Who is Sanaya? Suzanne Giesemann answers:

Who is Sanaya? Suzanne Giesemann answers: "Sanaya (pronounced "sah-NIGH-ah") has told us that she is a collective consciousness of minds with both a feminine and masculine energy. This energy comes from a higher dimension than our own. When I bring through Sanaya's words, I am "tapping in" to Higher Consciousness. I am allowing that Consciousness to express itself through my body: through my brain, through my vocal cords, my arms, my hands, and also through my pen. Sanaya would not need a name, except for our human need to put labels on things and place our experiences into well-defined boxes. Sanaya takes us outside the box into a dimension where we come face to face with our higher selves. To hear the words of Sanaya as they come through ... to sit in the presence of that energy ... is a palpable experience of higher vibration ... of love. To read Sanaya's words can have the same result when you tune in to that finer energy as you read." (To read the full explanation of who and what Sanaya is along with transcripts of longer sessions click here.)

Monday, February 28, 2011

A New Opening Window

What is time, but a construct of your environment to aid you in identifying experiences in a linear fashion. You can look upon experiences which you have already had and call that your past. You can imagine experiences yet to come and call that your future, but all you truly have is this moment here and now. How will you use it?

Yes, this a theme to which we return quite often, but the whole point of your existence is to learn to use the moment now to express your divinity. For this reason, what you did in the past matters not. What you think of doing in the future matters not. All that matters is, are you thinking loving thoughts right now? The next time you open your mouth, in that now-moment, will you produce loving words? If not, then you have missed an opportunity, but because you always find yourself in a new now-moment, you are free to try again. The more you succeed in thinking, speaking, and being only love, the greater is this experience you call Life, and the more Love flows into it. What is “now”? A New Opening Window to let in and out more love and light into your world.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

In the Eye of the Storm

Peace is a gift—a glittering treasure like a golden coin you find buried in the sand. You pick it up and think, “Oh, look what I have found! I am so lucky!” But this gift of peace lies hidden within you always. It is part of the game of life that you do search for it and find it. The grains of sand of your life blow back and forth, oft times burying your peace in giant drifts, but always it lies waiting to be uncovered. You find it, then the wind blows again and covers it up.

When will you learn to not let the winds affect you? This is a learned skill, and again, it is the reason you have come here: to learn not to be buffeted by every breeze, but to stand firmly and hold onto your treasure—your inner peace … to stand in the calm eye in any storm, looking outward and knowing that you are not part of the storm, but merely an observer of it.

Funny thing about peace … the more of it you experience, the stronger it grows as you come to realize that no storm, no wind, can truly hurt you, for you ARE the peace you seek.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

You Have to Work At It

You hear the sounds of trucks on the road. This is the sound of busy people doing their work so early in the morning. You need these workers with their discipline to keep your society operating. Do you not realize that you require the same discipline to maintain your awareness of yourself as spirit? This is part of the dream of life in which you are immersed—the constant falling back into the illusion that what you see is reality. The dream will always try to pull you in, and the ego loves this, for only when you buy into the illusion of separation does the ego thrive.

Work hard to remember the truths of the spirit. Find a mantra each day that you can repeat to yourself as you walk about and drive your trucks and do your work. In this way, as you repeat your “phrase of the day” you can be in the world but not of it. “What kind of phrase?” you ask. Any words or sentences that remind you that you are spirit, that you exist only to express your spirit-nature as pure love, and that love is all there is. What more do you need?

Friday, February 25, 2011

Get on with it

Memories of bygone days … you focus on these, remembering better times … happier times when you were younger in years, more youthful in your thoughts, with a body that moved more gracefully. What is the matter with now? Nothing at all. You have created this “now.” It is all part of the great adventure of your life. You are playing a role for now. In this role you inhabit a body that ages. It has no choice but to do so. But within that body, you are pure consciousness, creating new experiences in every moment. Are they worse than those you had in the past or better? What difference? All you have is this very moment. What will you do with it? That, my friend, is what makes this an adventure—not what you did in the past, not what you will do at some unforeseen time, but how you live right here and now, for here you are, and isn’t that grand?

