Who is Sanaya? Suzanne Giesemann answers:

Who is Sanaya? Suzanne Giesemann answers: "Sanaya (pronounced "sah-NIGH-ah") has told us that she is a collective consciousness of minds with both a feminine and masculine energy. This energy comes from a higher dimension than our own. When I bring through Sanaya's words, I am "tapping in" to Higher Consciousness. I am allowing that Consciousness to express itself through my body: through my brain, through my vocal cords, my arms, my hands, and also through my pen. Sanaya would not need a name, except for our human need to put labels on things and place our experiences into well-defined boxes. Sanaya takes us outside the box into a dimension where we come face to face with our higher selves. To hear the words of Sanaya as they come through ... to sit in the presence of that energy ... is a palpable experience of higher vibration ... of love. To read Sanaya's words can have the same result when you tune in to that finer energy as you read." (To read the full explanation of who and what Sanaya is along with transcripts of longer sessions click here.)

Saturday, December 31, 2011

Pennies from Heaven

Note from Suzanne: A nice treat from Sanaya today to end the year--a poem, given to me non-stop to remind us all that we are not alone and are well looked after. May 2012 bring you much love and happiness and an ever greater connection with Spirit.

Pick a penny off the street
A piece of copper that you’ve found.
Coincidence or just plain luck
To find it on the ground?

You look for signs in all you see
Signs to show you’re not alone.
A penny or a butterfly
That comes to you from points unknown.

The signs are all around you,
Yet often you don’t see
The messages we send you
You call it “synchronicity.”

But it’s not luck or chance, you see,
That brings these gifts to you
But love that’s sent from Spirit.
It’s our way of getting through.

So scoff not at those who see the signs.
They’re simply more aware,
And notice how we speak to them,
Producing pennies from thin air.

It’s easy to manipulate
The things you see with your plain eyes.
So open them and see our gifts
When we send you a surprise.

Friday, December 30, 2011

Pass it On

Note from Suzanne: I was stationed at the Pentagon the first time in 1995, working in the Navy section. There was a civilian man who wandered the halls every day handing out Werther’s candies to everyone he passed in the hallway on his lunch hour. It must have cost him a lot over the years, but he was out there every day. He looked a lot like Santa Claus with his round stomach and full, white beard. He never said a word as he passed out those little treats. He simply smiled softly and continued on his rounds. Most people didn’t even know his name. They just called him the Candy Man. Today, Sanaya makes reference to the Candy Man …

Your little dogs sit and beg for treats. “How cute they are!” you exclaim. And you give them exactly what they want. You cannot deny them the pleasure, for seeing them enjoy their treats brings you pleasure as well. Are you not at times just like your pets: begging for treats from those around you in the form of love and attention? We mention this not to make you feel bad, but to make a point. All creatures long to be loved, to the point of begging for it at times. When this behavior is reinforced, the begging continues. We merely wish you to see that you need not always do the begging, but hand out the treats liberally—not to get something in return, but for the sheer pleasure of giving the treat of your love to those around you.

Be today like the Candy Man and dole out love-treats to all you encounter, whether you know them or not … whether they acknowledge you or not. This can be in the form of a smile, a kind act, a loving word, or a loving gesture. Do this, and you will be the one who surely receives the greatest gift.

Do this, and you will be reinforcing love in your world.

Note from Suzanne: When I returned to the Pentagon in 2000 for my tour on the Joint Staff, I wandered up to the Navy hallways and discovered that the Candy Man was still making his daily rounds … still asking nothing in return, just handing out those little morsels of love.

On September 11, 2001, the Candy Man was one of the 189 people killed when the terrorists attacked the Pentagon. His name was James T. Lynch, Jr.

As Sanaya says, share your love today and every day with all you meet, asking nothing in return. Do this and help to spread the love, not the hate. In honor of The Candy Man, pass this message and the link to those you love.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Sacred and Holy

Evil does exist in your world, but not in the form of a devil any more than God is in the form of a bearded man in the clouds. There is no horned being with a pitchfork, no dark, bearded man with a glint in his eye. Evil is the result of a complete lack of understanding of who and what the human truly is. It is a lack of understanding that the human body cloaks the sacred, holy spirit. If one recognized the Spirit within others, one would bow down on their knees and worship That. If one truly recognized the Spirit within themselves, they would revere every breath they took as sacred. They would honor the body as sacred and care for it with utmost respect. Acts of evil would be impossible.

And so, what you know as evil is nothing more than ignorance and misunderstanding. Have compassion for those who commit evil, for they are blind and deaf to the spirit within themselves and others. It is not anger and judgment that will change them or their acts, but love and forgiveness. You may not see the effects of your love and forgiveness in one who is profoundly blind and deaf in this lifetime, but you will have honored the Spirit, and there is no greater act than this.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Until You Meet Again

Grief is a process. This you know. It has certain stages. You cannot escape grief when you have lost one who is dear to you, and why would you want to? Yes, we know: because it feels so very awful. The pain at times seems unbearable. Do you not see that grief is in proportion with how much you have loved? Your world is one of polarities. You are here to experience the full spectrum of feelings so as to fully know love. You touch grief and then you know it. Now you know how very much you loved.

