

Pickles … a strange word to hear in your meditation … but what are they?  Fine vegetables mixed with a bit of vinegar or perhaps a bit of sugar, to create a pungent taste which some enjoy.  All beings have different tastes.  Some like sour, some sweet.  These you derive from adding ingredients to the mix.
Your life is like this – a basic good ingredient to which you add flavorings.  Some days are sweet, others sour.  Some events are to your liking, others not, yet do you not revel in the variety?  Know that whether or not your day is sweet or sour, beneath it all lies basic goodness.  In the case of Life, that goodness is Spirit, and Spirit is Love.  It is you who adds the flavorings.  May they be to your liking, and if not, know that you always have the choice to change them.
You do laugh at our choice of analogy today,
But we dare say,
You will never again view
A pickle in the same way.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Your Role in the Drama

How many roles do you play?  Count them some time.  You may be surprised.  Do you consider yourself a mother or father?  A daughter or son?  A boss, a teacher, a retired person of leisure?  A caretaker?  These roles you play do change from day to day and moment by moment.  You shift costumes so easily, playing some roles better than others.  In fact, award-winning performances do you give in some cases.
The problems begin when you take these roles too seriously and they consume your life.  Do you not see that all roles in the drama "Human Being" are temporary?  You step on and off the stage, playing each role, but suffer when you begin to think that a particular role is who you really are.  Beware.  Even those roles in which you help others can cause you suffering if you believe that that particular role is who you really are.
Who are you, really?  Take away all of the roles, and there you will find the real you.  At any moment you can be the Director.  At any moment you can sit in the audience and watch yourself playing your roles.  Do not get caught up in any role.  None of them is more important than another, save whatever role you are play-acting in this very now-moment.  Are you playing it to the best of your ability?  Will you win the prize for your expression of loving-kindness?  As the Director of this focus of your eternal existence, that is what matters most.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Love and Light

All colors become one in white light.  Why do you speak of love and light together?  Love is all there is, and all of the colors you perceive are held within the light.  You speak of the "spark of the Divine" within you as Light, and it is the perfect analogy.  You exist to recognize yourself as the Light and to shine as brightly as possible—in Love and Light.
Even your scientists recognize the "allness" of light.  It behaves as both a particle and a wave—it is the sum total of all potentiality.  All possibilities are held within the light.  And so, beloved one, all possibilities are held within you.  Sit in the silence and behold the love and light within.  Behold the possibilities, and then awaken, and let your light shine.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Character Building

Note from Suzanne:  In the past couple of weeks a group of friends and I have been discussing what may be considered some of the more "far out" New Age concepts.  It has been an interesting process of discernment (how does it FEEL?) as we stretch our beliefs and comfort levels.  Last night one of my friends asked, "Is this something we should be paying attention to?" So, I asked Sanaya in meditation this morning, and here is her answer …
What are you to make of all this talk of aliens and extraterrestrials?  It is very simple.  Study the concepts if you find it entertaining.  Why study genealogy?  Why study history?  Why study astrology and astronomy?  You do all of this to broaden your knowledge and understanding.  If any of it is true or false, what difference does it make in your character?  Aha!  Do you see?  This is what you study and work upon in parallel with all of these other topics of interest:  character building.  Where do you find information on that?  Yes, from books.  Yes, from others who lead by example, both good and bad, but also you find it in the heart—the seat of the soul.  It is this very soul that you exist to develop.
Your character does not grow by understanding if you were once an extraterrestrial or a princess.  It grows by your thoughts and actions here and now.  So, explore other realms in your mind, in your books, and on your Internet if you wish.  Enjoy your explorations, but in every moment explore how you can raise your consciousness, and hence your character, to the highest possible level.  This is why you exist.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Crawl Under the Blankets

You can practice awareness and loving-kindness every moment, making every moment of your existence sacred.  Be ever mindful of your thoughts.  Are they as high as they can be, or do they drag you down?  Are you seeing your brothers and sisters with compassion and empathy, or as separate beings with no connection?  Go within, to that point of unity.  Spend time there on a regular basis, and you cannot help but feel your oneness with all that is.
This is why it is so very important to meditate.  When you walk only in the consciousness of a mortal being, you lose touch with that side of yourself which is eternal.  It never goes away, but becomes as if covered by a blanket.  Crawl under the blankets, dear child, and there find the warmth and comfort of love.  Do not stay out in the cold and long for this state of warmth which is your birthright.  Walk about at all times draped in the mantle of love.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Go With The Flow