You exist. You are. You think. You create, and you go on creating. So go on. Get on with it. What will you create today? Love and peace? Jolly good. Then, you are beginning to understand.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Poem #396 - Your Personal Team

Bananas hanging in a bunch …
This is what you have for lunch.
A good thing that you did not eat
Something fattening and sweet.

What goes inside your body stays
To affect your mood and mind for days.
For what they say is really true:
What you eat, it becomes you.

All is energy, you see
Vibrating thoughts that once set free
Do become matter, which then does serve
To give you exactly what you deserve.

For you create this world you know
From the thoughts which freely flow
And so it’s you, in how you choose
Who does decide to gain or lose.

Not quite a spiritual thought today
But quite a lesson anyway--
That how you look you did create
With every little bite you ate!

So feed your body and your mind
And to your Self be extra kind.
Treat it with the utmost care
By breathing only healthy air.

This vessel that you wear for now
If with love you it endow
Will reflect this care both in and out
Of this fact, please have no doubt.

So treat yourself with great respect
Your body you should well protect.
It’s far more holy than it may seem,
For with the spirit it forms a team.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Greatest Lesson You Can Learn

You never stop learning. The doors of the School of Life are always open. So many lessons are you sent, but the curriculum is always the same. The subject is how to be the loving soul that you are at all times. Think of every situation in which you could possibly find yourself. If you were to choose a loving response to every one, your soul would grow. Those around you might not reap the benefits of your love if they are too closed off to the knowledge of who and what they are, but you would most certainly advance in your own soul’s evolution, which is why you exist in the first place.

You are God expressing Itself. Put another way, you are Love expressing Itself. Each time you fail to do this, you make no progress and find no peace, for only when you align your self with your Self do you finally feel at home … at One. It is quite easy to do, yet so many of you make it harder than you must. Love. Simply love and be Love—not to gain anything from others, but to gain the World inside yourself. This is the greatest lesson you can learn.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Conscious Transmitting

The human body serves as an antenna for the waves of energy and information in which you at all times are swimming. This is why you want to keep the spine straight while in meditation. But understand that you are not just a receiver of energetic information, but a transmitter as well. Every thought you think goes out from you, radiating into the universe and having an effect on all that wave of energy touches. Think how you can affect your world by consciously creating your thoughts and deliberately focusing them when you wish to see a desired result.

Be a conscious creator, not an unfocused transceiver. If you are not happy with the circumstances in your life, this is an indicator that your thoughts are out of alignment with your desires. Stand tall, ask for and receive guidance through your internal antenna, then send out to the universe thoughts and visions of that which you wish to see in your life. It is not magic. Things do not happen by themselves. You are a co-creator of the universe. Do so responsibly and always with love.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Lock Away Your Troubles

Confine your troubles to a box. Put them there for safekeeping. Put a lock on it and peer inside from time to time when you need a reminder of why you came to this life on earth. Place a label on the box: “My life lessons”, then sit back and stare at the box. Ponder its contents from afar. How have you chosen to deal with them? How have you allowed them to change the course of your life, to affect your emotions, your health, and your relationships? Sitting back like this, pondering your box of troubles from afar, you are safe. They are safely tucked away and cannot affect you. In this state you can be peaceful, allowing your troubles to simply sit there locked away, harmless and neutral.

Now, will you open that box again? Of course you will. Your life lessons are in there. But know that at any time you are completely free to shut the lid again, click the lock, sit back, and observe that harmless box from that place of peace that is always there for you to sit in. Go there often—at will—and you will be far more peaceful for it.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

You Are Special

Humility is a virtue. Treasure it. There is nothing to be gained by thinking you are more special than any other. You are unique, indeed, for all are endowed with unique abilities and talents, but all are equally special. Judge not another based upon appearances, actions, or lack of actions. Judge only yourself. Are you expressing your true nature at every opportunity? Careful now. What is your true nature? It is that part of you that is truly special. It is that part of every human being that is truly special. It is the spirit. The spirit is Love. To express your special-ness, be loving. Speak only loving words. Have only loving thoughts. Take only loving actions. Now wouldn’t that be special? Wouldn’t that be unique? You wish to feel special … to be thought of as special? Be your Self.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

King of All You Survey

You wish for a message from Sanaya? We will create a story for you…

Once upon a time, there lived a great king. He sat in his castle atop a hill. All thought that for his power and might he had all that he did need. They envied him his treasures and the glory—the adulation of the people he ruled. Were they to look inside the heart of the king, they would have found there an emptiness that none of the king’s riches could fill.

