Who is Sanaya? Suzanne Giesemann answers:

Who is Sanaya? Suzanne Giesemann answers: "Sanaya (pronounced "sah-NIGH-ah") has told us that she is a collective consciousness of minds with both a feminine and masculine energy. This energy comes from a higher dimension than our own. When I bring through Sanaya's words, I am "tapping in" to Higher Consciousness. I am allowing that Consciousness to express itself through my body: through my brain, through my vocal cords, my arms, my hands, and also through my pen. Sanaya would not need a name, except for our human need to put labels on things and place our experiences into well-defined boxes. Sanaya takes us outside the box into a dimension where we come face to face with our higher selves. To hear the words of Sanaya as they come through ... to sit in the presence of that energy ... is a palpable experience of higher vibration ... of love. To read Sanaya's words can have the same result when you tune in to that finer energy as you read." (To read the full explanation of who and what Sanaya is along with transcripts of longer sessions click here.)

Monday, December 31, 2012

A Fresh Start

A fresh start—that is what you are given today.  “But our new year begins tomorrow,” you claim, and do you see the artifice of time?  Why do you wait for a clock to tick or the page of a calendar to turn?  Make your new year, your new day, your new hour, your new moment this very moment.  It is all you ever have, and it is right here, right now.

What are you waiting for?  If you are unhappy with any element of your life, happy new year!  Begin to change it now in an instant with new thoughts.  Feel it into life anew.  The new year and the new you begins this very instant.

Sunday, December 30, 2012

The Ripples are Spreading!

Special note from Suzanne:  It is amazing how Spirit works when Love is behind something.  All proceeds from the Put Love First "First Responder" wristbands are now going to help the families of recent events, including the tragedy in Webster, NY with the fire fighters.  Just got this note from a "First Responder" in Rochester, New York:  "As of last night at least 40 of our Fire Fighters are "first responsers" in 2 ways now! and are all wearing PLF bracelets, including Firefighters from Canada!!!" See www.PutLoveFirst.org for more.

Finding the Sanctuary

When turmoil surrounds you, find the peace within yourself.  You need not escape to a quiet sanctuary in some physical location, but to the quiet sanctuary inside the mind.  “Oh, but I cannot quiet the mind,” you say, and that is where you err.  Follow the breath into the silence.  Set aside the chattering mind by giving it something else to focus upon but for a few moments.  Say to yourself, “I am peace …” and stretch out that sibilant sound at the end of the word on the exhalation.  Now, say, “And I am love,” feeling it as you pull it within your very soul on the inhalation.  Take a few more breaths and say, “And all is well.”

Breathe deeply and slowly and repeat these phrases.  Place the tiniest of smiles upon your face as you do this meditation, thus releasing the tension in the face.  And there you have it—your sanctuary.  Go there often in the new year and peace will be the reward. 
It is a choice, this thing called your state of mind.  Seek it often and peace you will find.

Saturday, December 29, 2012

The Keys of Creation

Can you see into the future?  Then it already exists.  What you see in your mind becomes reality when you see it clearly, feel it as an accomplished event, and it serves the greater good.  Ah yes, there’s the rub.  You are a co-creator, not the sole creator.  Other factors come into play.  This is a bit of a safety measure—a sort of “for your own good” clause the Universe leaves in place for those of you with free will.

Create your future as best you can.  See it, feel it, and then ask that the greatest good surround your vision and make it what you need best to grow.  Oft times your view is limited, and so you have a bit of help.  Clear vision accompanied by strong emotion and a desire that the greatest good be served—these are the keys of creation.

Friday, December 28, 2012

And So It Is

You may not hear from friends or family every day, but this does not mean they do not hold you in their thoughts.  You may go a while without thinking of another, but this does not mean you have not been connected.  Once connected, always linked at the subconscious level.

A strong prayer issued on one’s behalf remains in effect, for you have set it in motion.  It gathers energy when joined by the prayers of others.  You may add fuel to this creation as you wish, but there is no need to do so constantly.  We say again, once created, so it is.  See it as such, and know that prayers are answered.