Change comes slowly for some and like a speeding train for others, but always it arrives.  All of life is about the process of change.  Those who accept this and adapt do thrive.  Those who fight it and dig in their heels do suffer.  There is only one thing that is changeless and eternal, and that is Spirit.  It is Spirit which pervades all things, suffuses all things, guides all things, IS all things.  All is Spirit.  All is a manifestation of Spirit … Spirit expressing itself—the one constant. 
Go with the flow.  Accept change as the expression of Spirit.  You are Spirit manifesting and expressing.  How will you express your true nature?  By digging in your heels, or by rising up and accepting the challenges in your life as part of Life itself?  Life is far more enjoyable when you attune to Spirit and flow with it.

Monday, June 13, 2011

A New Outlook

Do you feel trapped in your circumstances?  You can always run away.  "Oh, I could not do that!" you say, for you are aware of circumstances.  This shows you have a heart.  You do not wish to hurt others by taking selfish action.  You also fear change.  These thoughts and emotions hold you in place to continue the situation.  But, Beloved, it is your thoughts and emotions which do also set you free.
Have you become trapped in your mind … a prisoner of your thoughts?  How else might you view your current situation?  Might outsiders view it differently?  Might outsiders view you differently?  Might Spirit view all differently—in a more positive light? 
Step outside of yourself.  Step outside of your situation, and from this higher perspective, what can you see?  What can you learn?  What opportunities lie here besides running away or letting your thoughts run away and make you miserable?  From this higher perspective, create a new outlook.  Devise some changes.  See your situation not as a trap or a prison, but as an opportunity.  Now step into the future.  Look back, and see how you have grown.  See how you have been the expression of Love.  And all of this you do with God's blessing, for you are never alone.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Climbing out of a Rut

What happens when you get in a rut?  You try to dig yourself out.  You spin your wheels, getting no traction, and you just dig in deeper.  You get discouraged and give up, and there you do remain, falling deeper and deeper into despair.  You need a lift out.  How to find it?  By doing something new.  Change your habits.  Change your outlook.  Change your focus.  All of life is about change.  The rut comes in the first place when you do stay in the same place by habit instead of seeking change deliberately.
 Are your prayers always the same?  Your goals and aspirations?  Where is your focus?  Is it always on yourself or the same few people?  Try a change in any aspect of your life.  By moving your wheels in a different direction from time to time you do not allow a rut to form.  By taking on a new focus—most especially one outside your current deep rut and outside of yourself—you do raise your spirits, allowing you to depart the rut on your own.  Never forget:  you are the master of your own destiny.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

If ... Then

There is no "If … then" with God.  There is nothing you need do nor promise in order to get what you need.  You need not bargain with your Maker.  Do you not realize that you are one with God?  You are the One Eternal Mind expressing Itself in this particular lifetime as a mind with a given name.  There is no need to bargain with your Self.  The only need is to realize who you are and how Mind works.  IF you reach this beautiful point of realization, THEN you will co-create what you need.  IF you act and think as the God-being that you are, THEN you will begin to see miracles in your life. 

Friday, June 10, 2011

Poem #408 - At Your Beck and Call

Gather your wits about you …
What exactly does this mean?
To make sense of what you see
And the spaces in between.
You do never know as much
As the mind will make you think
And so for far more wisdom
From Spirit's font do you now drink.
Feel not so bounded by your self
For bounded you are not.
The source of all you seek outside
Inside you have you got.
While man can see about as far
As the horizon there before him,
There are spirit guides who wait to help.
They never do ignore him.
You have this source of help right now.
It's at your beck and call
Awaiting just to lift you up
If you should ever fall.
So gather, yes, your wits right now
And ask for guidance true
For you are linked eternally
With guides who work with you.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Heart of the Soul

Straight to the heart, a jolt flows, making you start.  Why this connection between your heart and others', when the heart is just a pump—a physical organ?  Because, my friend, it is not the physical heart that jumps—it is the heart of the soul, which just happens to have its greatest concentration of energy centered upon the locus of the physical heart.  Scribes and poets have known this for eons, and thus the heart-organ did become the poetic symbol for love—for, who can deny the feelings of love in the chest when one cares deeply for another?  This is not the physical organ where the feeling resides, but the heart chakra, as you do call it.  Tune in to this vibrant energy center and feel the love.  Sit in the silence and ask to be filled with love.  Focus on the heart center and experience your true nature.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

All There Is

Love is all there is. Love is all there is. Love is all there is. Your famous Beatles did sing these phrases, did they not? Is this but a trite phrase in overuse or a spiritual truth? You live in a world with fear, hatred, and evil, so how can you believe that love is all there is? It seems a mockery of spirituality, making those who believe these words seem foolish and naïve. Fear not, you who adhere to this most basic of spiritual truths are wise beyond your years. You have discovered the gold at the bottom of the pan.

