Who is Sanaya? Suzanne Giesemann answers:

Who is Sanaya? Suzanne Giesemann answers: "Sanaya (pronounced "sah-NIGH-ah") has told us that she is a collective consciousness of minds with both a feminine and masculine energy. This energy comes from a higher dimension than our own. When I bring through Sanaya's words, I am "tapping in" to Higher Consciousness. I am allowing that Consciousness to express itself through my body: through my brain, through my vocal cords, my arms, my hands, and also through my pen. Sanaya would not need a name, except for our human need to put labels on things and place our experiences into well-defined boxes. Sanaya takes us outside the box into a dimension where we come face to face with our higher selves. To hear the words of Sanaya as they come through ... to sit in the presence of that energy ... is a palpable experience of higher vibration ... of love. To read Sanaya's words can have the same result when you tune in to that finer energy as you read." (To read the full explanation of who and what Sanaya is along with transcripts of longer sessions click here.)

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Ritual Reliance

Rituals are training aids.  They are quite useful for those who enjoy ceremony or need reminders of Truth, but for those who fully know Who and What they are, no ceremonies are necessary.  For one who does not know how to light a fire, he might first dance in a circle, erect an elaborately placed pile of twigs, and sing and pray around it, thinking all of this is necessary to produce a flame.  One who understands the nature of fire could just as easily step up, strike a match, and produce the same result.

Examine your rituals.  We are not telling you they are right or wrong or advising you to get rid of them.  We are telling you that the flame is already within you.  To produce a result, you need merely set the intention and light the spark.  The power lies in the intention, not in the ritual.

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Note from Suzanne:  Please join me Sunday, December 7th, for a session with Sanaya at Temple Shalom in Oxford, FL (Just outside The Villages) at 7 PM.  Bring guest(s) if you feel drawn to do so.  Many blessings ...

Honestly ...

Be honest with yourself.  What does that mean?  At some level higher than the ego you know truth.  The body has a way of letting you know truth and when you are not living that truth.  It is called discomfort, and it manifests through a feeling in the heart-stomach area.  At times it is very subtle.  At times impossible to ignore.  This is your truth meter … or call it your lie meter.  Either way, it can be trusted far more than your thoughts.  Are you being honest with yourself?  Now that you know the truth, only your own thoughts will keep you from admitting it.  Now what will you do with that?

Friday, November 28, 2014

From a Place of Peace

When another angers you or does something that you think they should not do, how do you respond?  If you respond with anger, which is a natural and understandable human reaction, you are not likely to achieve a desirable outcome, and if you do, you will have stymied an even greater result.

What happens, when faced with anger, if you stop, breathe, and remember your purpose in being here—to raise the quality of your consciousness?  Then you can bring love in to your response and reaction.  You can state your case firmly.  You can stand your ground, but you do so calmly and from a place of peace and love that will change the entire dynamics of the situation.  Try it, why don’t you, and you will see what being a peacemaker is all about.

Thursday, November 27, 2014

In God

Enthusiasm … the roots of this word mean “in God.”  When you are filled with the Spirit, which you are at all times, but in this case are now with the awareness of Spirit at work, you feel more alive, more awake, more energetic, as if you could take on the world.  You have taken on a physical body in the world of form for a reason.  When you are aligned with this reason you come alive, for you are allowing the merging of the spirit side of you with the human side and you become en-thused … truly “in Theos” … in God, one with the Higher Self. 

Are you feeling listless, without purpose?  Sit in the silence and ask to be filled with the Presence, to be aware of how Spirit is at work in your life through you and as you.  Ask to be enthused. 

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Toward Harmony

When cells in the body fight each other you call it a cancer.  The cells are no longer harmonious, but are working against the whole.  What caused this challenge in the first place?  Disharmony – a lack of awareness amongst the very cells of the body that they all serve the whole.  Do you put a band aid on a festering wound?  Why do cancers so often not heal themselves?  For the root cause is still there—an underlying dis-ease, disorder, and lack of harmony.  You are seeing this now in your news:  rioting, burning, and anger that has festered and now boils over. 

