Who is Sanaya? Suzanne Giesemann answers:

Who is Sanaya? Suzanne Giesemann answers: "Sanaya (pronounced "sah-NIGH-ah") has told us that she is a collective consciousness of minds with both a feminine and masculine energy. This energy comes from a higher dimension than our own. When I bring through Sanaya's words, I am "tapping in" to Higher Consciousness. I am allowing that Consciousness to express itself through my body: through my brain, through my vocal cords, my arms, my hands, and also through my pen. Sanaya would not need a name, except for our human need to put labels on things and place our experiences into well-defined boxes. Sanaya takes us outside the box into a dimension where we come face to face with our higher selves. To hear the words of Sanaya as they come through ... to sit in the presence of that energy ... is a palpable experience of higher vibration ... of love. To read Sanaya's words can have the same result when you tune in to that finer energy as you read." (To read the full explanation of who and what Sanaya is along with transcripts of longer sessions click here.)

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Thy Will be Done

Every breath you take is by the will of God. Every thought you have is by the will of God. You are co-creators. Nothing you do is a solitary action. Yes, you do have so-called “free” will, but even this is by the will of God. If your Creator did not wish for you to take a certain action or have a certain thought, that thought or action would be impeded like a parent reaching out and gently steering the child in another direction … no matter how will-full the child.

You think that when you exert your will that you do so solely. This is a misperception, for naught occurs without the assistance of God. Imagine how very easily all would flow in your life if you lived by the mantra, “Thy will be done.” Then, my child, you would be in perfect harmony with All That Is. Be not as the rebellious child, but a full-fledged partner with your Highest Self.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

The Perfect Vehicle

Who is to say what is perfection and what is a handicap? Some blame God when there is born a baby that is not “perfect.” This is because you are making comparisons with a pattern … with a norm. In your world of duality, you judge all along a spectrum, labeling it good or bad, when at its essence all simply “is.”

The spirit is neither good nor bad. It simply is. It exists to express love. All matter is merely a vehicle for the experience and expression of love. If a body does not match the norm, is it any less of a vehicle for expressing love? Can it not be an even greater vehicle for doing so and bringing out the highest expression of kindness and compassion in others?

Look not upon an “imperfect” body with pity, but with love. See the perfect spirit-being inside which has chosen this vehicle as a way to provide a varied form from the norm in order that all may grow in love.

Friday, July 29, 2011


You speak of your birthdays and anniversaries and make certain dates into special occasions. It is the importance you place upon these days that does make them important. Some birthdays and some recurring anniversaries you make even more important than others, such as those which coincide with your numbering system of fives and tens. This is a system of using time which can bring you joy, but also unnecessary pain, if you do dwell upon what to you are painful events recalled year after year.

An event is an event, nothing more than an opportunity to learn. Once passed, it is past. Do not dwell on these events which brought you pain, if only to dig up painful emotions. Live in this now-moment. If there were no time in your world, there would be no birthdays or anniversaries to celebrate or mourn. You would live as the spirit-being you are and simply celebrate each moment for your existence, and for the opportunity to be loved and give love.

Happy anniversary of this moment of Life.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

This Precious Seed

There lies within you a treasure so great, yet how often you ignore it.  This treasure is like a seed that needs your tending.  If you do not recognize it and give it light, water, and fertilizer, it will lie there as all seeds do, full of potential, but unrealized.  This seed is the Christ of all beings.  Do not let belief systems block you from appreciating the meaning of this word or the value of this gift.  We speak now of that aspect of yourself which is Godlike.  Not only was the one you know as Jesus the Christ child.  All humans have within them the potential to be a Christ—a child of God. 
You are this now.  This seed lies within you, but as we said, it does need light, water, and fertilizer to be awakened.  Your recognition of this potential within yourself is all that is needed to begin the process.  That is the light.  Your desire for this seed to awaken is the water.  Your focus on growing this seed into a fully-realized child of God is the fertilizer.  Tend to your garden, my child, and grow into the God-being that you are.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Beyond Bliss