This is a simple story, and you understand the analogy. Rest not your focus on external things. Envy not those in power, nor those with riches, for is it not true that the greatest of riches comes from a full and loving heart? Are not the happiest people on your earth those who have discovered this truth? You are the king of all you survey. Use your power to rule with love, and all the world is yours.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Here, Now, and Forevermore

The loss of a loved one is one of the greatest trials you face in this physical world. We do stress the latter, for in the spirit world we know not of loss. Spirit is eternal. Consciousness expressing itself as you for a while in a physical body has a beginning and an end, for matter comes and goes, but that loving Consciousness goes nowhere. It exists here, now, and forevermore, everywhere.

If you truly realized this in your heart and mind, you would look upon a lifeless body and thank it for its service to your loved one, knowing full well that you are not talking to your loved one, but the vessel that they used for a while. And then, having thanked the body, you would step back, close your eyes, and talk to your loved one, who continues on here, now, and forevermore, everywhere.

Though you may not see them and can no longer touch a vessel which never was the true loved one, know that the true loved one hears you clearly. They need not ears, for they are now as they have always been and as you are, beloved,pure spirit, pure consciousness ... the same loving being you know in your heart … listening to your thoughts and sending back to you thoughts of love until you meet again.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

*** Where to Place Your Focus

Little children know nothing of fear. They learn this. When new to this world, you were as pure as the Spirit which animates you. Your needs were met, and you were content—until you looked outside yourself and saw the world. The world showed you needs you knew nothing of, but once seen, they became desires. Desires unfilled became dissatisfaction and fear of not having them fulfilled. Your focus shifted entirely from the peace and joy of simply being to an external focus where peace and joy come and go, intermingled with unmet desires of things you have falsely come to believe that you need for your satisfaction.

Do you see how nothing outside of yourself can ever bring you the full peace, joy, and satisfaction that you came into the world knowing fully?

Why does the world love little children? For there you see the reflection of the Spirit inside you … pure joy, pure innocence, pure love, pure be-ing. This state rests inside you now, only waiting to be remembered. Seek not outside yourself for ephemeral pleasures. All things and all physical beings outside of your Self will come and go. The true Self is eternal. All spirit-selves are linked for eternity. Place your focus there—on the spirit-self of yourself and others. There lies the peace and joy that all men seek.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

It's Very Simple

The farther afield you go in your explorations, the more confused you do become. “Are there aliens? What is this “ascension” for which some are preparing? Are there portals through which mere mortals can pass?” Do not concern yourself with finding such answers. There are infinite paths down which you may wander … many branching off to the sides and taking you away from your main journey. The goal is always to come closer to your understanding of Reality.

The Reality of which we speak is quite simple and quite basic: You are one with the Divine Mind. You are a spirit-being here and now. There is naught but Love. And that is it. All else is superfluous chatter which takes your focus away from the True One Voice.

You need do nothing nor learn anything else but this most basic of messages, which can be narrowed down to one simple word: Love. It is both a thing and an action—a noun and a verb—but again, it boils down to One simple word … the Essence of all things … and you are It.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Compromise, my friend. You are in this world to share… to share the experience of Life. You are one focus of the Consciousness of God. All else that you see—all living things… all living beings—are also focuses of the One Source. Were you here alone, there would not be the richness of experience nor the great variety of lessons to learn. And so, as others fulfill their dreams and wishes you are given a choice to enjoy their dreams with them or to enjoy your own. Always it is a choice.

