Who is Sanaya? Suzanne Giesemann answers:

Who is Sanaya? Suzanne Giesemann answers: "Sanaya (pronounced "sah-NIGH-ah") has told us that she is a collective consciousness of minds with both a feminine and masculine energy. This energy comes from a higher dimension than our own. When I bring through Sanaya's words, I am "tapping in" to Higher Consciousness. I am allowing that Consciousness to express itself through my body: through my brain, through my vocal cords, my arms, my hands, and also through my pen. Sanaya would not need a name, except for our human need to put labels on things and place our experiences into well-defined boxes. Sanaya takes us outside the box into a dimension where we come face to face with our higher selves. To hear the words of Sanaya as they come through ... to sit in the presence of that energy ... is a palpable experience of higher vibration ... of love. To read Sanaya's words can have the same result when you tune in to that finer energy as you read." (To read the full explanation of who and what Sanaya is along with transcripts of longer sessions click here.)

Thursday, September 30, 2010


Perfection is not so easily attained, yet you strive for this. The goal is not a bad one, but the trouble comes when you fail to achieve this ever-elusive state and feel somehow less than you are.

At your essence, you are perfect already. You are perfect Love, for your Source is pure love. You have accepted this lifetime experience in order to express this divine nature. If, in striving to be perfect, you strive to be the perfect expression of love, all else will fall into place. Your life will flow divinely. Miracles will be the norm. However, if you strive to have the perfect house, the perfect car, the perfect clothes, the perfect yard, and your life is not flowing as you think it should, then retreat to the basics.

These external elements (the house, the car, the yard …) can be yours and oft-times land in the lap even when priorities have been skipped over. But all of these physical trappings lose their luster when you discover the part of yourself that can shine brighter than any fine stone or new car. If you must be a perfectionist, then perfect your loving thoughts and actions. All else will follow.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

For One Who is Suffering

A fellow human being
Who walks upon the earth
Feels the same emotions
Which you have felt from birth.

You think that you’re alone
As you struggle and you toil,
But all do face the same great tests
As they walk upon the soil.

No human is exempt from pain.
No one does go without
The sorrows and the loss you feel--
Of this there is no doubt.

So when you face a challenge great,
Just know you’re not alone.
Help is there awaiting you
By those who also pain have known.

Pull not inside and hide your fears
When worries come apace.
Turn instead to others,
Then your troubles you can face.

Your world is filled with loving souls
Who walk the self-same path as you.
God’s gift to man in human form—
Love that comes to see you through.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Your Greatest Role

Behold the blue sky. Is the sky truly blue, or is this just the play of light? It is the latter, for does not the sky’s color change quite frequently?

All of life is the play of Light—God’s Light. You are an actor in this play—not a puppet on strings, but one chosen for a most important role: to express the grand ideas of the play’s Producer. At times you distance yourself from the Producer and play your part as you see fit. When not in accordance with the grand design of the production, chaos erupts on the stage, affecting not just you, but other actors and the props as well. When you play your part as the Producer intended, awards lie in store.

So how do you win the grand prize? Ask the Producer to define your role. Have you had a one-on-one talk with Him lately? He is not a hands-off Director. Invite him to guide you as you act out your role in this grand play of life, and the stage will be well set.

Monday, September 27, 2010


Received from the spirit world in the final three minutes of my meditation:

You look with dread upon the dead,
Thinking it’s the end.
But there is far more to this life--
This message we do send.

Do not think that what you see
Is truly what is real.
Nor are the things you hear and taste,
Nor are all things you feel.

The physical it does not last.
Its permanence is fleeting.
This truth you’ll learn quite clearly
When passed loved ones you are greeting.

Another world exists beyond
The one in which you live.
But you can feel its presence now
If your attention you do give.

Sit quietly and ask to know
The world beyond yourself.
And then to you will come a sense
Of treasure beyond wealth.

A greater sense of knowingness
Will be your great reward.
For stepping out and trusting,
God’s bright light you’re drawn toward.

For now relax and trust our words
As your reality expands.
For trust is what this path you’re on
So frequently demands.

We praise you for your efforts.
They never are in vain.
So sit with us and worship
And much greatness you will gain.

Sunday, September 26, 2010


Where you place your focus is what you bring to yourself. It is the Law. So sit and ask yourself, what do I wish to manifest in this life? By the same token, take notice when things you do not desire in your life continue to manifest. What is it in your thoughts that are bringing these people and situations to you? What is it in your focus that is maintaining the presence of that which you no longer want or need?