You are all interconnected, for there is only One Consciousness.  It may appear that you are having separate experiences, so enjoy them.  Meanwhile, know that your friends and family are with you and you with them.  In reality, there is no separation.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

And the winner is ...

All glory be to God.  Look around you.  See not that which man hath made with his choices between good and evil.  See that which was conceived of Love.  In the conception lies perfection—the most perfect expression of the Highest.  Where there is Love there can be no other.  Where Love is fully present, there is no choice but to love.  When faced with a choice, recognize your humanness, and step above it.  From this higher perspective, feel the glory of Being and know there is only ever one choice.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Loosening the Rules

Relax the rules.  Most of you are quite unaware of how many rules you impose on this Game of Life.  When others fail to follow the rules which you see as sacrosanct, you become upset.  The jaw clenches.  In so being, you have restricted the unfoldment of greater possibilities.  “But,” you protest, “without rules, there would be chaos!”  In some cases, perhaps, but today we ask you to make a list of just a few of the rules you impose on yourself and others.  Now study them and see if you might paint outside the box just a bit.  Can you do so without experiencing fear?  The fear is a sign that you are clinging to a rule.  How interesting. 

Make a game of this activity:  “Find the Hidden Rules.”  Then open up to possibilities.  Enjoy the freedom of allowing, for from your viewpoint greater possibilities are often obscured.  Allow Higher Consciousness to guide the outcome.  Without so many rules, you may just be delightfully pleased at the results.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Reason to Celebrate

“Happy birthday,” we sing to you on this day in which millions celebrate the birth of one who brought a message of love, forgiveness, and hope.  That hope still lives within you, that you will one day be saved.  Saved from what?  From mistakes you may have made?  There is nothing to fear.  You are already saved if you recognize that you are temporarily human and thus known to make mistakes.

Jesus brought a great message of salvation, that the Christ lives within.  Not just one man had this power, but all creatures great and small.  What is a Christ, but the being who awakens and realizes that he or she is eternally spirit, part of God, not separate at all.  You are That!  Yes, we repeat our previous message, but is this not the perfect day to do so?  May we wish you a happy birthday today as well as you awaken and realize your divinity? 
Now, how will you use this present?

Monday, December 24, 2012

A Special Message from Sanaya

Note:  I received an email from a friend in Webster, NY, who expressed his discouragement at the news of yet more killing … this time in his own town.  This happened a few feet from a spot Ty and I stopped at on a bike ride on our summer tour.  This friend did not ask for anything.  He was just venting, but I felt the need for some higher guidance.  So, I went into meditation and asked what Sanaya had to say …

We wish you to not be discouraged.  Did you think the world would end on a certain date (the end of the Mayan calendar)?  Most likely not.  Did you think that there would be an increase in consciousness?  Most likely so.  But just as your world did not end abruptly, the changes in mass consciousness are not abrupt, but gradual.

Yes, it is true, there is a physical explanation for part of this change.  The alignment of your planets does have a vibrational effect, but this alignment is also a gradual and ongoing process, is it not?  You may have expected a meteor shower, and this did not occur.  Nor will the change in consciousness be meteoric.  Your planets move about at a predictable and orderly pace, and so it is with the increase in consciousness you are experiencing.  Call it a “shift” if you like.

Did you truly expect all human acts of violence to cease?  This would be unnatural.  You live in a world governed by natural law.  We are not saying that killing and violence is natural.  Not at all.  We are saying that certain patterns of behavior have been achieved and set in your reality, and they will not change overnight. 

Have not these most recent atrocities been the result of mental imbalance?  Anything other than loving thoughts and actions is the result of imbalance, be it mental, spiritual, emotional, or physical.  The laws of rhythm and balance are still in effect.  You are moving toward greater balance, but you are not there yet.