The human way is to bring in more anger and fight fire with fire.  Yes, deal with the immediate outbreaks to ensure they do not spread.  Restore order on the surface, but then get to the root cause.  Deal with the dis-ease and disharmony without judgment and without anger.  See all participants as cells in the same body.  Resist the temptation to sling arrows of blame and be part of the change.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014


“I long to be free of the chains that bind me” (A quote from Wolf Pasakarnis’ artwork).  And what are those chains?  The trappings of the ego … those thoughts that hold you prisoner in thinking that you are limited or fixed into position in your body.  In fact, you are free to travel anywhere in your mind,  free to know any answer, free to feel any and every emotion, free to be free of judgment and anger and discomfort.  All of these human vibrational characteristics are merely indicators that you are less than free.  These shackles come off at times by grace and at others as a result of your own spirit’s growth.  But first comes the recognition of the difference between freedom and enslavement.

As We Watch the News Today ...

Note from Suzanne:  I had no idea last night when I sat to write a blog entry about group consciousness that hours later it would become quite relevant in light of current events.  Of course Spirit knew ...

Here's a follower's comment from my Facebook page, www.Facebook.com/SuzanneGiesemann

"Relevant as Ferguson protests ramp up.  Some may not like the grand jury decision, but why are they questioning it? Is it based on the facts of the case or a groundswell of fear of something else bubbling just under the surface? Question yourself before questioning others. Sanaya's posts are always so relevant, on small and large scales."

Here's a link to the post in question (to receive these posts by email, fill in your email address in the right-hand column of the News and Musings Blog Page):  http://suzannegiesemannwhatsnew.blogspot.com/2014/11/group-think-re-thunk.html

And the Soul Dances On ...

Note from Suzanne:  I was so moved by a comment about yesterday's message from Sanaya (http://www.suzannegiesemannblog2.blogspot.com/2014/11/on-inside.html ) on my Facebook page from Lynette Setzkorn that I am reposting it here: 

"When my father was in the very late stages of dementia at the end of his life, and could barely speak, he was conversing with dead relatives. I'm not sure how it worked, but his conversational abilities were practically normal as he chattered away with them in the early morning and at times in those last few weeks when he'd had to go a nursing home. In the last week of his life, when he barely spoke at all and, when he did, was very hard to understand, I bent over his bed to kiss him goodbye. His eyes sparked and he said "I love you honey," and so I said a few more words, and he looked at me and started to say something else. Then clear as day, sounding like my daddy of ten years before, he turned to the right, looked up in the corner of the room, held up his hand as if to halt someone, and said "give me thirty minutes here; I am saying goodbye to Lynette." I always had the sense that his spirit was just speaking out of his mouth as Sanaya does when Suzanne channels Them. We just happened to overhear it. And in those cloudy times, when it seemed he was lost to us, I felt he was already there, dancing across the line, still tethered to his 95 year old home on this side but experiencing a bit of the freedom that comes when we are finally free of it. There is such kindness and gentleness in these channeled words of wisdom. What a treasure you've given us in Sanaya. Thank you."

Thank you, Lynette, for this touching story showing us the truth that we are all beautiful souls inside.

("Like" my Facebook page, www.Facebook.com/SuzanneGiesemann , and enjoy sharing the conversation with others about the daily messages.)  Many blessings to you all. 

Monday, November 24, 2014

On the Inside

Who are you on the inside?  Are you the body which you see in the mirror?  That body has changed over the years, has it not?  You may be wiser and have learned a thing or two, but the you who gazes in the mirror is the same.  That is the part of you who never dies.  You simply ARE.  You are a point of awareness who takes on a body that changes.  And what if that body should end up in a wheelchair, unable to speak but in garbled sentences?  Who do you think would be gazing into the mirror then?  Why, of course, the same you who gazed in the mirror at 12 years old, and then 20, and 40, and 60, and who feels no different. 

So, please, we ask you to keep this in mind when dealing with one whose physical body is less than what most would deem perfect and know that within is a soul that simply IS … a soul that is aware, alert, playing in this world and the world of spirit, as are all of you at all times.  The only one who is handicapped is the one who fails to see beyond the mask.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Changing the Outcome

And so you find yourself in a situation that is uncomfortable.  The vibrations around you are quite in dissonance with your own.  Always you have a choice.  You can get up and leave, but in keeping with human decorum, this would cause discomfort for those around you.  What to do?  Leave the situation not with the body, but with your consciousness.  Rise above the dissonance and observe from a place of neutrality in a state of utter peace.