Do not blame forces outside yourself for that in your life which brings you displeasure. All that you have and are is the result of your focus. Thoughts are so very important, and you control them all. Bring your thoughts into focus and take control of your life.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Flip the Switch

Forgiveness—a topic which arises quite often in our lessons, for yes, it is one of the lessons so many of you struggle with the most. Forgiveness is a gift. It is a form of surrender, but not a form of weakness. When you can sit back and release all blame, holding nothing but love for another, then you have given the greatest gift possible to yourself. You harm not the other when you withhold your love, for they are already the expression of God-as-Love. But you most certainly harm yourself by blocking the full expression of yourself as God-as-Love.

Forgive YOURSELF first and foremost when you hold resentment toward another. Bring in your light to shine upon the darkness of your ignorance. In the fullness of your new understanding, forgive yourself, for no other truly does you wrong—you merely perceive it as such. All is interpretation.

When you can forgive another, you make room for light to enter your own soul. It takes but an instant. You struggle so long, but all you need do is flip the switch and turn on the light.

Friday, September 24, 2010

The Never Ending Cycle

Growing old is never easy, as you watch your loved ones depart from this world … as you watch the changes in your body and theirs … but is not all of life about change? You have seen the changes in the seasons your whole life. All of life expresses itself in cycles—cycles of nature: birth, growth, aging, death … a never-ending cycle.

You watch the leaves appear, grow, turn green, then brown, then flutter to the ground to return to the earth from which they came, only to return again with the next season. Your life is but a mirror of this process. You fear the aging and the death. These are inevitable. This you know. But have no fear. Your spirit participates in this same cycle.

You will die to this current experience, but many experiences lie ahead of you and those you love. Always remember, where two are linked by the bonds of love, always will they be joined—here and hereafter. Say goodbye for now, but in the great cycle of life, there is always another reunion.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Here and Now

There are those who are always waiting … waiting for something better to come along … never satisfied with their current circumstances. Can you not see from your vantage point that they will never be satisfied, for to them satisfaction lies in something that has not yet happened.

Are you sometimes guilty of the same thing? Step outside yourself to the same vantage point and have a look. What do you see? One who is always striving, hoping, and looking forward, or one who is perfectly content with their life now? If not the latter, then slow down a moment. Put on the brakes and stop time, for time is only an illusion. This “some day” that you long for will never get here. It will always remain “some day.” Yes, the things you long for may arrive in the present moment, but “some day” will remain ever illusive.

Sit back in your stopped state and take stock of this moment. Can you be satisfied with what you have here and now? If not, then change your here and now here and now. Here is where change happens. Now is all you ever have. Live it fully, my friend. Immerse yourself in the joy of simply “being,” being ever grateful for the never-ending moments of now.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Your Life Raft

Further effort is not always necessary when you begin to achieve success on a project. Know that evidence of success is a sign that you are in the flow. That is to say, that your mind and thoughts are working in harmony with the higher good and that all is in order. Once you recognize this state of positive flow, relax and trust. Flow has momentum. As long as your thoughts continue in the same vein, then what is necessary is simply to trust in the nature of Life.

Where there are positive thoughts and intentions, goodness and order follow. Struggle and exertion are not necessary. Relax, trust, and float in the direction of the flow, as if on a raft. This is the Life raft, and always it will keep you afloat and drifting with unerring accuracy in the direction of your destiny.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Where True Power Lies

Competition and cooperation—two words which begin with similar letters, but on a spectrum are as far apart as they can be. What is competition, but the purest evidence that there exists a sense of separation. And why do two people compete? For the ego’s need to prove just how separate it is. The ego needs to feel powerful, and what better way to do so, than to beat the chest and say, “Watch me try to be better than you.”

But is one truly better than another? Never, is the answer. All are unique—yes—endowed with certain gifts and abilities, but never better in the eyes of God. Turn competition into cooperation and all of the abilities can be combined to produce far greater results than when kept separate through illusion. Set aside the ego. See the oneness, and cooperate. In this there is no end to the goodness you can create.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Knock Down the Walls

Blockages. We speak of them often. And so we ask you, “Blockages of what?” Of the Life Force. Blockages of that which animates you … gives you life. This Life Force flows through you at all times, for if not, you would not survive in this world. You would pass to our world of pure spirit.

So how do you block this flow? Quite simple—with your thoughts. Your thoughts and your imagination are the prime movers of God-energy. When thoughts are limited, such as those which are unkind or unloving to yourself or others, the Life Force is limited.