The problem comes when you remain in a grief state. This is when understanding the truth that your loved ones still exist will help you to rise above the pain. They are still with you. You can feel them when you expand your beliefs and train the mind to be silent. Know also that you will see them again. Their love still surrounds you. In the meantime, your famous bard was quite correct. Is it not better to have loved and temporarily lost, than not to have loved that one at all? The pain will lessen. Bring them into your heart and hold them there until you meet again.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Do not concern yourself so much with the spiritual growth of others. Have you not enough to learn yourself? Others will come along at their own pace, like a seed sprouting. You cannot rush it. Most importantly, why do you want to? Is it because you want more peace in their presence? Then is this your challenge or theirs? It is the responsibility of no other to bring you peace. Is it because you want others to experience the happiness and peace you have found? A laudable goal, but could any other have told you in words how to get to the place where you find yourself now? Perhaps a grain of wisdom here or there, but it was your path … earned step by precious step. Would you have had another push you down it?

Relax and enjoy your own journey. Enjoy observing others on their own. Should they ask for your help, take them by the hand and give them a gentle nudge, then let go. It is all about the journey. Although all spirit is One, in this experience you call the human life each being is here to experience it in their own way. That is how you grow—like a wall of individually shaped stones, with each contributing their own unique shape to the whole.

Monday, December 26, 2011

The Golden Egg

The golden years. Why do you call them this? Gold is your most precious metal and holds much value. The golden years are a time to be treasured as well, for by this time you have unraveled many of the mysteries of this life you are living. The veil has lifted a bit.

For some, the later years are not so pleasant, filled with loss and the challenges of an aging body. Try, please, to tap into the sea of wisdom available to you once the veil lifts and see the body for what it is—a vehicle for the spirit. The spirit is far more precious than any golden trinket. You are that spirit, not the body. Do not disparage the signs of aging, but welcome them as a sign that you have gained much wisdom and will go on to gain more still.

Few lives are ever wasted. Some lift the veil higher than others, but in most cases there is soul growth. This is the golden egg for which all search, the grand prize ... understanding finally who you are and that you never truly grow old.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

A Christmas Gift

On this day when so many gather to celebrate joy and love together, there will nevertheless be strife. “Interpersonal conflict” you call this, and it is quite common in your world. Today, on this day when you celebrate the birth of one who understood spiritual Truth, we advise you to follow his guidance and be only love.

If it is your habit to be a peacemaker, then so be it, but do not worry so much about others’ happiness. When you run about trying to make others happy, do you not actually experience a bit of fear and worry inside? Give, instead, the gift of love. Take a deep breath. Know that the others’ task and path is to find love as well. It is not your responsibility to find it for them, merely to find your own. If, in radiating naught but love, others should find that love within themselves, then this would truly be a gift, would it not? Allowing yourself to not worry whether others are content is actually a gift to yourself.

Give the gift of love by simply being love, and the miracle of Christmas will occur again.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Embracing Life

Forsake no other for the sake of yourself. What you withhold from another you withhold from yourself. You look through human eyes and see the eyes of another. See instead the eyes of the spirit in all that you see. In the eyes of a baby you see innocence. In the eyes of one who has walked a crooked path you see the effects of living as a separate being. Bring that one back into the fold. Embrace him with love as you would an innocent child. In so doing, you are embracing yourself.

It will all become quite clear on what you know as Judgment Day, when no other judges you save yourself. On that beautiful day of transition, the only question asked of yourself is, “Have I loved enough?”

Friday, December 23, 2011


Your expectations cause you angst. You think you know exactly how something should turn out. You place upon a situation and upon other people all of your “shoulds.” And do not others place their “shoulds” upon you as well? What if these “shoulds” should conflict? Then you will surely encounter conflict.

“Too many chiefs and not enough Indians.” One of your humorous phrases, but very wise when you are experiencing conflict. Do you wish to deconflict your life? Set aside your expectations and all of the “shoulds” – even those you place upon yourself. Now relax and let the one Chief guide you. “Thy will be done, oh Wise One” would be an excellent attitude to start with. Then sit back and unwind. Delegation is a wonderful thing, and your Source never minds carrying your burdens for you.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Free Spirit

You look for figures in the clouds … discernable shapes which you can identify and say, “Look at that! The cloud has formed an object. It is a sign!” We have many means of giving you signs that you are not alone. You have accepted the group belief that life is one way only. When you step outside of this mentality and see with new eyes, the signs are abundant. Reality shifts. What you thought was your world takes on a new appearance. With these signs and these shifts in reality you open to greater beliefs and greater experiences.

This is what life is about, and God rejoices, for is not all of life the Great Spirit experiencing greater and greater experiences? As you step outside of your self-imposed limitations, you free Spirit to enjoy and create newer and greater things. Be a free spirit and rejoice.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Bottom Line

(Looking for "Life After Birth"? It follows this morning's entry from Sanaya...)