What is ecstasy?  It is a state of consciousness in which lesser vibrations are blocked to such an extent, that all you feel is love.  The body reacts with joy, sending a rush of good feelings to all parts.  The mind grasps at the flood of positive images.  The heart threatens to burst.  All of these reactions are naught but recognition, as if meeting a long-lost friend.  “I have been searching for you!” the spirit cries, “And there you are!  This is why I have felt so dissatisfied.”
The spirit knows the heights to which it can soar.  It longs to fly at all times, but the more dense vibrations of the physical world hold it back for a while.  It is the gift of these moments of ecstasy which give you the strength to carry on.  This feeling-beyond-words is your birthright, yet hear us well:  It is only a scratch on the surface of the True Self.  Could you but touch the face of the Self at will, you could not handle such bliss.  And so, we give you a taste for now.  This is ecstasy.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Spirit is Awesome! A Message from an Angel ...

From Suzanne: I have to share this incredible photo – Here is how the sun shined in through the slats of our window shades onto the angel statue that I keep nearby when I meditate. I took this photo, and it has not been touched up at all. It’s as if the spirit world is trying to tell us how important our chakras are. I emailed this picture to several friends, including one who I rarely correspond with, but she popped into my mind as I was typing the email. She wrote back to say that she received the email just as she was writing a meditation about the first chakra. Coincidence? No such thing. I agree with her that it’s hard to look at this picture and not feel your heart chakra expand.

Today’s message from Sanaya (see below) speaks about sowing the seeds of love by sharing the truths of the Spirit. If this picture speaks to you, feel free to right click on it, then you can email this message from Spirit to a friend. Better yet, email them the link to this page. Have a love-filled day!


Sowing seeds … that is what you are doing each time you share the truths of the Spirit with another. You plant an idea in the consciousness, and from there it sprouts and grows. Not all beings are ready to support such growth. Their belief systems have caused their ground to dry up, but others have fertile soil just right to promote growth.

Do you see how you can spread love throughout your world simply by sharing what you know to be true? Of course you must be cautious and selective. We do not wish to encourage any soul to push their beliefs on another. Use your sixth sense. When you cross paths with another who is suffering, do not unload the bulk of your wisdom at once. These are seeds we are speaking of. Dole them out like pearls. “Do you know,” you might say, “that you can see this situation in another way?” And from there begin a discussion about compassion.

An example, we give you, but you have the best advisor you could ask for inside you at all times. When sowing seeds, speak as the spirit-being, not from the ego, and you will be planting just the right crop.

Monday, July 25, 2011


Undercurrents … a lesser vibration you do feel in the midst of interaction with another.  What is it that is not being said?  You need not hear the words aloud, for you can feel the energy of thought.  Energy flows in waves, and these undercurrents of lesser vibrations do disturb a relationship, for they reveal that full truth is not present.  Were you both fully aware of the spirit, you could hide nothing from each other, but yours is a world of secrets.
Why do you hide the truth?  You fear the other's judgment, disapproval, or anger … all of which lead to a withholding of love, whether real or perceived.  The only way to overcome this is with love.  Send out your own greater wave of higher vibrations and wash away the undercurrent.  Be truthful with yourself and the other, but always with a strong foundation of love, and there can be no room for lesser vibrations.
Do not waste a moment of life being anything less than you are—the very ocean itself.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

All About the Journey

Dinosaurs roamed your earth millions of years ago.  They did come and go as species were changed and perfected.  Theirs was a very turbulent world, with fighting among each other and violent earth changes.  Much has changed in the interim, but in some cases, things have not changed.  Now you have Homo sapiens, and do you not see fighting among each other?  Do you not continue to see earth changes?
Do not be frightened or overly dismayed by either.  Fear and dismay only add to the lower vibrations of your earth.  Look, instead, at the progress that has been made.  You want change immediately, do you not?  Yet, look at how far evolution has come, and how long in your time it has taken.  For us, in the realm of no-time, it is the blink of an eye.  We can see the big picture and are well pleased with the progress.
It is all about the journey, my friend.  It is your focus on the destination of total peace and no disturbances that causes you frustration.  Do you not see that a part of you already exists in this perfect place from which you arose?  It is your rightful home.  For now, you are taking a side-trip in a world that is slowly evolving.  You, by emanating vibrations of love, can help in this evolution.  Do not dismay.  Be part of the solution by radiating peace and fearlessness, knowing it is all about the journey.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

With Every Breath

With every breath you take, you grow more relaxed. With every breath you take, you sink deeper into yourself. With every breath you take, you return to innocence. With every breath, you shed the ego and become aligned more closely with The Source.