My, my!  Isn’t this a new way to handle things!  When the situation is over, you will have had a perfectly fine experience, for you made a higher choice in how to see the experience.  It could have gone quite differently, could it not?  Without even moving, the event had a completely different outcome.  It all comes down to choices and how you choose to use your consciousness.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Doing the Hard Work

There are no shortcuts in this process of awakening.  You must do the hard work.  This is why so many are content to remain in slumber.  And what is the hard work?  Facing your fears, feeling your tears, digging through the years when you were not willing to take a hard look at yourself.  Now you are.

Do not be afraid of what you will find.  Be proud of yourself for having come to the point where you now have the courage to go beyond merely plodding along as so many do, and setting your spirit free.  This takes work and a great deal of awareness, but the rewards—oft hard earned—are well worth the effort.

Friday, November 21, 2014


You are royalty.  What if all of you knew this?  There would be some who would let it go to their heads, claiming that they are deserving of special treatment.  Then there would be the few who understood that with this comes responsibility.  And what is that responsibility?  To lead others.  To be fair to others.  To show others that they, too, are magnificent and the offspring of rulers.

This life you are leading now is simply a role.  Have you chosen to play a prince or a pauper?  Royalty in the spiritual sense has nothing to do with external belongings or position, and everything to do with the crown upon your head and the jewel in your heart—both of which connect you to the One Mind which reigns above all and whose lineage you hail from. 
The kingdom of God truly is within you.  Hail to the King, but know that there is no need to worship any god or man.  Simply by acknowledging your true lineage do you step into your right and proper role and assume the great duty of being the presence of Love.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

The "C" Word

As you uncover old wounds—yes, “uncover,” for some you have buried so deeply in your mind that you are unaware of the effect they still have on you—fill the wound with love.  There is a reason that you can now see these past events and behaviors that continue to affect you.  You have opened your eyes more fully to who you really are—a beautiful, eternal soul who is here to learn through your challenges and triumphs.  Now that you see why you think and behave as you do, can you not feel compassion for yourself?  Compassion and love are the most healing of balms, and self-healing is what it takes to move on and grow.  It need not be painful.  Compassion will take away the pain in an instant.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Stepping Out

There is always more than one way to do a thing, more than one way to respond.  The challenge occurs when you become locked into habitual patterns.  It is human nature to then defend your way of doing something so that when another proposes a different way, at times this comes as a shock.  Changing your way would require adjustment.  Use this as a learning tool.  Perhaps there is a better way.  Could it be there is no right way or wrong way after all?  Why, this would require losing your self-imposed restrictions.  The result, no matter how the new choice turns out, is growth, simply because you were willing to step outside of your box.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Only Love

Defensiveness … What is its origin?  Ego.  Always the ego tries to protect itself, and it does this by giving you the illusion of separation from others.  There is only the separation of individual traits.  At your essence there is only Consciousness.  Consciousness is Love.  Anything less than that reveals a focus on the smaller self, ruled by ego, and not on the Highest Self that joins all as One.

If you feel the need to protect the smaller self, to prove that you are right, to defend your beliefs, actions, appearances, or any aspect of your individuality, there is nothing wrong with this.  It is the human way.  But when you can see that it only serves to keep you separate from others and farther from the highest expressions of Love, then you know that you are not truly free.

Freedom comes when you let down your guard and “let it be.”  There is only Love.  All else is a Learning Opportunity.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Thank you, Bev!

Many thanks to my assistant, Bev, for posting all of the available transcripts and recordings from the 2013 sessions with Sanaya on my website (under the Sanaya tab - "Special Sessions with Sanaya"):  http://www.suzannegiesemann.com/sanayasessions/ 

The next session will be in Oxford, FL, at Temple Shalom on December 7th at 7 PM.  All are invited to share the loving energy and messages.

Your Greatest Teachers

Family members do not always do what you would like or expect.  Why should they?  You chose each other for the growth opportunities you would provide to the other.  If all of you were perfectly loving and compatible, why then you would have to go and find someone else to push your buttons so that you could practice unconditional love.

We hope you read our words with humor, for humor is what is often necessary in dealing with family matters.  Humor and compassion, for all of you see life from a different perspective depending on the seat you have been occupying in this theater in the round you call life.  Same family or not, that seat is different from that of others in your family, so when differences arise, realize that their perspective may differ from yours and love them anyway.  You may no longer share a room or a roof, but you do share a lineage, and there is a reason for that.

