Who is Sanaya? Suzanne Giesemann answers:

Who is Sanaya? Suzanne Giesemann answers: "Sanaya (pronounced "sah-NIGH-ah") has told us that she is a collective consciousness of minds with both a feminine and masculine energy. This energy comes from a higher dimension than our own. When I bring through Sanaya's words, I am "tapping in" to Higher Consciousness. I am allowing that Consciousness to express itself through my body: through my brain, through my vocal cords, my arms, my hands, and also through my pen. Sanaya would not need a name, except for our human need to put labels on things and place our experiences into well-defined boxes. Sanaya takes us outside the box into a dimension where we come face to face with our higher selves. To hear the words of Sanaya as they come through ... to sit in the presence of that energy ... is a palpable experience of higher vibration ... of love. To read Sanaya's words can have the same result when you tune in to that finer energy as you read." (To read the full explanation of who and what Sanaya is along with transcripts of longer sessions click here.)

Wednesday, May 27, 2015


All are Special.  Remember this and allow it to seep into your consciousness at the human level.  May competition become a foreign concept.  May comparisons cease when it comes to good, better, or worse.  There is no need for this, only for ego’s sake.  Ego is the one who shouts, “Look at me!  Please!”  And do you feel the desperation?  He tries to make you think that you need love.  That is always the bottom line for all of you.  The baby learns to cry and compete for attention.  Who has the loudest lungs, the sweetest smile?  And so it continues.  But beyond the cries and acting lies a beautiful soul who already knows the truth:  you are Love.  You always have been.  You and those around you have forgotten this when you fall into the trap of making comparisons.  Look only within, and judge not.  Simply turn up the love for all others, and the needs will slip away.

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  1. I am a child of God and am unfolding in perfection. I need do no more than embrace the Love that IS me. Thank You, my All That Is. Let my Light so shine that all may bask in the glory.