Take a breath and follow it. Where does it go? It goes into your Center, from which all things arise. Allow the breath to settle there a moment, and simply be with it. Now follow the breath as you send it on its way, and then repeat the cycle of creation, existence, and dissolution. The breath may fade away, but always it is followed by another, as long as you continue to create your breaths.

“Yes,” you think, “but what happens when the body ceases to breathe?” Then, beloved child of God, you no longer need oxygen, for God breathes you into a new dimension of life. With every breath God takes, you continue to exist. Whether here in a body that breathes, or after this physical life is extinguished, you continue as the breath of God. Breathe in deeply for now, and with every breath you take, know yourself as All That Is.

Friday, July 22, 2011


Be true to your self. Try new things. Experiment with rituals you have learned of. Join a group that looks interesting. Sit in certain positions. All of these things and more you can do in an effort to be more spiritual, but what does that mean to be spiritual? Does it mean that you sit in a church every Sunday and sing? Does it mean that you sit each morning and repeat a mantra? Does it mean that you repeat the same prayer 100 times in a row? You can do all of these things or none of these things and still be spiritual.

If a certain action or tool brings you to a place where you are more centered, focused within, and more aware of your connection with God, then by all means, carry on. If, however, your rituals, ceremonies, and actions are done only out of fear that should you not do them some ill will befall you, then you have missed the point.

Try new things as you like, but pause every now and then and ask yourself, “Does this bring me into closer communion with My Source?” That, in the end, is all that matters, for that, in the beginning, in the middle, and in the end is why you are here.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Shift Your Gaze

Search in the clouds or upon the ground …
What you seek seems ne’er to be found.
Perhaps you’ve set your sights too high,
On what some would consider “pie in the sky.”

You seek euphoria—a strong sense of peace.
From all your troubles you seek release.
Look all around you and what do you see?
That others wish also to be set free.

This bondage you feel is the human way—
“Trapped in your skin” at the end of the day.
But this is not true; you are free to fly
When you see the world with your inner eye.

True peace awaits when you close your lids
And do as the spirit inside of you bids.
Remove your gaze from the world outside
And place it where the heart does reside.

It’s there true peace and love you’ll find,
For these fine gifts lie inside of your mind.
And mind is eternal, as is the Real You.
Just close your eyes to find this is true.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Contrasting Colors

You see the differences in others. They think differently than you do, and of course this is so. The world is not black and white, but bursting with colors. Do not be frustrated that others think not as you do, but sit back and gaze at the variety as if viewing a masterpiece, for that is what your world represents. How dull would be a painting, were it one solid color. How very interesting are those paintings with just the right mix of hues. Do you not see that it is the contrast that brings you pleasure when you view a painting? Focus not on one area of the painting, but see it all from a distance, and there you see the brilliance.

Your world is full of minds, all stemming from the brush of the one Great Artist. There will always be minds apart from yours—at times miles apart. Do not let this disturb your own expression of the Artist. Stand for your own color, if you will, knowing that each color holds equal value in the Artist’s eye.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Beyond Worlds

You speak of love beyond words, and why is it beyond words? For words are limited. Yes, there are only so many words that do rhyme to express a thing that is not a thing at all—this thing you call “love.” It is more than love beyond words. It is love beyond worlds. Love exists in all dimensions, in all forms, and without form. It is the basis of all being. It is your reason for being. You exist to express love in all forms for the very purpose of experiencing love beyond words.

The more you express love, the more you understand Reality. The reality is that love is the First Cause. Love is the only cause. There would be no you, there would be no world, were it not for love. In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was Love, and ever shall it be Love.