Love is the basic force that is the basis of all that is. You call Spirit a force—an energy—but is it electro-magnetic energy? Is it gravity? Is it kinetic energy? You search for a name for this basic, elemental energy that is Spirit, and we tell you now, you need not look for another name. This most basic energy is love. All is Spirit. All is therefore love. Love rules the universe, or there would not be a universe at all. Quite simple, is it not? Love organizes the universe, or there would be chaos. Love causes those who eschew violence, hatred, and evil to send yet more love in the direction of these baser vibrations and pull them higher, seeking balance.

There is only love, expressing itself in all ways, always. Love is all there is. Be that which you are, and there find peace. Seek love no more. Be love and be joyful. Love is all there is. Worth singing about, wouldn’t you say?

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Fine Tuning

“Make me your instrument” you pray. You ask this with the sincere desire to serve, and this is most laudable, but please realize that in order to be the perfect instrument, you must learn the art of surrender. The will is a wonderful gift from the Creator, but it does allow you to go off on your own tangents at times, does it not?

If you wish to be used by Spirit in service, this is a cooperative effort. Because you never have the big picture whilst you walk about in a human body, surrender is a necessary step. Does this mean that you become a puppet? Not at all. It means that you learn to attune to your inner guidance before acting. It means that you listen to and feel as well those subtle, loving urgings that tell and show you the best course of action. It is to these that you surrender.

You wish to be the perfect instrument? You are perfect already. It is merely a matter of a bit of fine tuning. The desire to fine tune your thoughts and actions is the perfect place to start.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Hills and Mountains

There is no magic pill to take away your pain … no instant solution to your ills and problems. Why do you think you are here, but to build your character by surmounting your problems? If the road was always flat and straight, you would grow indolent and lazy … the body slack … the mind and will as well. But with hills and at times mountains to surmount, you do grow stronger as you climb and struggle. Have you not found that you use different muscles when climbing than when descending? And even in the descent, which seems far easier, there is growth.

Enjoy the challenges in your life. Embrace them. Your life would lose its luster were there no ups and downs. It is in the contrast that you do learn and grow. Dig in deep. Find there the strength that is yours.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Poem #407 - Gold Mine

Scattered showers … tiny cells of rain
That put a damper on your plans and cause you pain …
Why can naught but sunshine in your life remain?

Loosen your belt … cut us some slack
There is nothing that you truly lack
Yet a little dampness you do attack.

There is nothing you need do
For everything you need will come to you
All is in perfect order, this is true.

Clouds and sun are part of life
With struggle and pain you world is rife
There seems to be no lack of strife.

But look around you can’t you see?
From all the pain comes victory
When suddenly you are set free.

Your freedom comes when you do find
That pain and strife lie in the mind
When to your thoughts you remain blind.

The sun will come when you do raise
Your thoughts up high and fix your gaze
Upon the light that will amaze …

No random light is this that shines
But that which God defines …
The gold which every man in his life mines.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Always Linked

People who come in and out of your life, if only for a brief moment, are there for your growth—your soul’s evolution. Some you may know a lifetime. Others you may fixate upon for a few years, or perhaps a shorter period, but oh, the changes they do bring about in that period! None are there by accident. Embrace their presence in your life, whether they bring you happiness or sorrow. All give you exactly what you needed to learn. Know that you do the same for them, and when you come to a parting of your ways, be it by mutual agreement or a solitary decision, let them go. This, too, is part of your learning.

When these souls have parted from your now-moments, look back upon your time together and celebrate it for the growth that has occurred, but dwell not in the past. Look around you now and see the relationships you currently enjoy. Celebrate these as well. These, too, will come and go, but once you share your energy with another, always will you be linked.