To truly feel alive and vibrant, search for the ways in which your thoughts limit the flow. Blame no others. Look inside. You create the dams and you can knock them down. Expand your thoughts with love for yourself and others and feel the vitality, energy, and yes—Life—return to your veins as this vitalizing Force is given free rein by your mind to flow.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Pennies From Heaven

Note from Suzanne: A poem! Last night I was discussing with friends that we love Sanaya’s words, but we miss the poetry. This morning Sanaya gave us a gift. When I felt the rhythm of the words and heard the rhyme my heart soared. The phrases came as fast as I could write them. When I was finished, Sanaya reminded me of the limitations of the English language (not enough words to rhyme to get their messages across). They told me the prose will continue, but there will be poems now and then for our pleasure. (For all of the poems, use the link from www.SuzanneGiesemann.com). Today’s poem is amazing evidence of the spirit world’s intelligence and love for us. Read these words that came to me in less than three minutes and see the clever way the spirit world gives us today’s message – that God is with you always …

Pick a penny from the ground
Then rejoice in what you found
For to you this little treasure
Holds far more worth than you can measure.

To most its value is one cent.
It buys not much when it is spent.
To you the fun is in the finding
For you this treasure is reminding

That always there does lie a gift
Ready for your mind to lift.
Scattered there like copper leaves
A sign from God for he who believes.

“In God we trust” is written there
A clear reminder for those who care
To read these words and thus to know
That God is there where ‘ere you go.

So when next you find a penny lost
That perhaps for luck was tossed
To you the luck does come in turn
When the penny’s lesson you do learn.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Alone vs. Lonely

Cherish the moments you spend by yourself. So often you try to fill the time with noise—the television or music play in the background as if to blot out the silence. Of what are you afraid? Of hearing your own thoughts? Of getting to know yourself? What is so bad about this word “alone?” Do you see the basis of this word when you separate the syllables? “Alone” becomes “all one.” You are never truly alone, for all are interconnected. There is only one Mind… one Spirit … and you are It.

So why do you run from loneliness? It is because, beloved one, you are living with a false sense of separation. Something in your past to which you cling continues to hold you prisoner as if in a lonely cell. The bars are imaginary. Know this well. You can bend the bars as if butter and free yourself in an instant by seeing that the world is full of souls who all enjoy the same emotions as you, merely by calling them forth in the Mind.

You wish to be like those who are completely at peace while no others are around physically? Call forth within you that part of All-One-ness that is pure Love, for this is the essence of Oneness. Do this, and you will find yourself actively seeking to be al-one.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Puppy Love

Have you ever had a puppy lick your face? Then you have experienced pure love … love without conditions. In that simple gesture you feel the flow of goodness and acceptance of who you are, with no concern for what you may have done in the past or what you have to give them. They wish only to show you how very special you are to them.

This kind of love is yours to give as well. It is far from the human kind of puppy love, which is all chemicals and all selfish needs. Be as the puppy. See in others only loveable beings who need your love, and give it to them as a smile, as a hug, as a loving phrase, or as a beam of radiant love-energy, expecting nothing in return.

You can teach an old dog new tricks. It matters not how old you are—be as the puppy and bring a smile to all you meet today.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Titles and Labels

What does it matter who or what you are? Are titles and labels so important? Look at those who cease to work and suffer great depression at the perceived loss of their identity. This is ignorance—ignorance of your greatest Truth.

You need no labels or titles to be the most powerful person on your earth. But understand us well—our definition of power may differ from yours. If to you power means money, recognition, and adulation, then you, too, will suffer from this depression when the false idols disappear. But when to you Power comes to mean Love and the ability to connect with others through the heart—at a soul level—then you will see that at this very moment you are all-powerful.

Set aside all labels and titles you continuously use to identify yourself and to differentiate yourself from others. Focus instead on your true and everlasting Power, and there find the peace that all men seek.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

It's All in the Asking

Ask and you shall receive. This is the way your world works. “But I have asked quite often and see no results,” you say. Let us explain. First, please understand that you must pay attention to how you ask. Be most deliberate in your wording. Quite often you will receive exactly what you ask for. One of your books tells of a man who asked for a change of heart and received a transplant. (A bit of humor, but a most telling example).

Second, have patience. There may be quite a delay between the asking and the receiving. You may have lessons to learn first—bricks to put in the wall of your life that you are building. You cannot lay the top row before the others have been laid. When finally you do receive, you will look back and see this.