Go forth and share what you know in your heart. Be that which you are at your very core. Radiate it in every moment and your world will be changed forever. That is how Love works.

Monday, July 18, 2011


Bitter blows the wind, and you pull your coat tight about you. You shiver to keep warm. What is temperature, but an indication of the vibrations around you. You gauge these sensations and give them meaning. Some enjoy the heat, whilst others revel in the cold. Is not all of life like this: relative … full of comparisons … up and down, in and out, hot and cold, like and dislike?

Yours is a world of duality—of opposites which allow you to make choices and to take action based on those choices. Do you not see that this is how you grow? Rather than judging another for their perception of reality and for the choices they do make, focus only on yourself. Pull your cloak tight around you and go inside, where choices are made. There you will find no cold and hot, no up and down … only silence. From that silence arises all. When in a quandary as to what choice to make, always return to the silence, where all choices can be made from a place that knows only love.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Isn't That Interesting!

Failure is a human invention. As spirit, you cannot fail. As spirit, there is only experience. How you choose to interpret each moment and each experience is up to you. If you, as spirit, gave credence to the illusory concept of failure, you would not choose to return to human existence. But you do choose, for you know that there exists naught in the human world but learning experiences.

See not your learning opportunities as success or failure. When you view your world in such a way, you do create much anxiety and low vibrations. You can instantly raise your consciousness by merely looking upon things that do not go as you hoped or expected and saying, “Isn’t that interesting!” Then fill your heart with compassion for the human side of you which so bravely agreed to undertake this experience.

Yes, failure is an option for the human, but you are spirit first and foremost. As spirit—we repeat—you cannot fail. You are loved beyond words. Carry that thought in your heart and find the courage to soldier on in your human garb.

Note from Suzanne: As I was typing these words a song was playing in the background: “Even the best fall down sometimes …” (But falling down is an interpretation, isn’t it? Thank you, Sanaya!)

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Have a Good Cry

Why do you cry? You often hear it said that crying is a release, and this is so. Have we not told you that all is energy? Therefore, you have either a flow or a blockage. What do tears do, but flow? Tears are the conduit for blocked energy. Does not the body heave when wracked with sobs? This heaving is the same as when the body expels toxins from the stomach, only in the case of crying, all of your movements are directed at the expulsion of negative energy that has been stored and caused blockages. Why do you think it often feels good to cry? You are freeing blockages.

Perhaps you do not even know why you are crying. If you could read your tears as the carriers of energy which they are, there you would find the reasons … “Aha! There is my grief over loss.” “Ah, so … there is my compassion for another’s suffering.” And, “Look! There is my perception of the way another treated me. Thank goodness I have released this energy.”

And so you feel a bit “wiped out” after a good cleansing. This is a time of renewal. Treat yourself with loving care. The crying was a good thing. Is not the body the perfect instrument? Yes, at times it suffers from imperfections, but this self-cleansing mechanism you call crying is evidence of a good plan. Have a good cry now and then, and then get on with filling your body with love.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Soft and Furry

Kittens have such soft fur that you could sit and stroke them all day. Why this attraction? Because the human body is beautifully attuned to that which resonates with the spirit. Inside, you are all goodness. It is only on the outside that some take on the rough edges. Are you prickly like a porcupine, or do you have the soft fur of a kitten? Others note this, but note that this is only a false exterior you have erected.

Inside, all is soft and furry. If you balk at this thought, you are referencing your ego side. The ego is built upon many falsehoods, not the least of which is that you are separate from your brethren. Take away the ego, and what do you have? The kitten with the power of the most gentle of lions. Soften your edges and let the sound that comes from within be a gentle purr … a purr of satisfaction that comes from knowing that at your core you are Love.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Savor the Sweetness

Raspberries … such a beautiful fruit, bursting with sweet juice, and such a vibrant red color … so pleasing to the eye, yet what happens when you bite into the berry? There you find a multitude of seeds that become lodged between the teeth and prove irritating. And so, you find an alternate way of eating the raspberry. Instead of chewing, you press down lightly and thus enjoy the juice and the sweet flavor without the irritants.