It all comes down to love. That is the bottom line, and the top, and the middle. Why are the majority of your song lyrics focused on this subject? Why do all struggle at some point in their lives to find it? Why is it the motivating force behind all efforts, whether recognized or not? It is because love is an actual energy, a force, a thing. It forms life, itself. It is Life, itself. All comes into being because of or out of love, and you are that.

When you react out of love, you are at your most peaceful and genuine, for you are no longer living a lie that denies your true Self. Be loving. Be love, itself. Be yourself, and you cannot go wrong.

Love cannot be harmed. Love cannot die. Love simply is. It is a state of being. It is being, itself. Now go back and reread these words. In doing so, substitute any word you know for “God” in place of the word “love,” and perhaps you will understand why it is said that God is Love.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Life After Birth?


Once upon a time, twin boys were conceived. Weeks passed and the twins developed in the womb. As their awareness grew, they laughed for joy: joy for their conception and joy to be alive. Time passed and they began to explore the womb. When they found the cord that led to their mother and gave them life, they exclaimed, “Wow! What a great mother that she gives us life!”

Weeks became months, and they both grew. It got tight in there, and there was an intermittent squeezing that got uncomfortable and frightening. The twins noticed how much each was changing. “What does this mean?” one asked. The other said, “It means that our stay in this world is coming to an end.” “But I don’t want to go!” one said. “But maybe there’s life after birth!” the other replied. “But how can that be? We will lose the cord, and how is life possible without it? Besides, we have seen evidence that others have been here before us, and none have returned to tell us that there is life after birth. No, this is the end.” And the one twin became despondent. “If conception ends in birth, what’s the purpose of life in the womb? It’s meaningless! Maybe there is no mother at all!” “But there has to be,” the other replied. “How else did we get here? How do we remain alive? Have you ever seen our mother?” the first twin asked. “Maybe she lives only in our minds. Maybe we made her up, because the idea made us feel good.”

So, the last days in the womb were different for each of the twins. One twin worried constantly, lived in fear and deep questioning. The other had faith and trust and waited expectantly. At the time of birth, the twins opened their eyes and found a world beyond their wildest dreams. They cried and their family smiled.

It has been said that at a good birth, when the baby cries, the family smiles. At a good death, the family cries and the dying one smiles.

Have no Fear

Push fear aside. It is a human emotion. Fear is the opposite of love. You are here to return to Love by experiencing its opposite. Have you experienced it enough? You feel a pang of fear at the thought of going Home. “My work is not done here,” you think, and if you feel fear at the thought of leaving, then you are correct. When you can feel peace and radiate love in every situation, then you have no need to experience life in human form. But perhaps you are here for the good of those who still feel much fear.

There are many ways to serve. May this serve as a reminder that love heals all ills and banishes the fear. Just as darkness does not exist, but is merely a lack of light, fear does not exist. Bring love to the situation and banish all fear.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Free to Choose

Many a human has made a poor decision. Not all choices made are in one’s best interest. Some cling to their decisions as if they were belongings which must be protected at all costs. In doing so, the cost grows. Life is about change and growth. It is quite all right to change one’s mind, to change one’s perception, and even one’s direction. Be prepared to loosen your grip on former habits, old ways, and decisions you thought were set in stone. Some decisions hang like a stone around the neck. Let them go and set yourself free. Do not stunt your growth out of pride of ownership over your decisions. Be proud, instead, that you are free to choose.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

With Exuberance

Your Source is not separate from you, but It is larger than you. Feel It settle in your heart, this presence, this Christ Consciousness, this knowing that God is not a being, that God is “being,” itself. Can you worship that? You need not worship at all. Simply participate in that joyous unfolding of existence—of Life in all its glory. You are that.

The real you is Life, itself. We are not talking of a body. We are not talking of a mind. Never mind the name or labels. These are what hold you back from knowing your magnificence. Let them all go, and what remains? Existence. Love. Being. That is God. But that being-ness is not separate. It is your essence. Do you see now?

Go forth this day with joy in knowing this. Do not shout to the world with exuberance in your joy, “I am God!” for many will not understand. And until you can look upon the poorest beggar and the mightiest tyrant and say, “And that is God as well,” then you do not understand. Until you can look beyond all external appearances and all physical actions and see the true essence of Being-ness in all things, then we simply ask you to express love in all you do. Do this and realization will come.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Universal Lessons

Note from Suzanne: This past week I faced a couple of big interpersonal challenges. The sun is back out today. This morning Sanaya spoke directly to me at first, and then to all of us …

Do you not see that what you perceived as some of the best messages came to you this past week when you were facing challenges of your own? Yes, to you it seems a blessing when all is going smoothly, but look how you grew. Look how you had a chance to put into practice the teachings. Look how the teachings we gave “specifically to you” (so you thought) spoke so very clearly to others.