Focus not on the atrocities, but on the improvements.  Can you not now speak of “oneness” and the need for loving-kindness without being met with blank stares or anger?  This is evidence of growth.  Look around and count the blessings.  See the love in action.  See the growing awareness in your fellow man of the need for change.  Embrace the movements for such.

Yes, you have a long way to go, but be not discouraged.  Stand for love.  Stand tall when others may show less than loving responses.  Growth is ongoing.  Like the movement of your planets, it does not stop and it does not reverse its path.  It is orderly, and order will prevail, for Love is ultimately behind it all.

We thank you for your patience and your dedication to the cause of bringing more light into your world.  Much needed are you.  Never think anything less.

Reason to Celebrate

In this season in which you celebrate the birth of Jesus, you speak of good news.  Yes, the good news was the birth of one who would change the world, for he brought good news to the multitudes.  Many of you know his words and repeat them, but few have so taken them into the consciousness that they live them.

"I and the Father are one” is among the most valuable of teachings, yet stilted in its value by those who believe this teaching applies only to one man long gone. 

“The kingdom of God lies within” is another teaching all would do well to internalize.  You and the Father are one, my child, for the kingdom of God lies within you.  We do not wish to say that you are all of God, but God is all of you.  When you come to this understanding, then you have received the greatest gift of all.  Yes, God is Love, and you are That. … and That is reason to celebrate.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

This Very Moment

A do-over.  That is what you ask for when things go awry.  We cannot undo choices you have made that affect others, but you can give yourself a clean slate this very moment.  This very moment is always clean and fresh.  Consider this very moment your birthday … your birth moment.  We give it to you fresh.  “Yes, but it is clouded by the past,” you say, and we say, that is how you are choosing to see it.  The past is past.
Close your eyes and make the choice to open them and be born into the moment that presents itself when you open them.  Rise above the past and rejoice in being given another chance .  now, will you allow yourself to be guided?  The choice is yours.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Putting Love First

Are you ready to show others that you Put Love First?  Are you committed to living a love-centered life?  The wristbands are in.  Visit www.PutLoveFirst.org for more information. 

Nothing Less

At times you do need protection.  At times negativity surrounds you.  This is life in your reality.  All are at different stages of their soul's evolution.  You must make choices from moment to moment.  Do you wish to grow, stay the same, or allow yourself to slip back?  Growth is measured in your capacity to express love.  As you grow, your consciousness rises.  You give off higher vibrations.  Others around you may not. 

Visualize a shield of protective energy around you when surrounded by less than pure light.May this shield be semi-permeable so that only the highest rays get in and all of your rays flow outward.  Does this seem silly to you?  You are pure energy.  All solidity is an illution.  You work with energy using your consciousness.  As you become conscious of this truth, the more you are able to fulfill your purpose of being the presence of Love, the highest vibration.

Friday, December 21, 2012

Getting to the Essence

You fear that there is not enough love in your world.  Fear not!  Love is the essence of your world.  Get out in nature and look around you.  What is the Source of such beauty?  With love in your heart, look at your children, your brothers, your sisters, your elders.  What is the Source of such beauty?  Love is the essence of all creation.  It becomes hidden as the human exerts free will and makes choices not in resonance with the higher vibrations.

Do not allow yourself to become dragged down by these baser vibrations.  Where you place your focus becomes your reality.  is it a world of love or otherwise?  Perception is reality.  Choose to see the love and be the love in your world, and that is the world you will experience.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Getting Centered

When your world tumbles about you and all is filled with discord, seek balance.  Where do you find balance in any shape?  At the center.  Go there, my friend, and rest a while.  It is quite easy to find yourself at the outer edges, propelled there by momentum.  It takes a deliberate effort to stop the inertia and retreat back to the center.

From the calm eye of the storm you can ask for guidance and get back on a more favorable course.  Go there often to this place of peace when all swirls about you, and you will not lose your balance.  It is never too late to get centered.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Lighting Up the Grid

There are no accidents.  Each one whose path you cross was put there for a reason.  Look how very interconnected you are.  There are infinite links in this web of circuits of which you are a part.  Reaching out, you help to light up circuit after circuit until it becomes a teeming grid of light so bright that it can be felt around the world. 