Not always do the dreams coincide. When this happens, you have the opportunity to give up one dream or the other, or to enjoy both to a lesser degree. Much more is to be gained by enjoying both through the act of compromising, for as we have already stated, you do learn far more through relationships with others than by spending all of your time alone. Work out a compromise and reap the benefits of combining alternate facets of the God Force. Such richness is available to you if you only step outside your self-imposed boundaries.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Poem #395 - Focus

Sing a song of happiness
For all is quite in order.
There will be no lack or pain
When you go across the Border.

Heaven’s what you call this place
Where naught but beauty does abound.
But what you fail to see is all
The beauty now around.

You tend to focus on the things
That trouble you the most
Instead of giving focus
To your great and mighty Host.

The things of God are perfect;
The things of man not quite.
To know perfection is your task—
To see the world with brand new sight.

What’s Real is what’s eternal.
Your spirit is like that.
So put your fears and doubts aside
And know that Heaven’s where you’re at.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Only Rule You Need

So many rules you do place upon yourselves … morals, dictated by others. “Thou shalt do this and that, but never that or this” … rules to live by, based on judgments. There is but one rule … one law which you can follow and never go wrong, and that is the law of Love.

“Love thy brother as thyself, and love thy God with all thy heart”. All else—all other rules—follow this one. “Is it wrong to do this or that?” you may wonder, and the answer lies in this statement. It is the Golden Rule. Are you hurting another by your actions? You always know the answer if you look within your heart. This is conscience.

True, some of your fellow human beings have buried their conscience so deeply within layers of ego that they do need the rules of man, but you who remain conscious—if only at times—that you are created in the image of the Father, need only this one rule. Begin by loving yourself, then it becomes far easier to love your brother as yourself. Seek the Father within to know what real Love is.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Throw Down Your Sword

Throughout your life you will face a variety of tests. There are few tests greater than to love those who hurt you. You will face the deaths of loved ones and you will face illness. These do require understanding of the nature of Reality, but the greatest understanding comes when you can look upon one who acts out of fear and ignorance and send that one love.

So many in your world do not know who they are. They are blind to their Self as spirit. Because of this, they do hurtful things. Their words and actions are dark and can be painful if perceived as something that can hurt you. Understand well that nothing can hurt you-as-spirit. It is only the ego that feels pain. The soul is pure Love.

When pained by another, this is a duel between egos. Throw down your sword and surrender the ego. This is an act of power … an act of awakening. The other may continue to spar, but without an adversary, he will have to look elsewhere. By modeling right action yourself, perhaps your brother may actually catch a glimpse in your mirror of his true nature. And perhaps not … if that is his choice … but struggle not with another’s darkness. Worry only if your own light burns brightly enough.

Friday, February 11, 2011

The Art of Creation

Start at what you call the beginning—your so-called “Big Bang.” This was only the bringing into existence of yet another reality in which God could experiment and play with creation. You do this every moment of your life, for have we not told you repeatedly that you are the Creator in form? A facet, of course, but still quite capable of taking the tiniest of ideas and turning them into actuality. All that exists, including you, began as a thought, which increased in vibration into desire, followed by intent, and the result became visible or something to be experienced.

Look around you. You and those around you have created all that you now experience. If you do not wish to continue this particular experience, begin with that idea and create the surroundings and experiences of your heart’s desire. It is only your ignorance of your great creative abilities which does keep you locked in one experience. All is by choice. Create anew if you are unhappy. Begin first, however, by creating the thought in your mind that all is Love. This will awaken all other possibilities as you bring your Self slowly out of your slumber.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Ego's Last Gasp

“I can do this myself!” you do claim. It is this need to be independent that does keep you from experiencing true Love. Why do you need to be the one with all the answers, the one to always be right, the one to have your way? Such rebellion! Do you see how it keeps you separate?

Look upon all others not as competitors, but as equal cells in the body of God. Do the cells of your own body fight each other? Yes, at times they do, and this you call “dis-ease.” Cease the need to be first, to be right, and to have your own way. Allow your fellow cells to contribute to your harmony and health by surrendering this thing you call the “will” and you will experience far greater peace.