Sunday, November 16, 2014


Emotions serve a purpose.  Caused by your thoughts in the first place, emotions then cause the body to secrete certain hormones dependent upon the emotion.  These hormones then cause what you call a “feeling” within the physical body.  At times these feelings are pleasurable; at times distasteful.  No matter whether preferable or not preferable, the feelings impel you to act.  In so doing, change occurs.  Do you see the perfection?

Life is about growth … evolution toward a more profitable state of consciousness.  If there is no change, there is no growth.  At times, there is decay instead of growth, but the natural impulse is toward growth, which is why the human is drawn toward pleasure and repulsed by pain.  See your emotions for what they are:  catalysts for change, and then notice how every thought results in an emotion.  And then realize that you control whether you grow, decay, or stay the same.

If you desire to grow and fulfill your reason for being here, be aware, and act as a truly sentient being.  Your life will flow all the more smoothly as a result.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

The Wellspring

If you cannot love yourself, then when others who have shown you love are no longer present, the pain in your heart will be quite acute – more so than the losses that all experience as a part of normal human life.  This is a sign.  That pain is telling you that this area is in need of healing, not filling by another outside of yourself. 

Faced with this aching hole, many will rush to fill it with a new love, or with chemical substances, food, excess activity … anything that will temporarily fill the emptiness of perceived loss.  It is never filled permanently from the outside, but from the inside, like a deep well that had run dry.  How to get the wellspring flowing again?  First, be grateful for those who show(ed) you love, and then turn that love on yourself. 

“Unworthy!  Unworthy!”  Aha!  Do you see how ego subverts your efforts?  Now go back, back in your human life and discover the source of this lie.  There may be more than one person or event which caused you to believe this about yourself.  This has been causing a blockage in the wellspring of self-love within you.  As you discover these blockages and remove them, the Love within you will flow back in to fill that perceived void.  Then no other beside you is necessary.  Appreciated, of course, but only so that you can bestow upon them the fullness of who you are, Love, and finally find peace.

Friday, November 14, 2014


There is a difference between being told what to believe and thinking for yourself.  A test you can try is to ask yourself if you experience fear at the thought of not believing.  Many of you would like to believe in a greater reality.  You would like to believe that you will not be judged by others—only by yourself—when you leave this earthly existence, and other such concepts, but fear holds you back.

Within you lies the greatest judge of Truth.  Go to the area of the heart and test your beliefs there.  Test others’ beliefs there.  Do you feel fear or peace?  How does it feel?

Right and wrong are changeable things.  You need not put words to the feeling.  You will simply know which path to follow, which belief is to be yours for the next portion of your path.  Yes, for the next portion … for even beliefs are changeable.  Test them often.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Your Natural Rights

Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.  These are rights one nation has proclaimed as its own and as those of all other human beings.  These are your birth rights, indeed, because all of you are not just human, but spirit.  The soul is Life.  Life cannot be taken away, even by the death of the physical body.  Liberty is always yours, even if the human body is in shackles.  It is only the ego which keeps the human shackled.  Freedom comes with the dissolution of the ego.  And happiness?  This is the natural consequence of coming into alignment with the spirit.  Joy is the natural uprising of emotion felt when love flows unimpeded through the vessel.  These are indeed yours to experience, and all of these are directly tied to the mind—to awareness of who and what you are eternally—and not to external circumstances.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Heavy Lifting

No one can do the heavy lifting for you.  Being human is easy.  You simply follow the crowd.  Being an awakened human may be a bit more challenging.  Once awakened, it is no longer so easy to follow along and to think as those who remain ignorant to a greater reality do.  You now face choices.  You have always faced choices, but now you are much more aware of the consequences in the greater scheme of things.  To forgive or not to forgive?  In the past it was easy to hang onto your anger.  To judge or not to judge?  Do you see?  Once you open the eyes of the soul your choices from moment to moment become far more important.  The lifting is easy for the soul; not always so easy for the human, which is why you must do the heavy lifting yourself.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014


You have your earthly body for a reason.  Use it.  Take care of it.  It is the vessel, the container, for the Light that you are.  Do not disdain this vessel.  It has much to teach you.  There is a reason you are in human form at this time in this place.  You are here to allow the Light that you are to shine ever brighter.  The body, in effect, is your Light bulb, powered by the Source.  How brightly do you shine?  How brightly CAN you shine?  Use the body today to express the Light … your Light.  There are so many ways to do so.  Be innovative.  Do not waste a moment sitting in darkness.  Step into your full glory and shine.