How will you do your part to light up the grid?  A simple loving thought is a good place to start, and the next thing you know, that thought sets fire, spreading its flames and bringing in yet more Light.
Shine on ever more brightly, but be not surprised as the effects of your Light bring greater and greater synchronicities, greater connections.  That is how Life works when you employ the greatest fire-starter of all:  Love.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

In the Wake

You are grieving as a nation.  Your innocence is gone … lost with the innocent lives.  It is a wake-up call … an awakening.  The collective pain is tangible.  There, amidst your holiday parties it is silently present, an unwelcome guest that no one wants to let in.  You do not speak of it as you celebrate, but then you return to your television sets to watch the images once more and feel the pain.  It stirs up memories within you, as well as fears. 

Be easy on yourself today, and on your brothers and sisters, as the pain is very near the surface.  Remember that all those around you are hurting in some way.  The slightest smile or kind word will bring them back to center.  You can be that catalyst, and in so doing help to heal yourself.  Speak up in a crowd if you will.  A gentle “Merry Christmas” is all it takes, with the heartfelt love behind the words, for there is still much to celebrate. 
Are not your wakes some of the most special times?  Even amidst the grief, there is laughter and there are smiles, for in your grief you are united in love as well.  Bid “Merry Christmas” to your fellow grievers, that you may feel the unifying Force of Love.  Were it not for the power of this all-pervasive energy, you would not feel the grief in the first place.  To truly know love, you must feel its opposites.  Yes, it is painful, but that is how you grow.  Feel the grief so that you may grow from it and love all the more fully.

We love you so very much and hold your hands as you walk the often challenging path of awakening.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Your Call to Action

From Suzanne:  I asked you to stand by as the plan was unfolding.  It's not a plan.  It's a movement, and we can make it happen.  Please help make this go viral:  A Call to Action Video.  If it speaks to you, please send it to everyone on your email list.  The way to make this interactive is to go to the Put Love First facebook page and click "like" - then start sharing your initiatives.  (You'll see what I'm talking about once you watch the video, then check out the website, then visit the Facebook page).  Thank you so very much.  Love and blessings to all.

Your Greatest Responsibility

Responsibility goes in all directions.  If you truly wish to change things, you have a responsibility to your children, to your parents, to your friends, your family, and to yourself.  Why is this?  All is one.  What affects one affects all of you. 

You all understand fear, and grief, and anger, and love, for you all have felt these.  How can billions of people feel and understand the very same emotions?  For the separation between you is an illusion.  Yes, you all feel or do not feel emotions in varying degrees based upon the level you have let ego take precedence over the spirit, but all of you came into this life as the essence of love.  Due to free will and the influence of those around you, your understanding and expression of love has diverged from that purity.  Getting back to that pure essence is your major task in life.  Helping others to find it within themselves will help you as well.  Why?  Because there is no separation.  It is all the self-same Force which animates all of you or you would not cry out so loudly when love is absent.
Keep seeking this Force, and in so doing you will learn to express it.  In so doing, you will learn that you ARE it.

Sunday, December 16, 2012


Are you reading the headlines and feeling helpless?  There is much you can do.  Stand by this blog ... Within the next few days you will be given your opportunity to take action just as Sanaya advised in Friday's message, "Take a Stand for Love." 

Out of Ignorance

A weapon is nothing but an inert mass until the holder of that weapon makes a choice to use it.  This is free will.  Once that choice is made to harm another, any weapon will do.