Is not your life like this at times? Are there not numerous irritations and people who get stuck between your teeth, so to speak? They will always be there. They are part of the “berry”, but are they not surrounded by sweetness and beauty?

Do not chew so hard. Do not bite down and grind away when the irritants make their presence known, but merely acknowledge they are there and savor the sweetness anyway. The seeds all play a role, as do you. Savor this life, irritants and all, remembering that irritants are in the mind. It is all in how you choose to consume each beautiful experience. Focus not on the seeds, but on the sweetness. It is all around you.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Family Matters

Family is so very important. Why? Because you made an agreement before you came here to learn from each other and to help each other to evolve and grow. Some of you are very close in temperament, style, and appearance, whilst others seem as if they belong to a different clan. Do you see the learning opportunities these differences offer you? “To learn what?” you ask. “To learn of pain and strife?” No, to learn to love each other no matter what. You can learn this with all those around you, to be sure—with friends, enemies, and distant strangers—but your family is ever-present, if not physically, then in your very genes. You may try to forget them, but they do not go away. This is because they will always have this very basic lesson to teach you. Thank them, and then get back to work on your lessons.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Wonder No Longer

Synchronicity … a word you hear much about when you are on the spiritual path, and one which you have more and more experience with the more you attune to Higher Consciousness. When two events come together in what to you seems a miraculous way, like the perfectly timed movements of your synchronized swimmers, you call this a synchronicity. It is these moments that show you the perfection of life and allow you to see that there are greater forces at work than the smaller self.

These are eye-openers, meant to fill you with wonder so that you no longer wonder, “Is there a God? Do I have helpers? Am I alone?” No, my friend, you never walk alone, and synchronicity is a gift from this God who breathes you … a gift to fill you with joy and make you say, “Can you believe what just happened?” Yes, you can believe it. And that is the point. When you synchronize your will with the will of your Greater Self, synchronicities become the norm.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Enemies and Lovers

Make your enemy your lover … a shocking statement, is it not? Why do you love some and not others? It is most often because some agree with you and others do not. Do not all humans have the will to choose their thoughts and actions? Allow them to do so. If all thought and acted the same, there would be no point whatsoever in having this life experience.

Treasure the differences in each other. Surely, it is obvious when some abuse free will and act unloving. See this with compassion and understanding. Forgive those with whom you may have disagreed in the past over some triviality. Oh, we hear you now, beginning to argue: “But it was not trivial!” We disagree. All is trivial except loving thy brother as thyself. And so, see the disagreement for what it was and what it is—differing expressions of the Love Force … differing levels of understanding of the Truths of the Spirit. And then, make your enemy your lover. What is a lover, but one you love without condition. Love fully, and there find peace. Love fully, and there find your reason for living.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Your Day Will Come

Every man will have his day (and you do understand the convention of the language—that when we say “man” we mean human being, and do not wish to exclude the women). Regardless … do not wait for fame and fortune. These are things of the material world. We speak now of that golden moment when the Light fills you so completely that you feel as if you could burst … when you are so filled with love of life, of nature, of your fellow man, and yes, of God, that you raise your head and arms to the sky and shout, “This is why I am here! To have this day! To have this moment and every moment that follows!” And then, when you have had this moment—your “day”—you can handle the valleys and those days that seem mediocre. Yet, are not all of them helpful in making those bliss-filled moments all the more special?

Do not worry if your Day has not yet come. Do not worry if it has passed. These days are all around you. They are Life in expression. Do not sit and wait, nor worry when they will come. Get out and live your life to the fullest. Love fully, with all your heart, and then, dear heart, your day cannot help but come.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

The Music of Life

All arises from the silence. Think of your music. There would be no awareness of music at all, were it not for the spaces in between the notes. It is from the stillness—the perfect calm—that beauty is expressed. And so, a note is sounded, and then another, with enough of a difference in vibration that the mind detects variation. And then another note and yet another is sounded. In your system, you have a scale which you do call an octave. Certain notes vibrate within this scale in resonance with others, and there is dissonance with some. Do you not see how all of life is represented in the sound of music? … variation of vibration … resonance and dissonance, and all arising from and returning to the beautiful silence.