Recognize the urge to control outcomes as the ego’s strangled cry for attention. Pay him no heed. The voice of Love is far more subtle, far less insistent, for Love knows that sooner or later you will come around and pay attention. Why wait? Thank the ego now for its many years of service and give your full attention to the Voice of Love.

Note from Suzanne: And today, a "two-fer" with Poem #394 that follows...

Poem #394 - What Makes You You

See the world through brand new eyes.
This happens when you realize
That you have lived ‘til now a lie.
The thought that you were only “I”.

You live, my friend, in every thing.
You are the song the bird does sing,
The flower, and the drop of dew…
All share the thing that makes you You.

Forget the body with its aches,
For it’s the greatest of mistakes
To touch the skin and think it’s real,
Because its surface you can feel.

What’s truly real is what does last,
And lives now eternal, not in the past.
The part of you that’s true and whole?
This is what you call the soul.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Who Loves You?

You have a pledge you learned as a child: “One nation, under God, indivisible …” You, my child are like this nation—one being, under God, indivisible. You are the ocean and the wave. You are the sun and the sunbeam. You are the forest and the tree, the tree and the twig. It is true, the twig would die if separated from the tree. The tree, standing alone, loses its identity with the forest. The sunbeam and the wave are yet closer to their source, for it is impossible to separate the two from their source.

Are you beginning to understand your relationship with YOUR Source? You try to stand alone—to believe yourself independent, but you can only stand alone for but a short while. What is the Source of the water you drink, the food you require, and the air you breathe? What is the Source of your companionship? What is the Source of your very thoughts?

You cannot live without breathing, yet we ask you … who BREATHES you? And when you cease breathing and find you still exist, it is that very thought –the realization that you exist—that is of your Source as well. The Creator thinks through you, breathes through you, loves through you. Who LOVES you? Your indivisible God.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

*** See With New Eyes

A blind man sees the world quite differently than those with physical sight. He forms his impressions by attuning more greatly to his other physical senses. In this way, his perceptions are what you might consider impaired. But why are his perceptions any less valid than one who uses yet other forms of sensing with the body alone?

We wish you to know that any human being who forms his perceptions based solely on input from the physical senses is a blind man. The body is a useful tool for operating in the physical world, but that world is only a temporary existence. You exist in another world side by side, here and now, yet you are blind to this higher existence if your sole focus is on the physical. Shift your focus, my friend. Walk each moment with soul focus and expand your perceptions infinitely.

See Reality with the eyes of the soul—with the heart—and all Wisdom, Power, and Love will be yours. These attributes lie within you now, for they are the attributes of your Source, but dimmed they are until you shine the light inward instead of focusing only outward. Be not blind to Reality. See with the soul and your path will be clear.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Always Guided

You stand on the edge of a cliff—the bottom far below. Such a decision you face: “Should I take this leap? A jump such as this will change my life.” At times your decisions are like this … monumental, with great consequences. How to know whether or not to take the leap or make no move at all? Have we not told you, we will catch you if you fall? Always are you guided, yet you are so often undecided. It’s merely a matter of having trust, and for this reason, surrender is a must.

Surrender to the will of God. Such submission you may find odd,but never will you fail. Most certainly, outcomes may differ from what you expected. Be that as it may, you will realize growth. There are lessons to be learned from every decision and every action. The lessons, we assure you, are always far more gentle when your decisions are guided from within.

Sunday, February 6, 2011


Deliberate intention produces results far beyond mere meandering of the mind. The human being so often wonders why he or she fails to see in this life that which they desire. Desire is but one part of the crucial equation of creation. Intention is the key. First arises the desire for a particular outcome, then it is up to you to focus your consciousness in such a way that you see no other outcome. This is intention.

Understand that you are but a focus of consciousness of Pure Consciousness. As such, the desire and intention of the Creator will always hold more sway in outcomes over your personal desires. Do not struggle, but pray that your intentions be in alignment with that of your Source. This is when the act of surrendering to the Greater Good becomes an act of great power.