Life is sacred.  Why is this so, if life is eternal?  All life is an expression of God, and God is, indeed, Love.  You are part of That.  Your brother and sister are part of That.  The little ant that walks on your finger unaware that you exist is part of That.  You go on and on into eternity, existing for the very purpose that God is Love and wishes to experience its true nature through you.  To use free will to express anything less than your true nature shows ignorance of who you are and why you are here.  This ignorance is not to be condemned, but seen with compassion.  If the ignorant were able to feel compassion, they would not be ignorant, nor would they be capable of harming another.
Your task is to help all to open their eyes and see the sacredness of life.  Killing does not end life, but it does end the opportunity to grow in loving and to express love here and now.  In your grief, may there be awakening to the reason you are all here, and may more love be felt as a result.  In this way, may good come of this expression of ignorance.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

A Call to Action

You must save yourselves.  You pray, “Oh, God, help us!” yet God has already given you all the tools.  You have a voice, you have a pen, you have eyes, and hands, and feet.  Put them all together in the many combinations they can form to form a movement.  Take back your world, which you have given away through neglect.

There is only one Power, and that is Love.  You have been given that in abundance, but you put it by the wayside in favor of the passive route.  Love is both a passive and an active Force.  It is ever-present, but it must be used as well as felt.  God has given you the tools to save yourselves.  You can continue to ask God for help, but God has been answering you all along.

You are an active co-creator with God.  Use your power to re-introduce into your world the only Power that heals.  Be the solution and the change you wish to see.  Use your God-given power and heal your world.

Note from Suzanne:  The guidance is flowing, and a plan is forming rapidly.  Stay tuned for how you can make a difference ... Ask to be guided, yourself, and be ready to share your thoughts.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Take a Stand for Love

In the wake of the latest school killing ...

Take a deep breath and step back from your sorrow.  You cannot think rationally when focused on irrational thoughts.  First and foremost know that those who have passed are fine.  It is their families who will suffer, as will all of you.
This is a mass sickness you are witnessing, not the sickness of one human, but the effect of a very large cause—the sickness of a society.  What is sickness, but disorder, disharmony, and disease?  The natural state of life is order, harmony, and ease.  What has caused such dis-order, dis-harmony, and dis-ease so that you are repeatedly witnessing the callous taking of multiple lives by one human?  It is the mass belief that such killing is acceptable.  “Oh, no!” you cry.  “We do not see it as acceptable!”  Truly?  Then why is it that you allow the majority of your television and theater movies to include mass killing?  Why do your young children play video games in which points are earned for the taking of lives?

Millions will mourn the deaths of these children.  To numb themselves from feeling further pain, they will sit in front of a television and watch more killing.  “Oh, but that is only fantasy,” you say.  And the fantasy begins as young children watch animated movies where life is given no respect.
You come to this earth to learn to love.  You are given free will.  You think you live in an advanced society, but how far have you advanced in your capacity to love?  You are not much more advanced than your cavemen.

Many will want to take away all of the guns.  This, my friends, is a band-aide.  Other weapons will appear until the root cause is treated.  You have lost respect for life.  Your ancient civilizations reached this point and ceased to exist.  Will you reach the same conclusion?  We do not wish to instill fear, but it is highly likely at the rate your society is going.  You are given free will to choose.  Do you choose to teach love or hatred?  You choose to teach love in your churches one day per week.  Your children go to school and return to homes where parents and children view scenes of violence together and call this entertainment.  Where is the teaching?  It is a great responsibility all of you have, and many have abdicated this responsibility.
You look to your leaders in times of crisis and cry, “Fix this!  Do something!”  The problems begin much closer to home.  There must be leaders in the homes, at the level of the family unit, with daily discussions of love and respect, along with the demonstration of the same to all human beings.  All must learn to respect life and to teach only love.

How do you turn this around?  Take a stand for love—not against hatred, not against violence, not against guns.  Those hold no true power.  Take a stand for love.  Teach each other that only love heals. 
It has taken your society decades to reach this point.  You are quite advanced technologically, yet oh, so very lacking in the fundamentals.  It will not change overnight. 

Become a crusader for change.  Espouse love and respect.  Become a leader from a place of love, not from a place of anger.
This is a sickness you are dealing with … an imbalance.  Will you put a band aide on it or seek a total cure?  Will you go into isolation or put on a surgical mask and walk into the heart of the dis-ease with the antidote?