Why do you think some songs attract you like magnets, pulling you into their beauty in such a way that your heart soars when you hear the notes and the beautiful chords? Are not you attracted to some people in this way? To some scents? To some sights? All is One, my friend—the vibration of Love in expression—and all arising from the perfect stillness in order to experience life in Its infinite forms … in the infinite symphonies of life.

You—in your current human form—are but one note in one symphony at this moment, but life is eternal and ever-present. The song is ever-changing. You are the note. You are the song. And where do you draw the line between the note and the silence? You cannot, for one flows into the other. You cannot have a song without both. You are intimately intertwined with the music of the Maker.

Friday, July 8, 2011

A Whole New World

Do you want to see your world with wonder? Step outside of the box you have placed yourself in. Boxed in—that is what you are … boxed in by your conditioned thoughts and actions. You are consciousness, constantly creating your reality with your thoughts, but like a mouse on a wheel, round and round you go once you get used to the motion, forgetting or not realizing there is a world of other motions available to you when you step off the wheel and climb out of the cage.

The ego likes its routines. Routines make you feel safe in your little box, but you are not here simply to be confined. You are here to create, to explore, to enjoy the wonder of creation and the wonder of being you. Look at the box you have created, then ask yourself, “In what new ways might I act, might I respond, might I dance today? Instead of going round and round on this treadmill, might I instead move side to side and there discover new joys?”

Step outside the box into the world of pure potential. Dive into the sea of possibilities and explore a whole new world.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

On Wings of Love

Never fear the truth. We speak not now of truth in the sense of the human word, which can be twisted in endless ways to meet your means. We speak now of the truth that never changes …

Do not fear love, for love is what you are. Seek love in all things, yes, but BE love first and foremost. Judge not another for their lack of love. Judge only yourself, but not with criticism … with love, my friend. Do you see?

Fear nothing. Judge nothing. Be only love. This is your main task in life … your raison d’etre, as you say. Be aware at all times of thought and feelings. These work in harmony, and when they truly operate in harmony, then the soul sings. Be a walking song of love, fearless in knowing the truth, fearless in your expression of the truth, and the truth truly will set you free to soar like eagles—to fly as the true spirit-being that you are on wings of love.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

An extra post for today

A friend expressed her emotions at the verdict of the Casey Anthony trial.  She found this past posting from Sanaya helpful ...

Knowing Right From Wrong

You can kill the body, but you cannot kill the soul. The spirit is eternal. When one takes the life of another deliberately, there is always payment at a soul level. Judgment comes not from a vengeful deity, but from within the self-same soul. Judge not another, for that other will judge themselves when shown the full effect of their actions.

Much that you consider wrong is the result of ignorance—ignorance of the very nature of Life and of the Great Spirit. All of life is the expression of the God Force. Killing and mayhem are the willful uses of this force gone awry. Why is there such disharmony when these acts occur? For the soul knows wrong from right.

Those who do not see the difference while here in physical form will most certainly see it when they pass over and review their life. When understanding comes, so also comes the great urge to do better and to express in a far greater way the true Spirit. Souls may become temporarily lost, but all eventually find their way home. Meanwhile, maintain hope for mankind and be a model of loving kindness.


You rub two sticks together and you create heat by exciting the molecules. Higher vibrations are creative. Raise the vibrations even further and you create fire, and lo! You have created light! What if you had the ability to raise the vibrations ever and ever higher? What if there were no limit to the vibrations you could raise? Why, then, could you not create a universe?

It is all a matter of degree, my friend. You are consciousness in human form … for now. From Consciousness you have arisen. Call it what you like … call it Consciousness, call it Spirit, call it God, call it the Creative Force of the Universe … you are It. For now, a small focus of “It,” but do you not have the ability in this moment to create fire and light … and yes, love? Call it Mind … call it Infinite … call it Infinite Loving Mind. If you are It, and you are endowed with the same creative force, then use it to create more love in your world. Why else would you be here?

Any man can build a fire, but once you see the light, how will you use it?