Emotions, feelings, reactions, experiences are universal in your world. Why do you think so many respond to these teachings by saying, “Sanaya was speaking directly to me!”? Because we were and we are. You are all one. You think you are separate, but you are all children of the same God, the same Source. Your physical DNA may seem to separate you, but your spiritual make-up is identical, matched with its Source. You share the same spiritual “genes,” so to speak. This is why you reach out to a brother or sister when they ache, for you understand pain.

Always remember, the pain is temporary and it is a source of growth. Embrace it, then rise above.

Friday, December 16, 2011

With New Eyes

See with new eyes.  This is the remedy for when you experience discomfort.  If you are unhappy or less than joyful, if your thoughts constantly return to something that makes you uncomfortable, a mere shift in perception will cure your ills.
It is quite easy to get stuck in one way of seeing.  Know that with this word "seeing" we mean thinking and perceiving.  The human brain actually creates neuronal pathways in accordance with your thoughts, creating the same hormonal reactions and thus the same emotions in response to your habitual thoughts and perceptions.  You can and oft do become addicted of sorts even to the most unpleasant of emotions.  The body craves a dose of fear or anger.
You wish to break the addiction?  See with new eyes.  When you experience the undesired reaction—the fear, the anger, the unrest—shift your perception.  See from another's eyes.  Whose eyes will you see from?  Hopefully one with compassion and love for all others, for these are the antidotes to all ills. 
Practice this shift in perception enough times, and when a situation or person who would have previously caused you angst comes into your awareness, you will respond in a wholly and holy new way.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Conflict Resolution

Conflict arises when two or more do not see eye to eye. You have different ways of approaching the same goal. One wishes to go in one direction, the other in another. Oft times there is confusion about the destination itself. The more you diverge, the more negativity surrounds the situation, and like magnets repelling each other, you cannot seem to come together. This is called reverse polarity. It does not work.

So what is the solution? Agree to disagree. Meet in the middle and set new goals, even if this means a parting of the ways. Surround the situation with love and surround the one with whom you feel in conflict with well wishes. You do not all walk the same path. You will eventually discover the reason your paths did cross, but cross they did—at an angle, not in parallel. This you call conflict, but there is a reason for every meeting, every crossing. What have you learned? See the situation not with bitterness, but as yet another learning point in this school you call Life.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Two Posts Today ...

#1. On Right and Wrong

You have an expression, “Do not waste your breath.” To you this means to try fruitlessly to defend yourself. This is good advice. What purpose does it do to state your case? Does it matter if one is right and another wrong? What if both are right in their own minds? What does “right” mean? You give it meaning and then become stuck in defending that meaning. And what if the meaning should change, as surely it will, for all things change as growth is experienced? And so, the effort spent in defending one’s actions, thoughts, and words served what purpose? To antagonize another? To make another feel better or worse?

Is it your goal to show another how to think? Why do you feel the need to do so? Surrender and allow all to think as they will, including yourself.

You cannot waste a breath, for with each breath you experience and learn. Once again we advise you to step back with compassion for all others as well as yourself, for you are learning through the angst and through the joy. All is in perfect order. Relax and live with joy.

#2. On Winning and Losing

“You cannot win.” Another of your sayings. What is “winning?” It is when you can beat the chest and say, “Do you see? I am victorious. I was right. I caused the other to admit defeat.” Is that truly winning? What have you won, other than a momentary satisfaction of the ego? And what have you proven to your ego? That separation exists and is real. In your heart you know there is no separation. When you truly understand this, then it becomes clear that the greater You cannot win, for there is no winning and losing. These are aspects of duality. In Spirit, all is One. There is no winning and losing. All exists. All is. All is Love.

If you are focusing on winning and losing, on right and wrong, then you have stepped out of Love, out of Oneness, and into ego. YOU cannot win. YOU cannot lose. YOU are Love. Focus on that, and the need to win or lose becomes completely irrelevant.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011


You wish to go back to your bed and crawl into your shell.  At times this life gets a bit much.  The challenges come after you one after another.  Never forget that this is why you are here.  You chose these lessons to help your soul to grow.  If you want to run and hide, this is an indicator that you are being stretched.  Stretching leads to growth.
Go ahead and retreat into your shell—this shell you call a body.  There in the darkness where no others can assail you, ask to feel the love which you are.  No greater strength will you find.  Wear it like a suit of armor—not to keep others away, but so as to reflect upon all who see you the light you carry inside.
This armor gets a bit heavy at times.  You may feel it as a burden, until you realize that like the body, this suit of armor merely gives form to the formless.  Your true Self has no form and cannot be contained within a body.  When you retreat inside you will understand this.  So, escape for a while as you find the need.  Before long you will stretch so much that no suit can contain you.

Monday, December 12, 2011

From Suzanne: Please visit www.SuzanneGiesemann.com for several updates to the website (see "What's New" on the homepage), including a new essay entitled, "The Fear Factor." Meanwhile, Sanaya's message for today is below ...