Look upon these critical incidents as symptoms of a cancer that will ultimately cause the death of your society unless and until the mass consciousness changes from one of apathy and disrespect to one of love.
We are sending all the love in the universe from beyond the veil.  Those who passed are enveloped in it now.  It is you who are left to take a stand for love.

A State of Mind

Lonely is a state of mind.  Why are some content to be found only with themselves, whilst others experience sadness and at times even panic?  Go back, back, back in your personal history as a human, but only for your own enlightenment.  We do not wish you to dwell in the past, but to visit it for understanding.  What did you learn to tell yourself long ago that gave you the need for others' presence in order to feel safe?

You are safe and loved now.  This is one of your greatest tasks--to learn and know this.  Yes, it is delightful to be in the presence of those you care about, but you are deeply cared about at all times.  Sit in the silence and ask to feel fully how very deeply you are cared for.  These are not mere words.  We pray that you will do so.  Ask for this experience, and when your prayers are answered, you will begin to crave these sacred moments of silence when no other is around.

Seek balance between enjoying others and being alone, and never again fear loneliness.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Discernment (A big "wow" moment today!)

Discernment … determining truth from what is not truth.  Can you look at a field of beautiful flowers and pick out the weeds?  Are you sure?  What constitutes a weed?  Is it a judgment or a knowing?  To practice true discern …

Note from Suzanne:  And here I am given a true example of discernment as the message abruptly stopped.  There was nothing there.  It was a completely different feeling (connection vs. no connection).  At first I was confused, then the words began to flow again, and I “got it” – I understood that they were giving me a living example of today’s lesson …
… now pick us up again.  There.  Very good.  That is discernment.  It is often quite subtle, knowing what comes from spirit and what comes from ego.  Sit in the silence regularly and ask to be guided night and day.  Then, when the guidance comes you will be able to discern, “Is this a flower or a weed?  Can these words I safely heed?”

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

In the Stillness

“Be still, and know that I am God.”  This phrase you have heard before.  And have we not shared with you the phrase, “I am That”?  And now, hearing this, some of you will want to run out and do what you call “playing God.”  You will want to control all situations, for you reason, “I am That!”  In fact, being a part of That calls for just the opposite.  This is the part referred to as “being still.”  Be still and allow the greater aspect of the self—the part that has no need to control—to be in control.  Hmmm.  Yet another paradox.

Ego wants to control.  Spirit unfolds in the stillness as all parts of the All work together, not just one individual aspect.  Surrender to the knowledge that you are a part of That, and allow yourself to be guided … gently at times and unmistakably at others, but always from the stillness … that place of peace, not angst, that speaks to you softly and says, “All is well.”

Tuesday, December 11, 2012


There, on the wings of a butterfly you fly, for you do not die.  All is illusion to the physical eye.  There is no such thing as a pure blue sky.  Do you ever stop to wonder why?

Nothing truly is as it seems.  Do not let this confound you.  Perception is reality, so immerse yourself fully in your present reality, but do not become chained to it.  It is not the only reality.  Would you like to walk on the clouds in a world where the sky is violet?  Would you like to fly?  Just you wait. 
Does this sound fantastic?  How does the world appear in your dreams, where anything is possible?  Unleash your dreams here and now, where more is possible than you imagine, for you often fail to dream big enough. 

Unleash your imagination and fly.  Ride a butterfly across the sky.  There’s far more to living than meets the eye.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Sanaya ... on video

Note from Suzanne:  Segments of last night's special session with Sanaya is now available not only in a written transcript, but on video.  Feel the energy ... click here.  Love and blessings, Suzanne

Only For a While

Saying goodbye is never easy when the one who is leaving is dear to the heart.  You miss one near to you in proportion to how much you love.  Celebrate your grief.  It is a sign that you have loved fully.  Yes, it is painful.  Of course you do not want to feel it, but would you have missed out on the joy as well?  Feel the pain, but do not hold onto it.  Wash it through you with your tears at the rate that is right for you.  Then you can get back to the love, which will always be there.