And lastly, always what you receive will serve the greater good, for all is One. So when we say, “Ask and you shall receive,” we are not talking about a new car, or house, or other ephemeral material possession. Ask for those things which will awaken your soul and help your Light and the Light of those around you to shine ever brighter. These prayers are always answered in time. It is the Law, and God’s laws cannot be broken. So ask away.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Sign Around Your Neck

All of your needs are provided. This you have heard over the years, and yet you see the beggar on the corner with his sign. And where is his provision? Why do some go homeless and without food? It is because they are living in darkness. Call it ignorance, if you will. It is all the same … a lack of understanding of the true power of the human being. The human being is not the limited creature those in darkness see it to be, but Spirit through and through. And what is Spirit but the expression of the God-Force. Can you limit the God-Force? Of course not. Once you understand this, then all abundance is yours.

The problem lies in your conception—or better put—misperception of this word abundance. What is abundance to an aborigine? What is abundance to one who is raised in your Hollywood? Do you see now without further explanation how abundance is a concept that begins in the mind?

First and foremost abundance is Love. You are given a limitless supply of this creative power. “But Love cannot create money,” you say. But this is not true. When there is famine or natural catastrophe, does not the money flow? And where does this flow originate? From love. Reexamine your priorities and your definition of abundance, and you will see that when your priorities are in the right order, all is truly provided.

There can be no limits in a word where all that exists is the Creative Force. You, as a manifestation of this Force can create the life you wish. Read the beggar’s sign. His words there define the limited life he has created. Were he to change his thoughts and his view of his creative power, he could never hold such a self-limiting sign. Emboldened with new thoughts derived from his Power, oh, how his life would change. It is the same for you. What sign do you hang around your neck? By your actions and your circumstances, are you telling the world you are a limited being, or the limitless expression of God’s love?

Monday, September 13, 2010

The Antidote to All Ills

Love is the antidote. And what is an antidote, but a substance given when one has been affected by poison. There are so many poisons in your world … hate, anger, jealousy, judgment … all of these things which are the direct opposite of the qualities of God. You have an endless supply of this antidote there within your very system. It is already flowing through your veins, but it needs the mind to release it.

You can administer this healing balm to another when they are overcome by poison. You recognize the symptoms immediately. The other appears closed off, silent, and sullen. Do not take this personally. Rarely are you the cause, even though you may think this. Another’s poisoning is always by their own mind. They perceive an attack and recoil as if bitten by a snake. In their poisoned state, they do not realize what we have just shared – that they have the antidote inside as well.

Ad-minister to your friends—most especially to those who are suffering from poisons—by giving them a full dose of your love. Do not worry. You will never run out. You have an endless supply. You only need start the flow, then step back and watch the healing effects. Some humans study for years to be able to heal others. You need not study at all. You need only recognize your innate healing ability and know that you possess the antidote to all ills within your very soul.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Like a Boomerang

When others do not think as you do, when others complain or make a fuss where you would not have, this does tend to ruffle your feathers, but this kind of reaction in yourself is habitual. Habits can be broken. If you find that you habitually react to others who differ from you with disdain or scorn, the first step is to recognize this. The second is to thank them in your head for the lesson. The third is to release the judgment. Once you release these negative thoughts which keep you feeling as separate entities, you can begin to view the other as no different than yourself.

Do you not think that you have habits that irk others? None of you is perfect. Would you not appreciate it if others looked upon you without judgment and simply sent you love and acceptance? Of course this is not your current reality, but it is a laudable goal. In the meantime, you can practice this for yourself, for what you display in your thoughts and actions is what comes back to you more and more.

If you have a neighbor or an acquaintance who you find troublesome—who you turn away from every time you see them in the distance out of a desire to avoid interaction, stop yourself and instead, approach them on purpose. Change your habitual reaction to this person. Send them love and understanding, then let it go. Do not expect to perceive a change in behavior from this other, but you can expect to be treated in the same manner by someone else, now that you have sent this energy outward. It is the law. You say, “What goes around comes around,” and there is much truth in this. So go around without judgment, sending only love, and allowing others to be as they are. Like a boomerang, your love will come back to you, so let the boomerang fly.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Good for the Soul

You wish to laugh? You wish for words of wit? Why do you think this is? Why does laughter feel so good to you? It is because it is all part of that Power which flows through you which is all goodness.

Do you not see that you are here to be an expression of that which you call God? And do you not think that this Power enjoys your joy? While God is neither a man nor a woman, God shares the same mind as man and woman, for there is, in reality, only One Mind. From where comes humor, then, do you think? Is it purely a human trait? From where comes the human, then, we ask you? All things arise from the Mind of God. Do you not think, then, that God has a sense of humor?