Make it your greatest desire and your greatest intention to serve your fellow human being, and all worldly desires will lose their luster as you come into alignment with your true purpose on earth.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Give No Power to Illusion

There is no such thing as a devil, if by this word you understand an actual entity who stands opposite of God. To understand this, you must first change your concept of God from an actual benevolent being to an intangible, yet fully benevolent and loving, conscious Force which is the source of and governs all that is. If All That Is is loving and benevolent and all-powerful, then how, you may ask, can evil exist?

Evil is the result of the false illusion of the ego of man—that part of the human consciousness that does falsely believe it is separate from God. Off marches the ego, making decisions as an individual out of alignment with Love. The results at times are so far misaligned with Love that you do call this “evil.” Such acts were not perpetrated by an entity with horns and a pitchfork. This image is symbolic. As a metaphor for evil, the devil exists in the ego of each human. It is the choice and the main task of each human being to realize the truth—that separation from God never happened. All else is illusion. When will you stop dreaming?

Friday, February 4, 2011

Borrowed Time

You speak of “borrowed time.” What does this mean? It shows a belief that time is limited … that there is not enough of it to fulfill your desires in your time remaining here on earth. First you must understand that time is a construct of the human mind. Time has beginnings and endings and limitations. You as pure spirit have none of these. You as a human being in a body perceive that you have them all: beginning, end, and limitations. You cling so tightly to these beliefs, and then you fear when these endings and limitations come to pass.

Step back and see the greater picture with the eyes of the soul. This lifetime you are now experiencing is one of a continuous expression of You as Consciousness and Love. It is a great expression of creation … a great adventure. Far more Adventures in Consciousness await you. The only thing you have borrowed is a bit of dust and matter from your Mother Earth. Upon its return to dust, the Real You will continue on living and learning. Have no fear.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Find the Joy Inside

Greet each day with joy, even when you find it hard to smile. Joy comes from within, not from what is happening around you. If you find yourself out of sorts, you are identifying with the external world. That which you perceive through the bodily senses is impermanent and leads to misperception.

When in need of a lift, when you forget what joy feels like, it is vitally important that you sit quietly, close out the outer world, and ask to experience your True Self. As you become practiced in doing this, it will become impossible not to raise your spirits as you raise your conscious awareness that YOU are spirit, not body.

Nothing outside of you matters. Nothing drags down the spirit. You, as spirit, are pure joy and love. If you speak of feeling low or irritable, sad, or angry, this is not of your spirit, but the body-mind. Again we say, sit and pray, and to you will return that well-spring of joy and peace, bubbling up from within to remind you that only Love is real.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Poem #393 - Let Your Love Pour

Feel your heart beat …
At times it does pound.
A reminder that there
Is love all around.

The heart is the center
Of the emotional field
Wherein your true essence
As love is revealed.

Place your focus right there
Bring it oft to the fore.
Then send out what you feel
And to this world you’ll bring more.

To be loved is a blessing.
To give love, greater yet.
Go forth as a light –
And others’ appetites whet.

Be so loving and kind
That when they see you they sigh,
For your love will be felt
Such that none can deny.

To feel love is a gift;
To spread it out even more.
So open your heart
And let your love pour.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Unseen Helpers

A gathering of angels at your side …
It makes no sense to run and hide.
They come to teach and show the way—
A touch of grace that starts your day.

You always have this team of helpers with you. Can you imagine navigating this world completely alone? A frightening thought, perhaps, to those who do not realize how very much help surrounds them at all times. You are not a solo wanderer. You are part of All That Is—born of the Source of All Love. It is that same Love that wishes you to succeed in this experience you are having as you.

Success in spiritual terms is quite different than the material. May you have whatever material success you think you desire, but may your growth as a spirit-being be ever upward as you learn to see and be only love. This is when your team of unseen helpers is most present—when you place your focus on true success and ask for their help. Why, you will almost hear them singing, such is the joy engendered when you realize why you exist.