Your loved one is going away for a while, as will you some day, and then you will be reunited.  No separation is forever, for there is no such thing as forever, only spaces in between in which to know the full depth of feeling.  Celebrate the ups and downs, for they are all part of life.  It does go on, allowing you to love and love again.

You will see each other again, for love does not die. 
It is just a temporary goodbye.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Turning Pages

And in the end, there is only one thing that matters … did you grow?  That is why you are here.  Happily, growth comes naturally, so there is all likelihood that you will succeed in this chapter of your life.  Note that we call it a chapter, for there is no final chapter and no real end, merely a turning of the page for a new beginning … a cliff-hanger, we hope as you eagerly anticipate more to follow, with greater growth in the ongoing story of you.

Learn all that you can while you are here.  Soak up the lessons.  Grow greatly in your capacity to love yourself and others, and yours will be the greatest story ever told.

Saturday, December 8, 2012


Every day you walk about in a body is a Halloween.  Which mask will you wear today?   You are given this costume to learn.  You can use it any way you wish, for along with the body-costume comes free will.  Will you use it to hide behind or to shine behind?  Will you allow your true nature to peek through the two holes at the top of the face mask, or will you put a false smile upon the lips?

It is uncomfortable to wear a costume for too long.  As the true self grows, you can no longer stand to wear the mask.  Some day you get to the point where you must remove it completely and expose your self.  As long as that is a frightening thought, you are not quite ready, and that is all right.  Peel it back bit by bit or rip it off … at your own speed.  Working toward that goal is why you are here.  Be patient with yourself as you peek out from behind the costume.  Recognizing the costume for what it is is a step in the right direction.

Friday, December 7, 2012


Do not allow your fears to consume you.  This is quite easy to do when you forget you are spirit in human form.  In the forgetting, ego takes over, and ego loves fear.  It holds you prisoner.  When you are tied up in your fears it is difficult to feel your true nature and to express it.  Love is held at bay whilst you fret about what is yet to come.  Perhaps the things you fear may come to pass and perhaps they will not.  What is happening now?  Are you fully present now?  Can you take a deep breath and be fear-free for a few moments?  Now carry that feeling with you to the next moment.  Was that so bad?  The future arrived and here you are again, now.  And how do you deal with now, now?  In the same manner.  Take a breath.  Be present, and remember who you are.  All else will come and go, but you as the love of God are ever-present.

Thursday, December 6, 2012


Balance … equilibrium … this is so very critical to your well-being.  Yes, we focus quite often on how your thoughts affect you, but how many of those thoughts come from a level you do not perceive?  How often do you find yourself out of sorts for no known reason?  This is quite likely the subconscious mind at work.  Do you ever wake up and feel out of balance when outside it is a beautiful day?  What happened in your dreams to have affected you this way?

We encourage you to install a barometer of sorts … one that will gauge your level of peace from moment to moment.  Bring more awareness to your waking, conscious state so that you can clear out the dust that is throwing you off balance. 
There are myriad ways to do this cleansing, and all involve the conscious use of your consciousness.  To clear your energy field you must first be aware that it is cluttered.  Slumber no longer.  Wake up and take charge of your equilibrium.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Note from Suzanne:  Do you live in or in the vicinity of The Villages, Florida?  Are you a regular follower of Sanaya's daily messages?  Have you never attended or only attended one or two live channeling sessions with Suzanne and Sanaya?  If you answered "yes" to all of the questions above, please email me at info@SuzanneGiesemann.com. Ho ho ho! 

In and Out

In and out, in and out.  The body is a perfect instrument for taking in what it needs and excreting what it does not.  You do this with the breath, with your water, with your food.  Even when you cry, you excrete toxins through the nose and eyes, refreshing the body.  Do not diminish the importance of clearing the bodies -- mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical.  All moves in a cyclical fashion, coming and going.  When energy gets jammed up and dammed up inside of the body, disharmony results.  Keep it moving.  Move the physical body in exercise, bringing in fresh air.  Flush the body with pure water, replenish it with health-giving foods, and feast upon joyful thoughts.  This is the prescription for wellness. 