Round and Round

Circles.  Round shapes.  Spheres, balloons, balls.  These have no corners in which to become stuck and stagnate.  A circle is endless.  All on the circle cycles round and round, always with the potential to come back to the beginning. All in the sphere is harmoniously connected.  Look for the shape of the sphere in your life:  your planet … the egg from which you were formed … all evidence of Perfection.
Your life is a circle.  It truly has no beginning and no end, merely cycles of experience as you orbit through it.  When you finally realize this, you can move with fluidity—with the flow of Life itself—and not get stuck in a painful corner.  Are you feeling stuck?  Sit in the silence and feel the flow once again.  Ask to be led back into the stream—the life stream of life from which you have wandered.  It is a circle.  You will come back around, for Love is always guiding you home.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

The Season of Giving

You rush about buying gifts for each other—symbols of your love. Why this tradition of bestowing a gift? “I love you. I wish you to know how much you mean to me. Take this gift as a reminder. When you see it, think of me.”

God gives you the gift of life. Each of you is God’s gift to each other. Now when you look upon a fellow human being will you see not the person, but God’s gift to you? A symbol. A reminder. “Think of Me as you see this gift I bestow upon you.” Now look at your hand. Think of God as you look upon and use that hand. It is God’s gift to you. A reminder of how much you are loved.

All around you are reminders. All that you see. Gifts to be used, to be appreciated, to know that you are loved. Your life is a gift. You are a gift. Will you not help the Giver to spread the love?

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Let it Bloom

Note from Suzanne: This week Ty and I attended a really fun Christmas party. All present were separated into four groups for a variety of games. For one of these games each team was given a word and had to write a poem based on that word (ours was “sausage!”). I couldn’t believe how hard it was for us to come up with the required 16 rhyming lines. We really struggled, and in the end our poem was pretty bad. Everyone kept looking at me and saying, “Come on, Suzanne! You write poetry!” And I said, “No, I don’t! Spirit gives me those words!” It’s true that over 400 poems have come through my pen, but if I tried to insert myself in the process, the result would have been as bad as our pathetic sausage poem and the effort just as painful! This morning I sat and asked for Sanaya’s message. After two sentences I recognized a poem and smiled. The words flowed non-stop with total ease. Why? Because I got out of the way and let Spirit speak. In that meditative state I had connected with higher consciousness, and the result is the poem which follows, given to me from Sanaya in all of three minutes … Thanks for joining me to enjoy this inspiration from Spirit. Read the words, then go on out and smell the roses.

Pick a flower from your garden.
Put it in a vase.
To smell its fragrance and see it there
Does bring a smile to your face.

A flower is a symbol,
A thing of beauty to behold,
A sign that love is everywhere
A story to be told.

Look around you daily.
See the signs of love in all
In the beauty of a flower
In the cry of a bird’s call.

Yes, stop and smell the roses
Smell their sweet perfume.
Bring this beauty to your heart
And feel the love inside you bloom.

You are a part of all that is.
You are the beauty in a flower.
You are the majesty of all you see
For you carry in you God’s great power.

That power is the love you feel
Each time you stop and pause
It’s then you know that all you see
Is the effect of one great Cause.

(Over 365 poems are at www.MessagesofHopePoems.org)

Friday, December 9, 2011

How's the Weather?

Mastery of the emotions is a lofty goal. To hold a steady state of peace is nigh unto impossible for the average human. Strive for perfection, if you please, but be quite pleased to merely be aware of your emotions from moment to moment. Pay attention to your body. This is your barometer. Is the pressure high or low? Are you comfortable or not? You adjust the settings. Those around you and events around you can set off alarms. It is up to you to sense the alarms and adjust your reactions.

Do you enjoy drama? Then, by all means, keep your settings on high. But beware of the effect of high emotions on the physical body. Do you wish instead for more peace? Pay attention to your human weather station.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

The Greatest Gift

You package your gifts in a box, then wrap them in colorful paper. Why do you do this? So that the recipient does not know in advance what treasure lies inside. YOU are gift-wrapped, my friend. God has packaged you for a while in the most beautiful of wrappings: a human body.

Each of you is decorated just a bit differently from the other, but the treasure inside all holds the same essence of its Giver. It is your task in life to open the package and behold the gift that lies there hidden. Will you be one of those careful beings who removes the wrapping oh so very carefully, peeling away each corner and very slowly revealing the contents to yourself and others? Or will you rip off the wrapping with utter abandonment and joy? Both methods are fine. Worry not, as long as you savor the process. Ultimately, the treasure is revealed to all.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Peace is the Prize

Suddenly a thought occurs to you.  You have forgotten to do this or that, or you focus on how much work lies ahead.  Suddenly you are no longer able to enjoy yourself.  The body tenses.  What has happened?  You were in the now, but now your consciousness has shifted to a future event.  You are taking care of the task in your mind at some time in the future, and you have lost your equanimity.
It is well and good to plan.  Take time to do this.  But when you are involved in an enjoyable task, keep your focus in the present.  It is quite easy to lose your sense of peace.  Merely shift your focus to the past or future.  If you can learn to be entirely present, more peace will be the prize.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