God takes great pleasure in seeing you laugh, for God cannot laugh. You are the expression of God. Humor, when used to bring joy—not the biting kind that causes pain to those who are the brunt of humor used maliciously—can be as a balm to the soul. Jokes used to bring a bit of light to another’s life are yet one more of the tools God has given you to bring more Light into your world. Humor is yet another way to reveal the Light in a world with far too much darkness. You are here to reveal your own light. Look for ways to laugh, and there you will find another avenue into your soul.

Friday, September 10, 2010

This Ever-Present Moment

As you travel down the road, you see yourself passing by all around you. Is this illusion, or is it real? Change your perspective as you gaze at the road. Imagine, instead, that you are perfectly still and the road is passing under your feet. The scenery is flying by you. In actuality, this is much closer to how your life operates than you know. Your sense of time with your past, present, and future is much like this analogy. You did not live in the past. You will not live in the future. You live only now—in this moment. The past is what has flown past you. The future will be passing by. But you do not move.

You stand here in this moment free to create whatever you want from this moment. You have allowed the past to shape your beliefs. You cling to your memories as if they are real things. The past is gone. It has flown by you. It holds no more meaning, nor does the future. All meaning lies in this moment alone. You are not a victim of your past, nor paralyzed by what lies ahead. You are all powerful in this moment.

Seize this moment and enjoy it fully, unaffected by moments long flown by. Who you are now is who you will always be—an expression of all goodness. Use that goodness to create more goodness. Be the presence of love here, now, in the present, which is all you have ever, will ever, and do ever have.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Your Ministry

Each of you has a ministry. You minister unto others when you take the time to care for them more than yourself. The self is so very self-absorbed. This you call the ego. Do not denigrate the ego, for it plays a very important role. It allows you to fulfill your purpose in life by exposing the ego for what it is—a disguise you wear temporarily over your True Self. It is your task first to recognize this disguise and then to remove it piece by piece until your True Self is fully revealed—that part of you which is all goodness, all kindness, all compassion … all Love.

When you minister unto another, you are allowing your True Self to shine through your ego. That part of the other person that may or may not yet be awakened cannot help but sense this light in you and stir. Today, may you be a minister. May you give the ego a rest and help others to see their Light.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Your Internal Compass

You wander at times as if lost, wondering, “Which way should I turn?” But your life comes with no directions. You are left to interpret the map as you are. “Should I take the high road or the low? The main road or the back road? And if I do, what if I should get lost?”

Know now that inside you lies a compass. Its direction-pointing ability is unerring. Always it will lead you in the right direction. The problems begin when you look for signs outside of yourself. Beware of billboards with their glitter and bright colors. These often lead you down a dead end with their glaring temptations. Follow, instead, the ever-gentle nudging of the needle. The Compass does not speak loudly, nor poke you in the ribs. Often you will have to ask it deliberately to point the way, but because you asked, its directions are all the more clear.

Walk about today and imagine this Compass in your hand. Use it as the Divine Divining Tool that it is—leading you to water when you thirst … leading you to companionship when you are lonely, and always, my friend, pointing the way Home when you are lost.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Just Ask

You are so much greater than you have been led to believe. You are not trapped in this body. You are limitless, and once you understand this and begin to act from that place of limitlessness, then the entire universe opens up to you. Surrender. It is the ego that wishes to keep you small and limited. You are far more than this tiny thought of a person in time. You are the very God-Force at work. Harness this power and find fulfillment. Flow with it instead of against it and see how easily things fall into place.

“And how do I do that?” you ask. Just that … you ASK! Make the connection in your mind with All That Is and ask in every moment, “What’s next? Guide me, please.”

It is that simple.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Just Five Minutes

Are you dissatisfied with your life? What would you do to change it? “Anything,” you say? What if we were to tell you that the change you desire would come about with the simple investment of five minutes out of each day? Would you be willing to invest five minutes to change your life? If so, then join us daily and sit quietly. Five minutes. That is all we ask … five minutes on a regular basis of closing your eyes so as to close out the outer world and then focusing on your inner world.

Yes, of course your mind will want to chatter. Tell it you will be back in a few, but please be quiet for now. Concentrate on your slow breathing as a way of quieting your thoughts. This is the beginning. If you use these five minutes as a training ground to attune to All That Is, having the intention when you sit of getting to know yourself as the God-Force (Yes, a bold statement, we know, but how else will you transform your life?), then true change will begin.