Monday, November 10, 2014

Be a Messenger

Note from Suzanne:  Do you know someone in need of healing?  Be an angel (the meaning of which is "messenger") like the therapist mentioned in this comment just received at www.SanayaSays.com:

"Every morning begins with Sanaya Says. I am so grateful to you (and my therapist who suggested I read your blog and books - I have been through emotional and physical traumas that few people could have survived). I view your work as life-saving, from the heart, and from a dimension that few on earth can touch."


Is this as good as it gets?  Is this all there is?  Of course not.  The fact that you are asking is indicative of more.  The soul knows.

There is a far greater reality connected with this physical experience and many greater realities beyond that, some with no connection whatsoever to your familiar home.  Do not worry about those.  If you wish to experience what you call “better,” concern yourself only with yourself. 

What is “better?”  The soul knows.  It all has to do with love—the highest quality of consciousness, which is all there is.  The better you become at expressing love—at being pure love—the greater your awareness of and interaction with the greater realities, where you can immerse yourself in even higher sensations of love.  If you consider that “better,” then you had better get better at loving all that is with all your heart.

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Step by Step

Fundamentals … the basic lessons you learn as children in your primary schools before you move on to the more advanced topics.  It is like anything in life:  You must crawl before you walk and walk before you run.  You wish to be enlightened and to awaken fully to the grandeur of Spirit and to embody who you really are.  You are doing this … step by step.  First you must crawl.  Then, as you learn to stand on your feet the view changes and you along with it. 

Awakening is like that.  If you awaken fully, there would be no need to continue your earthly experience other than to help others do the same.  You are here to learn and grow, and if you apply what you learn about who you are and the reality of this existence, then you will be ever more unconditionally loving with each step you take.  Enjoy the journey … step by step.

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Silver Lining

You are told to look for the silver lining.  What causes this effect?  The sun shines from behind a dark cloud, showing you with its luminous rays that even in the face of obstacles the Light is still there.  It catches your attention and you are drawn to it.  All light is like this.  When you pass from this physical existence, a great light will draw you onward.  It is the contrast between dark and light that has always shown you the way.  You are the Light, and so, like seeks like. 

Do not curse the darkness.  This is sage advice.  Darkness serves a great purpose, but you need not remain there.  Look for that silver lining and you shall find it simply because the Light in you which will never go out seeks its Source.  With that Source you are eternally connected.  Light is your natural state.

Friday, November 7, 2014

The Main Character

There are many layers to every story … subplots running through a single theme.  Many characters come into play, coming and going for a reason.  In a well-crafted story, there are no extraneous characters—all serve a purpose, and so it is with the characters in your life.  Even those you think are “extras” have value in your story.  Do not overlook them.  Give gratitude for their presence.  Acknowledge them if you are able through personal contact.  If too many, then do so in your heart.  You will be well rewarded.   Most important, remember that your story is simply that—one you have agreed to play a starring role in.  It is not set in stone, but is a fluid thing.  If you are not happy with the way it is going, change the story line, but do so by working on the main character:  you.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

True Growth

You will always emerge stronger from your challenges.  Yes, you may feel as if you descend to the depths of despair, but from the firm bottom you bounce back even higher.  If you always stay on even ground, there is little growth.  It is by experiencing diversity that you learn.  Learning and growth are why you are having this earthly experience.  Be aware:  There is a difference between experiencing what you perceive as challenges (the lows) and experiencing massive mood swings.  The two need not go hand in hand.  Indeed, when you can separate the two, then you know that true growth has occurred.


Wednesday, November 5, 2014

In the Driver's Seat

What place does fear hold in your life?  A front seat, back seat, or ever shifting?  For most humans fear is ever-present in your vehicle, but you remain oblivious to this passenger.  He takes up unnecessary room and adds weight you do not need, making your ride through life a bit more bumpy.  Take a look around today and see what you would be doing, how you would be behaving, what you would say to another if fear were not your silent companion.  To be rid of him is as simple as stopping the car, opening the door, thanking him for the lessons, and asking him to take a hike.  There now.  You have just created space … room for more light in your vehicle.  Fear served you well, but he was only along for the ride.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

A Special Video

(Note from Suzanne) Wow!  Unity of Chattanooga did an amazing job of putting together a video of my message at their Sunday Service.  The evidence and touching stories from the other side that I share in this half-hour talk affirm Sanaya's message given to us today (November 4th, www.SanayaSays.com) that our loved ones continue to be with us beyond the transition we call death.  If you are grieving the loss of a loved one or simply need a little reminder that life most certainly does go on, please take the time to watch.  Stick around at the end of the video after I thank the congregation for a short "extra." Here's the link (It's the top video on the page):  http://www.suzannegiesemann.com/videos/ Many blessings, Suzanne

If You Enjoy the Daily Messages ...