In an Instant

An argument that lasts but a minute of your time does cause you to separate yourself from another for not just a minute, but for years.  You no longer speak to that other.  The body clenches at the mere anticipation of crossing paths, and when you do cross paths, you give a wide berth, avoiding the eyes and holding onto anger.  Why?  It is pride—a facet of the ego.  "I was right!" the ego screams, "and you were wrong."  Perhaps, but now who suffers?  Two suffer, not because one was right.  What is "right?"  A perception based on beliefs.
Perception is changed in an instant, but stubbornness and belief cause you to hold onto anger, resentment, judgment, and pain.  If perception can change in an instant, imagine the instant change of seeing that the only thing that ever matters is love.  The only thing that never changes is spirit, which is born of love.  Recognize that the human is flawed.  The spirit is perfection in action.  The human is spirit striving to once again reveal its perfection. 
Release your grudges in a moment of grace.  Forgive your neighbor and you have forgiven your Self.  Do so in an instant and feel the love once again flow.  It is that simple.

Monday, December 5, 2011

No Strings Attached

Abandonment.  What does this mean?  In your concept it means that another has left you—that they no longer need nor want you.  The very reading of these words brings pain to your heart.  All humans want to be needed, wanted, and loved.  We wish you to know that when one human leaves another, it is merely through the physical presence.  Once joined in love, you are always connected.  It is your human attachments which do cause you pain.  You cling tightly to others, often out of fear and not true love.  If you were to let go of your fears and attachments, you could look inside and there find all the love you need.  Feeling secure in your Self as the Source of love, all human beings could walk away from you and you would still be content, knowing that there is truly no separation.
When you cease clinging, let go of attachment, and allow love to simply flow, then you are truly free.

Sunday, December 4, 2011


The physical body has urges.  With these you are familiar.  Quite a few are they, and you respond quite willingly to them, giving yourself food, drink, sleep, exercise, and so on.  But do you not realize that the spirit has urges as well?  These you so often ignore.  You can only go so long without food, drink, sleep, and elimination before the body rebels or shuts down.  What do you think happens when you ignore the urging of the spirit?  Aha!  It is not as you think!  The spirit never shuts down.   You merely choose to ignore it. 
The spirit cannot die and it does not go away.  It is who you really are—your true self—and its essence is love.  Its very purpose is to experience and express love.  This is the greatest urge you feel:  to express and experience love.  Ignore it and you feel and experience dis-ease.  You cannot ignore the bodies' urges.  You choose to ignore the spirits.' 
Mind your choices carefully.  Listen to your inner urgings.  Act on them and find far greater ease in the flow of your life.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Growing Pains

Yes, it is true that man is meant to thrive.  All things seek evolution, and man is no different.  What is evolution, but a path of growth and improvement?  This is your natural tendency.  Can you stop the body from growing?  Behold your fingernails.  Behold the self-healing of a cut.  Behold Perfection in action.  And so, just as the body experiences growth, so does the soul.  Can the soul ever stop growing?  No, my friend.  It may stagnate for a while or slip backward based on choices, but the ever-present pull upward does not go away.
The soul will experience unrest as it rests for a while.  And then, when a choice is made which propels it once again on the upward spiral of growth, relief is felt.  This is evolution.  It is in your very nature.  Pay attention.  Are you restless?  Are you uncomfortable?  These are growth pangs.  Mind your choices.  When the pang eases, you are moving in the right direction.

Friday, December 2, 2011

"I" vs. "i"

You are beginning to understand this very sacred of concepts, the I AM.  When you truly and fully understand yourself as I AM, then you will know that there is nothing but the "I" that sees all, knows all, is all.  This is not you.  Do not get hung up on your pronouns.  Feel this sense of "I" as the one "I" that has no other behind it.  Yes, the all-knowing, all-seeing "I" … the First Cause with all others—all of the little "i's"—being but manifestations of the one I AM.
Once this understanding begins to set in, we ask you to look upon others and see the Great I AM within them.  Say not, "That is John and that is Mary."  Say instead, "That is 'I'."  Do you feel how you rebel?  This is because your language pulls you to that place of thinking of the "i" as the ego.  Of course you are not John and you are not Mary.  But you are an experience of "I," as is John and as is Mary.  Set ego aside and see the Great "I" within John and Mary.  Feel "I" as the essence of all beings.
Does not John feel the vastness of the "I" within?  Does not Mary?  The "I" is all that is.  Now try again.  "I AM That."  Look upon John and Mary now and see "I."  Say, "I AM That."  Now do you understand that what you do and say or do not do and say to another you do unto your Self?

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Small Talk

Do you feel the need to brag and boast?  It is quite normal, but ask yourself why.  If it is an inordinate need to feel better about yourself, then you have forgotten Who your Self truly is. 
It is one thing to share with others if that sharing is helpful and leads to greater understanding and enlightenment.  It is one thing to share your excitement over an achievement, but beware of excessive talk of the smaller self.  Do not feel bad if you fall into this habit often.  Merely use it as an indicator that it is time to see and feel the greater Self within and to look within others for that Self as well.
Turn your focus away from limitation and look outside yourself for the variety of ways that God expresses through others.  Do this regularly and you will experience expansion rather than limitation.  You are all limitless.  Now, isn't that something to brag about?