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A Web of Your Own Making

’Tis far better to err than to never try at all. So many sit and dream of things beyond their reach, but fail to act for fear of failure. This is the ego thinking. You are caught in a web of your own making. The more you struggle in your mind, the more trapped you do become. Realize that you are the one who has sewn the web. You walk upon the gossamer strands. You create them yourself. You are not their prisoner.

Have you not seen a spider’s web sparkle and glint in the light? Shine the light on your fears and see them for what they are: misperceptions and illusions of your own making. Nothing can hold you back from your dreams but the very web of your thoughts. Put the web behind you and strike out boldly in the direction of your dreams.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Peace is the Goal

Hello from Suzanne ... no matter how far into the wilderness we go in Canada, we seem to find a MacDonald's with Internet! So here are the two latest posts. (From now on, if I find Internet, no matter what time of day, I will post Sanaya's words. Love to all... (Two new entries follow)

Peace is the goal … peace on earth and peace in your heart. Is this not where all peace beings – in the calm, stillness within? This stillness is always there, just as it is always still at the bottom of the pond, in spite of whatever waves ripple the surface. You, too, are like the pond. Whilst you may experience turmoil all around you, the peace lies ever waiting within. Know that this is the part of you—your True Self—that is ever-present and ever-accessible.

Call not upon things or people external to yourself to bring you peace, but summon the peace that lies within you and bring it to the surface. Radiate tranquility and watch the waves around you subside. In this way, you can be a peace-maker, for yourself as well as for others. Peace be with you … always.

Poem #410 - The Part of You That Never Dies

Fly away to worlds unknown
This, my dear, is your true home
You walk awhile upon the earth
But in any moment you take birth

You are born again each time you blink
For Life is far more than you think
Not just this time you walk as “man”
That’s just one blink in God’s great plan

For Spirit is from whence you come
And what you’ll be when this life’s done
Each life’s a blink in God’s one eye
For God is One and cannot die

You live, you breathe, you blink, you see
You do it all eternally
As God’s expression, this life you live
For now to God a form you give

So use it well, this life you lead
This one in which as “man” you bleed
But know that underneath it all
You do not bleed, you cannot fall

If all does seem a mystery
Look not back upon your history
But go within where Spirit lies
The part of you that never dies

Saturday, July 2, 2011

*** No Need to Judge

I found an internet spot, so ... from Sanaya:

God does not dole out favors. God does not sit on a throne. Most importantly, God does not judge nor condemn. God IS. Spirit is the causative force of consciousness, and this Force is infinitely wise and infinitely loving. Were it not so, you would not even exist.

If God does not judge others, then why do you? It is because the lower, human aspect of yourself, which you do call “ego” needs to prove your existence. The ego proves its importance by showing its separation. By judging another, ego says, “Look at me! I am better than that one. I am superior.” But Spirit does not judge. There is no need for Spirit to prove separation or superiority. Do you see how frivolous this would be? It would be as if saying, “I am superior to myself!”

There is naught but Spirit—Infinite Loving Consciousness—and you are an aspect of that. When you, at the level of Consciousness, finally grasp this most basic concept of Life, the need to judge disappears and is replaced with compassion for all. You may sit back and observe differences, but you do so always with compassion instead of judgment. This, beloved friends, is Love in action.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Shudder to think ...

You shudder to think of what may go wrong, but that is because you are thinking of what may go wrong!  That is where your focus lies, and your body does react in kind by shaking.  Do you see how body-matter follows thought?  You would not shudder at all if you did not consider awful things as possibilities or consider possibilities as awful things. 
Take all possibilities back to neutral, and decide how you will interpret them.  If you wish to shudder and be frightened, then go ahead and place your focus on fear.  Interpret situations real or imagined as frightful, but understand that all is perception.  You can take the most frightful or awful event you can imagine (and my, can you not do a wonderful job at this?), and imagine it now from the perspective of higher consciousness, where you can see all as a great drama playing out.  Sit back and watch, and when things get too frightful, shudder not, but change the scene.  You do this in your mind with your interpretations.  Shudder to think what might happen if all human beings took control of their thoughts … then there would be no need to shudder at all.