(Note from Suzanne) A transcript and recording of the latest session with Sanaya held Sunday, November 2nd in Central Florida is now available at http://www.suzannegiesemann.com/sanayasessions/.  I have received heart-warming feedback from several in attendance informing me of the immense emotional healing they received from both the message and the energy present.  I feel that the energy comes through in the recording just as clearly as it did for those present, so please enjoy the experience of listening as you read the written words in the transcript.

Many thanks to Bev Garlipp for also re-posting on the same page other transcripts and recordings from 2014 which dropped off when we switched servers.  Sessions from 2013 will be restored shortly.  With love always, Suzanne

Rest Assured

When you feel as if you cannot go on after a loss, know that you can.  You are still here for a reason.  Pain is part of the process of grief.  Few escape it, but it is also part of the human belief system and need not be quite so unbearable.   How is this possible?  Imagine if you truly knew that death is a simple transition to another phase of existence.  Imagine if you knew your loved ones who have passed are watching you and are with you when you think of them … at your side when you call.  Imagine if you knew they are at peace and are waiting for you patiently, knowing that you still have work to do on earth. 

Imagine if you knew that they feel your pain.  Imagine.  Why, then you would see that pain is not fully necessary.  You would see that it all stems from thoughts and habit.  Yes, you must develop new habits, and being without the physical presence and assurances is one of your greatest challenges, but in comparison to never seeing those you love again, it pales.  You will see them again.  Rest assured of this.  And when you can clear the grief from your heart and find peace in this awareness, then that is exactly where you will find them—in that place that still joins you:  the heart.

Monday, November 3, 2014

Note from Suzanne:  You may recall that the first time I felt the presence of Sanaya's energy, I asked, "Who are you?"  They said, "You will call us Sanaya, and you will write and write and write as Sanaya."  When I came out of that meditation I googled the name and learned that it is a Sanskrit name meaning, "eminent, distinguished, and of the gods."  I thought that was a pretty awesome name for a collective consciousness here to guide us.  On this past summer's tour a man whose nametag read "Rumi" (seriously!) approached me and told me that Sanaya is a Turkish name for "one of the 101 names of God.  My assistant Bev just told me that she looked up "Persian 101 names for God" and found out that in Persian Sanaya means "Worthy of knowing/knowing all things."  Pretty cool, huh?

This Moment

Worries, worries, worries.  Where do they live?  In the future.  It is a future filled with “what ifs” and “what if it does nots.”  And what of this moment?  You are never given more than you can bear, and when it feels as if you cannot bear another moment, we remind you to breathe.  Each breath gets you through this now-moment. 

You are never alone.  Signs abound to show you this, but until and unless you breathe, you may not notice them.  Love will get you through each moment.  It has until now, and it is what propels you forward, so relax, breathe, and be.  Set your worries aside, for they only distract you from this present moment.

Sunday, November 2, 2014


Individual groups of thoughts are like eddies in a river of consciousness.  If powerful enough, they swirl off in a different direction, often sucking in those who come near enough.  Soon those swirling in the eddy believe they are the main river, yet all they are doing is going round and round.  Some become trapped there in the eddy and do not realize they are going against the current.  When you become aware of friction, relax and surrender.  Rise above the counter-current until you become aware of the main current that flows in resonance with your being.  Allow this source of love to then carry you along on your continuing journey.  Where there is no friction there is alignment, and in this natural state you experience flow vs. running around in circles.

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Being You

There is no need to apologize for who you are.  This being you is cause for celebration.  Perhaps you do not think or act as most around you do.  Do you feel the need to conform or to apologize for not conforming?  Study this need.   The only question that matters is are you being the presence of love, and if not, is growth occurring?  Do no harm.  This is good advice.  The dissonance you experience when your energy is not the same with others around you is not a bad thing or a good thing.  It simply is.  If you can bring love and growth into the equation, then the occasion has served its purpose and there is certainly no need for apology.