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Not Even Trying

Why is it necessary to be still to hear the voice of God?  The human is programmed to be busy.  This is not part of your spiritual make-up, but a cultural learning.  There are cultures that accept stillness as a rite, knowing that this will bring communion with the Self.  Yours is a culture that values doing over being, accomplishing over inner knowing. 
You can only know Truth by not accomplishing anything.  Trying is counterproductive.  Even in your attempts to reach a state of stillness you exert effort.  Pay attention:  Are you breathing with effort, or allowing the breaths to simply flow?  Surrender and allow yourself to be breathed.  Take time throughout your day to simply be and be breathed.  Then and there in the silence and in perfect flow with the rhythm of the unforced breath will you hear the Voice.  Allow it to be heard—not so still and small, but loud and clear once you have cleared the way through non-effort.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Perfect Instrument

The one known as St. Francis of Assisi did pray to be an instrument of the Lord.  What does this mean?  An instrument is a tool—an implement used to affect and change something for a desired result.  If God were to use you, what result would God desire?  You know the answer, as did St. Francis:  to bring more peace and love to your world. 
How can you be such an instrument?  It is quite simple.  Allow God's love to flow in you and through you.  Do no dam it up with thoughts that are less than loving and peaceful.  Judge not others.  Merely be that perfect instrument through which love flows unimpeded, reaching out to others so that they may experience love in its most pure form. 
You do not need to be a saint to do this, for all spirit-beings have this capacity.  Be the instrument of God which you are in every moment and let the love flow.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Your Majesty

When you gaze at the ocean, what do you feel?  Are you drawn in by the beauty, the vastness, the power, the majesty?  You could sit and stare for hours, could you not?  Do you not realize that the same Source that created the ocean created you?  What were the building blocks of the ocean and the mountains, the stars, and you?  Impulses of love.  How could it have been anything else but love?
Have you yet found a drop of water in the ocean that was anything less than the entire ocean?  Is not the same essence of majesty held in one drop as in the entire sea?  You are of that self-same essence of love—created by Love simply to know yourself as That.  Yes, sit and stare at the ocean, then arise, wade in, and look down.  There you will see reflected your Self.  Soak it up.  Stand there with the waves of love lapping at your feet until you finally realize that you are the very ocean in which you stand.

Sunday, November 27, 2011


You are very limited by your language, and your language limits you.  There are not words to express your true nature.  You use words such as "Spirit" and "God" and "Love," but how can these finite expressions express that which is boundless?  You must rise above vocabulary and experience that which you are to truly know Truth.  And then, watch your word choices when you return to earth.  Do you know how powerful vocabulary can be?  The Word is made flesh moment upon moment by the choice of word you make.  Can you or can't you?  Are you or are you not?  One simple choice can make the difference. 
You and the Creator are One.  You have the free will to choose, given to you by this creative power you label with a limited word.  Take away the labels and simply act in accordance with your true nature.  Be ever aware of Self-limiting choices.  They come not from Spirit, but from ignorance of the truth of Who you are.  Need we say more?  There are no words to express Who you are.  Go within and find the Truth for yourself.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

The Voice Inside

You hear a tiny voice inside.
From this voice you cannot hide.
Is it but imagination?
Then why such utter fascination?
Have you not asked, "Are You there?
Do You truly know my every hair?
Is it You who whispers in my ear?
The One so many were taught to fear?"
"How can this be the voice of God?
Why do I find this thought so odd?"
It is the result of your false teaching.
For a human God you have been reaching.
Your God is not in human form.
To no set image does God conform.
You can't conceive of what God is
When using words like "He" and "His."
Expand your thoughts and then you'll know
How very far you have to go
To understand this awesome Power
That fills your breath hour after hour.
Release the need to understand
That which lies beyond the hand.
Simply know this Force is real.
It's something you can only feel.
For this, surrender is a must
If you will truly learn to trust.
The messages you thought you heard
When God did give to you a Word.

Friday, November 25, 2011


"I'll meet you halfway."  We speak now not of compromise, in which two humans give in a bit of their wants to help each other out, but a meeting of spirit and ego.  Picture our world of spirit and your world of matter.  You think that they are separate, but they intermingle completely, for all is energy.  You think that you cannot connect with the realm of spirit, but you are in it all the time.  It is most accessible to you in your dreams.  And so we advise you to compromise.  We will meet you halfway … somewhere between full waking and fully asleep.  You can experience this state at will.  You call it meditation.  It is merely a time to shift your consciousness from the material and go within the silence.  There you can connect with All That Is and experience true love for yourself. 
So you see, in this instance, meeting halfway is not a compromise at all, but experiencing the fullness of life itself.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011