In and out.  Breathe in the goodness of life and exhale that which no longer serves you.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Greater and Greater

Joy such as you have never known awaits you.  This is the point of life.  Are you not ever learning?  What do you learn?  Greater and greater knowledge, wisdom, strength, coping skills, and so on.  The point is:  learning is about “greater and greater” ... constant upward growth. 

All of life is about learning to express your true nature, which is Love.  Joy is experienced in this expression.  You may slip back a bit now and then in your learning, but always the thrust is upward and onward.  And so, greater and greater joy awaits you. 
But wait!  Are you not now wiser than in the past?  Have you not grown?  Do you not have the capacity to love even more now than in the past?  Of course you do.  So enjoy this moment fully. Sit in the joy, but know that greater and greater joy is guaranteed.  Yes, of course there will be great challenges along the way.  You are facing some now, but amidst the pain there will always be a glimpse of the joy that is ever-present and ever awaiting.  That is Life.  Enjoy It.

Monday, December 3, 2012

On Spirit Guides

Note from Suzanne:  I received an email this morning from someone who lost a loved one and wanted to know:  Do our loved ones become our spirit guides? 

Sanaya Answered:  Yes, some do, but not immediately, as you would know it.  There is a period of adjustment as they learn to operate in their new reality.  It is a period of great wonder, and for those who may have suffered in human form, a period of rest. 
They do take on tasks in the other reality, but this is not considered “work.”  It is the joyful fulfillment of service.  If there was a strong bond between you in human form, there will continue the desire to help from the other side.  And so, they will, indeed, watch over you and do their best to guide you without interfering in your life lessons.

Understand that all humans have one or more guides who accompany them for the duration of their stay in a body.  Others come and go as needed, performing various tasks.  Your loved ones with whom you have walked on earth fall into this latter category.  Call on them for help as needed.  Ask them to be at your side and to guide you, and there they will be.
In the meantime, you are never truly alone.  Your guides walk with you always, holding you up when you have no strength.  Call on them often, for they are all the more present when you ask.  They stand by, awaiting your call.  In this way you show your acknowledgment of their presence and allow them to help you even more. 

Always remember, you are more loved than you can imagine.

Sunday, December 2, 2012


As you prepare for one you love to pass to the next chapter of life you struggle.  It is not easy for you to let go.  They are off on a new journey.  For them it is a fresh start, to be filled with wonder.  For you, you are left with a new start as well, filled with absence, if that is how you choose to see it.

See with new eyes.  See through their eyes and rejoice in this passage.  Walk at their side in your mind’s eye and marvel at the wonders.  They are still alive … perhaps not in the sense that you know here, but more fully alive than ever before.  Feel the love that surrounds them.  Is this not what you have always wanted for your loved ones?  Rejoice.

You grieve only for yourself.  Do you see this?  Shift your consciousness to that of your loved one, and there can be no grief.  Envy, perhaps, but your time will come.  In due time.  For now, a small shift in perspective will make your journey less challenging.  It is all about perspective.

We love you so very much.  There is no need to suffer.

Saturday, December 1, 2012


There is not just you in this world.  And yet, you think that all others think as you do.  When they say and do things that would not have been what you would say and do, you are shocked, affronted, disappointed.  “How could they do such a thing?!”

They could do such a thing for they have free will.  They are here to express Consciousness, as are you.  You call it “playing God” when one tries to control others and events.  You are not in human form to play God … you are in human form for God to play as you.  There is quite a difference.
You play as God in form, but you are not the entirety of God.  All of you make up aspects of the Great Spirit, and as such there are billions of modes of expression.  How others choose to express their Godliness is up to them.  That is the beauty of it all.  Allow, allow, allow them to do so.  When others make choices and decisions contrary to those you would have made, allow these expressions of Consciousness, knowing that all is in Divine order. 

Sit back, breathe deeply, and observe the expressions of Life in peace.