Are you dissatisfied with your life? Begin to change it with five minutes a day. Every day. Change will occur. It is the law of cause and effect. And if those five minutes become ten, then fifteen, then twenty, then we cannot be responsible for your transformation, for at that point you will truly begin to understand who you are and you will finally take full responsibility for your life.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

The Road Ahead

We in the world of spirit do know what lies ahead for you in the immediate future. The longer future is less certain, for it will be affected by each tiny choice you make in each moment—by each thought which arises from your mind. (Be ever mindful that your thoughts in themselves are choices). As for your future, picture it as a large map spread out before you. When you chose to come to this experience in the physical realm, you chose your final destination on the map. (Be aware that we use the word “destination” metaphorically—each destination along the way represents the grand experiences of your life). You, as a sentient being with free will, are free to choose which route you will take.

Looking at the map of your life, there are main highways and many tiny roads. Your so-called psychics can see the destination points and some of the main highways with their twists and turns and bumps along the way. But you in the driver’s seat may suddenly choose, on a whim, to turn down one of the side roads and thus to change your experience of the journey in a way that was not foreseen. You will often know immediately when you might have chosen a better route. None of this is bad or good; it simply is. It is all part of the journey.

Know that the future is spread before you as a map, then concentrate well on your driving NOW. Do no harm to those around you as you travel. Be courteous and kind and send them love, and your road will be all the more smooth.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Be Yourself

“Be only Love”—three words which should guide every decision and every step you make. Rather than making things difficult, stop before you act. Stop before you utter a word, and think, “How would Love act?” You need not study the Masters nor read ancient texts to know the answer, for you ARE Love. And so, when we advise you to be only Love, we are, in truth, recommending that you be your True Self. Anything less than loving shows that you have forgotten who you are and what you are. You have bought into the false idea that you are separate from the Creator.

Be only love. Speak only loving words. Perform only loving acts and this shall be your experience in return. Just relax. Remember who you are. You need not put on a false front to conform. Simply be your Self and there you will find true peace.

Friday, September 3, 2010

New Beginnings

New beginnings are always good, but not always welcome to you. It is all in how you see your circumstances. Do you approach change with fear and trepidation, or do you see it as the opportunity that it is to create the future of your dreams? When the life you have become accustomed to suddenly changes, you experience turmoil, for you have forgotten that nothing in your world of matter is permanent. All is in a constant state of change. Accept this fact and allow change to be the rule rather than the exception, and there you will find peace.

Once you enter into this state of allowing, then you have created room to create excitement. And why excitement? For now you are like the artist with a blank canvas and a fresh palette. The canvas is your future. The palette is your mind with which you create your intentions and your fresh ideas. This is how you, the artist of your life, do create your ever-changing future. Your life is your masterpiece … ever changing, never the same from moment to moment, and never frightening when you control the paintbrush.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Beyond the Body

Never forget who you are. You are not your name. You are not the face that people recognize. You are not a butcher, a baker, or a candlestick maker. All of these titles mean nothing and actually hold you back from realizing the real you. The real you is eternal. The real you has no artificial boundaries and identities. The real you is a vibration in time and space creating a ripple that interacts with all other ripples. The only difference between you and the other ripples is not your name, not your appearance, not what you have done or labeled yourself, but the quality of your personal vibration. That vibration is what continues into eternity.

You know only a limited spectrum of vibration whilst you assume the dense body, but that which is truly you vibrates so finely that you must expand beyond the physical to perceive it. This you can achieve through meditation. There you will taste the sweet nectar that requires no taste buds. There you will behold beauty beyond imagining that requires no eyes. There you will glimpse eternity. Rise above the labels and the looks. Be that which you are—now—and see how your life changes.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Power of Friendship

You gather in groups for companionship. There is safety in numbers, you say. But truly, why do you enjoy so much the company of others? It is because there you see reflected the nature of your Self. Each of you is a focus of God—a spark of the Divine. Each of you shines your light out into the world and hopefully makes your world a brighter place. Imagine each of you like a flashlight shining in different directions. And then imagine if those beams were all focused like a laser. There is the power.

That light is the love that burns inside you all. If you were to focus it together and shine it like a laser upon those who do not yet see the light, such brightness you would bring to your world.

Enjoy your friends. Friendship is a gift from God—the companionship of others so that you can enjoy God’s creations just as God does. But use your companions as God does—for more than pure entertainment, but to intensify God’s light in the world. Go forth today, join with your friends, and shine God’s light ever brightly.