Friday, June 3, 2011


“Get in touch with your feelings”—what does this mean? How can you not know what you are feeling? It is quite simple … those feelings that are at the so-called “negative” end of the spectrum are of such a low vibration that you will do whatever it takes to cover them with higher vibrations. You know the tricks. But remember … all is energy. Energy cannot be destroyed, merely transformed. So you do not destroy your pain by covering it up; you merely cover it up, allowing it to fester and cause dis-ease, aches, and yet more pain.

How, then, do you transform these lower vibrations? By exposing them to light. Bring them forth … wallow in them for a while and truly feel what they feel like. Talk about them with those who can empathize, then give validity in the form of love to these feelings. Now that you have validated them, you no longer need hold onto them. Now wallow in the higher vibrations of love for your full self—full of the full range of all vibrations, but in need of only being and expressing love.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Your Inner Voice

That voice you hear in your head is your own, but it is also the Voice of God. Have we not told you countless times that there is only One Mind? You seem surprised when after much effort in the form of prayer and meditation and asking for guidance suddenly a voice which seems far wiser than your own begins to speak to you--yet this voice sounds just as your own thoughts do. The Voice is gentle and loving, and oh so very wise that it surprises you.

And now we ask you, why are you surprised? Have you not been asking for enlightenment? You are having a conversation with God. You are hearing from your True Self. Why is this so hard to believe? All there is is Consciousness. All is One. Sit in the silence. Ask to feel the Oneness. Attune to Higher Consciousness. Along the way you will meet guides and angels who speak in funny accents,but keep going as high as you can go. What is the highest aspect of yourself? Who are you? You are the Most Worthy. You are here to know your Self. Welcome to your awakening.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Is All Just Science?

Note from Suzanne: I just finished reading a wonderful book called, “My Stroke of Insight” by Jill Bolte Taylor. When the left hemisphere of her brain was severely damaged by stroke, Dr. Taylor, a neurologist, experienced a different reality through her right hemisphere. She experienced herself as “fluid”. She experienced joy, bliss, and “oneness.” The book left me with big questions, such as, “is she saying that these experiences are merely the by-product of the right brain?” I know from connecting with the spirit world in hundreds of evidential readings as a medium that there is far more to reality than this physical experience. This morning in meditation, I asked Sanaya for clarification. Here is the answer I received:

You are far more than your brain. Yes, the brain is a tool. Yes, the two sides do give you different perceptions of reality, but you can perceive reality without a brain, which is what those who no longer are connected with a physical body do. Your scientists do believe the brain is the only perception mechanism, and this is not so. From whence comes the brain? All arises from Spirit. All matter is a product of consciousness, not the other way around. Make this distinction clear, and you understand the One True Reality. All arises from Consciousness and all is Consciousness.

The brain provides two mechanisms for perceiving reality. Perceive with the left hemisphere and see things logically. Perceive with e right brain and have so-called spiritual experiences such as bliss, but the latter is yours with or without a brain, for you are a spirit-being first and foremost, and bliss is your true nature.

Both sides of your brain work together to allow you to operate fully in the physical world. The left allows you to focus on your human side. the right exists to remind you that there is more to reality than pure logic. Set logic aside. Set the ego aside, and experience the peace and joy that are eternally yours, with or without a brain, and when you wonder, “Is there really a God behind all of this?” We remind you to re-read that which we did share with you when last you asked this question … that which you did label “First Cause.” Think on that for a while.

And here is the previous “Sanaya Says” entry entitled, “First Cause:”

To the scientist who believes not in God, we ask him to study his finger. What is it that makes it move and obey his every command? “The brain,” he replies, and this is understandable, for when the brain no longer functions, the finger no longer functions as well. But what gave rise to the brain in the first place? The brain took form, yes, from the union of egg and sperm. But take that answer as far back as you can go and ask the same question. What gave rise to the first seeds of all that exist? And what keeps all living things living? Why is there life at all? Why is there love?

Deep questions, for sure, and for sure there will always be scientists who can explain away all with reasoned answers. But explain, then, the emptiness experienced inside at the thought of a world created without a loving Creator. Explain away the coldness of a world created not from Love. For this there can be no scientific explanation. For those who have found God within their very hearts and continue to find God by expressing “godliness” through the heart, there is no need for explanations. Experience speaks far more rationally than words or reason.

You may never fully understand the First Cause, but you may come to know it in your heart, and thus banish the coldness and the longing. It is impossible to understand that which is infinite, but fully possible to experience it. Once experienced, there is no need for words.