Holidays with missing friends.  You are supposed to give thanks.  You are surrounded by others who are celebrating, yet there feels as if there is a hole in your heart.  You are so very used to the physical presence of loved ones who have passed that their absence leaves an ache. 
Recognize this as a sign of how very connected you are at the heart and how very fortunate you are to have this connection … this love.  You will see them again, but it is not time.  You still have living and learning and loving yet ahead.  For now, fill that hole with loving, happy memories.  It is you who chooses how you feel.  Grief is part of the process, but you need not cling to it, nor wallow in it.
If you could see your loved one over your shoulder, you would see them smiling and encouraging you to do the same.  They are only a thought away.  Be thankful for the family reunion you will enjoy again.  For now, you are joined by love forever.  May this thought bring a smile to your heart.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Beyond the Spotlight

Prominent names do make you sit up and pay attention.  There are some who stand out as leaders and shine a special light.  Others look upon them with adulation.  Why is this?  For they see in that other a bit of what they feel they lack.  Why do you have your celebrities?  For you humans do adulate those with many friends, much money, good looks, and popularity.  Is it so enviable to be famous?  You know this is not always so.  Beyond the spotlight oft lies dysfunction and great unhappiness.
Shine the spotlight on your own life.  All face dysfunction at times.  All encounter unhappiness.  Projecting your desires on another with supposed success takes you away from your own reality for a while, but you can only escape for so long.  The spotlight you need to shine is inside.  Light up within by turning up the love.  Respond to all with this most potent force and you will have no need to adulate others.  There is no need to seek love and adulation when you know yourself as the source of love.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011


"Why do some face more challenges than others?" you ask.  It is because they can handle it, and more will be the growth of those around them for it.  These special souls did enter this life agreeing to take on more than their share, for they realized what lessons in love these challenges would be.  It is the nature of the human being to forget these agreements when you dress in a body, but the spirit knows that all challenges are opportunities for the growth of many, not just the one. 
When you pass from the body, you will all see how intricately all fits together and what an important role your challenges played in the growth of many souls.  How one handles challenges depends greatly on one's perception.  It is always a choice to view a challenge as a tragedy or an opportunity.  Step back from your human reaction and see with the eyes of Spirit.  Rather than sinking into the depths of despair, flood all situations with love, then rise to the surface and breathe.
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Monday, November 21, 2011


There are many ways of doing the same thing.  Do you not often clash with another when both of you have different ideas of how something should be done?  Both are convinced that your way is the best.  There are countless ways of being.  Each spirit-being is here now to experiment and experience different ways of being.  Enjoy the diversity.  Look at your differences and smile, for God is smiling through you.  When you encounter resistance from another who does not want to do it your way or insists on showing you a better way, step back and observe instead of insisting on your way.  This is what God is doing … observing, and enjoying, and saying, "Isn't that interesting?" 
What does it matter who is right?  In the end it is all so very interesting. 

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Enter Now

Welcome to the Kingdom, where kings and queens and princes and paupers mix … where no one is shut out, for all are loved and all are accepted for who and what they are.  Is this not your definition of Heaven?  A place of peace and joy and beauty?  Yes, it is so, and the Kingdom truly does lie within.  If you have not yet entered the Kingdom, it is not because you are not welcome.  This is your rightful home.  We are waiting merely for you to realize we are here awaiting you with open arms and more love than you can imagine.
If you have not yet discovered this Kingdom of Heaven within yourself, it is merely due to the fact that you cannot imagine such a love inside you.  Take off your blinders.  They have been placed there by something other than love.  Your beliefs and thoughts are the only thing holding you back from fully experiencing Heaven on earth.  Spend a while in the silence asking to know this aspect of yourself that you have been denying.
Heaven awaits.  Yes, we repeat the message from yesterday.  Can you think of one more important?  You need not pass from this lifetime to experience the bliss and love of Heaven.  Enter now.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

The Cost of Admission

Freedom comes with a price.  Surrender of the ego is the admission fee to Heaven.  Heaven is where you are when you finally discover that Love is all that matters.  When you can put this realization into practice and see and feel and be Love in every moment, with no need to interject the limited ego self into the picture, then you are free.  Then you can fly, for then you have earned your wings.
The ego is necessary to operate in the physical world.  It is not your enemy, but it is far from the greatest part of you.  You are Spirit.  You are Love.  You are everywhere.  The ego does not connect with others.  The ego erects barriers.  Spirit is pure Love.  It knows no boundaries, has no barriers.  It is free.  Ego pays the price of separation and pain. 
Surrender ego in every moment that you experience pain, and turn up the love, no matter how difficult.  Heaven awaits.  Enter now.  The cost of admission is well worth it.

Friday, November 18, 2011

That is You

Your fellow human beings
Who walk upon the earth
Share the same emotions
Which you have felt since birth.
You think that you are separate
But this is not quite so.
Separation is illusion
When to the spirit you do go.
All is One in mind and heart.
No difference will you find
When past the body you do look.
All things are intertwined.
When greeting others on the street
See not the clothes and face,
But peer inside the soul, which knows
No difference in the race.
See with the eyes of Spirit,
And you will see anew
That all of life comes from one Source.
It's God, and That is You.